Fugsten Wiig

I’m sure there are clothes on Kristen’s body, but I can’t get past what’s happening to her face.

It’s not just me, right? That is a terrible makeup job. Her eyes look tiny and everything else is too rouged. Plus, her bangs are doing that awkward theater-curtain thing where you wonder if they’ve been forcibly parted because intermission is over and Act Two needs to start. Kristen Wiig is a really pretty lady. How was this allowed to happen to her head?

I’m also not wild about the giant clown bow-tie, but that’s the least of the problems. And no, I never thought I would type the preceding sentence and have it be true. Who knew?

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  1. Ann

    If I didn’t know you guys, I’d say that wasn’t Kristen Wiig. She looks totally different.

    • Rose

      Seriously, are you sure it is Kristen? Good god! Apparently, the awesome destructive power of bad makeup and bangs cannot be underestimated. I’ve never seen what seems a small amount of makeup make someone look like a totally different person.

  2. Carrie

    Her face sort of looks like a morph between her and Zooey Deschanel. But the shoes are kind of adorable, right? I want them.

  3. bambi_beth

    I like the shoes. I would wear those shoes all the time.

  4. Anita

    Formal circa 1970s gym suit, worn by a person I don’t recognize as being Kristin Wiig.

  5. Ellen

    The makeup isn’t great, but she often looks like she has nothing on at all, so I think it’s kind of nice to see her colorful for once!

  6. Crystal

    Hey, where’d my comment go?

    • Crystal

      Okay, trying this again…

      She doesn’t look great, but I applaud her for treading into Fashion Week with a different look from the neck up.

      She may have been trying to go for light and summery, but what kills it is the flat hair or even that she’s wearing it down. I don’t think anyone can redeem a romper without wearing their hair tied up.

  7. fritanga

    The bangs are problematic, but it’s really the dark hair which is doing her no favors. She needs highlights or to go at least a few shades lighter (take a lesson from your former boss, Miss Tina Fey). Yeah, the makeup sucks and the formal shorts are awful (although mercifully well-fitted), but it’s the lank dark hair which is dragging down her overall look.

    That old adage applies here: as you age, your hair color should go at least a little bit lighter.

  8. Frances

    Is it just me, or does she suddenly look like Juliette Lewis?

  9. Shiitake

    Wiig cannot dress or style herself, and I wish she would stop trying.

  10. Miranda

    I thought this was Soleil Moon Frye a.k.a Punky Brewster. Somehow I don’t think that was Kristen’s goal.

  11. theotherjennifer

    she looks like Paz. but i do like those shoes.

  12. Maya

    It sort of seems like she’s attempting a cute, kooky, Zooey Deschanel kinda thing and it just DOESN’T work on her – on her face, her colouring, her whole vibe. I’d like to see her with lighter, more tawny hair and clothes that are…. not this.

  13. Carolina Girl

    I’d say that she looks like my 8-year old picked out her outfit and did her hair and makeup, but my Gracie has waaaay better taste than this.

  14. AliceBlue

    Is that a romper or are those..culottes??

  15. Beans

    Seriously didn’t know that was her. If the goal was to make a famous person totally unrecognizable, then kudos. Otherwise, skip please.

  16. Kara

    Totally didn’t recognize her. She DOES look like Paz de la Huerta (who I cannot stand). Her bangs are bad, but the worst thing about the hair is the color – it’s too dark. Does nothing for her.

    • kathotdog

      Yes, she went to her makeup/hair folks and said. ” Give me The Paz!”

  17. Gigi

    Unlike Jason Segal, whose work can be admired on the face of Michelle Williams, Mr. Fabrizio must NOT have a magic penis…

    • pantsonfire

      We need to look at more historical data to be sure. Someone needs to put together a photographic dossier on Drew Barrymore during her Fabrizio years.

  18. Carolyn

    I saw the thumbnail and thought, “wow, Lily Tomlin is out and about again.”

    …and then I read that it was Kristen Wiig.

    …and then I looked up Lily Tomlin, whose Wikipedia page says she’s 73 years old. Poor Kristen – definitely hire a better makeup person!

    • val.

      I also thought it was Lily Tomlin at first! And I think she has a new show out, so it would make sense for her to be places.

    • Jay

      Holy Fug — good call on the Lily Tomlin comparison!

  19. TaraMisu

    I had no idea this was Kristen Wiig!

  20. kickassmomnyc

    Unrecognizable. And if you can get past the face, the clothing is also terrible. Whether or not she has a stylist doing this to her, she obviously has horrible taste and very bad instincts.

  21. Heather

    I thought for SURE this was Katey Sagal when I first glanced at the photo.

  22. Jennifer

    The clown bow is unfortunate, becuase otherwise I really like the outfit. Except the shoes, which just dont belong with it. I’m actually shocked at how awful the shoes are. I even like the hair and makeup. Some eyeliner would be better, sure, and her hair could be more coiffed… but casual’s all right too. I like Kristin Wiig!!!

  23. Carol

    Kristin needs to get her act together … she’s leaving SNL and if she’s not careful with style and image, as well as career management, she will be like so many others who left that show and, five years later, only show up on “Where are they now?” lists in US Weekly.

  24. vandalfan

    The fixing up this romper- thing needs to make the look work would render it an entirely different garment. First, fix your face. Swap out that bad wig and fluff up some shorter, lighter hair. Get a better bra, and disassemble the clown-bow tank to form a nice cross over sleeveless top. Unfold the cuff on those legs (or you’ll take off like The Flying Nun) and turn it into a little tennis skirt. Dye it any color, or any combination. Ditch the clutch and swap the Big Big Belt for a smaller one, with matching satchel.

  25. kindakute

    Mega horse face with hello kitty make up and a bow and rompers and buckles? Come back down to earth you are obviously surrounded by A-holes. p.s. Bridesmaids was the worst movie ever, seriously, WTF?

  26. Hannah

    I saw her on the street in NYC a few weeks ago, and she looked adorable and happy, with her arms wrapped around that drummer boyfriend of hers. She is so much cuter in her every-day style! Methinks she needs some help with the dressing up, though…

  27. pantsonfire

    I’m beginning to wonder if she has some self-esteem issues to work on. What she does to herself when she’ll be photographed is criminal. It’s like she’s trying to make herself look bad. Maybe she lost a bet. Maybe this is all an elaborate prank. I don’t know. But she’s definitely doing The Paz with the makeup, which is heinous and that hair color is the worst on her. The worst.

  28. anny

    At first I thought, “Shorts! Sensible!” and then I thought “Total-torso taffeta! Sweat pools galore!” But it’s probably rainproof.

  29. sara

    you know what i think it is? white eyeliner, and its not working.

  30. Sajorina

    What it must be like to live in a world of permanent FUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? If she doesn’t make it into Fug Madness 2013, I’m boycotting this site! Not really… I ♥ you!

  31. anonymoose

    Are we certain this is Wiig and not Alexa Chung?

  32. Ms. A.