Wow, Estelle.

Those gargantuan cuffs make Michelle Trachtenberg’s look like tiny, tiny mustaches. Somewhere there are two Buckingham Palace guards who are about to get their asses SO FIRED for losing their busbies in a poker game.

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  1. Sandra

    It doesn’t even fit, in addition to being inherently awful. Is that what’s fashionable at Yeti funerals this fall?

  2. vandalfan

    Without the Clydesdale cuffs, and a bit shorter, and it might have worked. Then, the purse and shoes would be the highlight, not the whipped cream on a fug sundae.

  3. Struds

    “fug sundae” – love it :-)

  4. Sajorina

    OMG!!! That’s a whole lot of FUG!

  5. ceecee

    She is a cheerleader at a very conservative but fashion-conscious high school.

  6. S├Ąde

    I just… honestly think that i hate that outfit (oops, I mean COSTUME).

  7. kayla

    Is that a gum wrapper stuck to her right shoe? And can you imagine trying to eat with those ginormous, hairy cuffs on?

  8. Carol

    I am impressed that you knew the name of those Buckingham Palace hats … but let’s not forgot to comment on the upper half of the sleeves, which look like “sleeve” tats … so eww.

  9. Michelle

    I am so psyched you posted this — I’ve been struggling with how to create a sort of Spanish-inspired Halloween costume, and now I know exactly what to do. They even have glue-on fringe just like that at Hobby Lobby!!!

  10. Amy

    I think the “gum wrapper” is actually the piece of tape used to mark the spot to pose for photos…. Too bad they didn’t move hers waaaay out of camera range!