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Welcome to this week’s installment of our favorite program, WTF Is Happening On Penn Badgley’s Head, in which we pose the familiar old question: “WTF is happening on Penn Badgley’s head?!?!?!”

It’s a rhetorical question, so it’s a short program.

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  1. Erin

    Transition to Parisian werewolf 60 percent complete. (He’s Parisian, naturally, based on his predilection for man tank tops.)

  2. EmKP

    He surely lost a bet? No-one could possibly want to look like that, right?

  3. Mongerel

    muslim or merkin?

  4. filmcricket

    Unless he’s currently in the middle of filming a biopic of a) Rasputin or b) the Unabomber, this is unacceptable.

  5. Ghanimatrix

    The tank top is kind of meh, but I like a well-groomed fuzzy guy. And he is a well-groomed, fuzzy guy. I wonder if it goes all the way down, if you know what I’m sayin’…

  6. Katie

    Well, thankfully he has a beard now. I recently looked at a photo of Halle Berry and at first glance was sure that it was Penn. At least that won’t happen anymore now :).

  7. Meg

    He looks like Jason Mantzukas: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1727621/

  8. LadyB

    Way too furry for summer…

  9. Lina

    From neck up I was on board. But, dude, men should never wear scoop-necked tees or tanks that dip enough to show that much fur. OTOH, as the late great Warren Zevon said, “His hair was PERFECT.”

  10. Sarie

    This might be my favorite post ever.

  11. Joyce

    What a strange man. What a great post! LOL

  12. Eliza Bennett

    My reaction as I scrolled down.: “OMG. OMG OMGOMGOMGOMG I…can’t.”

  13. Jilly

    Why do these boys insist on fighting the pretty?

  14. Anna Svahn

    Ew. Just ew. And I love a nice beard but the exposed chest, no thank you.

  15. Sara

    My eyebrows went up quite a few centimetres the very second I scrolled down to see the picture. And they are still up.

  16. Lizzy

    Ghanimatrix, you’re so right. He is such a man

  17. Tina

    I don’t know if it is because I live in Sweden, but I see nothing wrong with this. Many dudes in Stockholm look (and dress) like this, and I find it pretty hot.

  18. Nancy

    I file this under “Follicular Follies”

  19. flitzy

    How are we supposed to notice his hair with that atrocious top staring at us?

  20. K

    Penn’s internal monologue, to the tune of LMFAO: “I’m hairy and I know it. . . . I grow out.”

  21. drlemaster

    WTF is happening on Penn Badgley’s head?

  22. Elizabeth

    I don’t know what’s happening on his head, but sadly, it appears to be spreading to his chest. Calamine. Stat.

  23. Leah

    What’s a curly-headed man supposed to do? Still wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

  24. Gauthier

    Wow, so much hate for the hirsute! I’d like everybody here to close their damn yaps and appreciate the succulent manliness dripping form that picture. If all you whiners here prefer your men to be unnaturally baby-smooth with plucked/waxed chests, silken cheeks and sleek hair, that’s your fair right. But all those disparaging about how ‘gross’ he looks…? Gurlina please. I would feel blessed to have the opportunity to rub my face all over that fur. I think he looks absolutely scrumptious, even his top is cute. Y’all are dismissed, to the left. More men should go natural like that in Ken-ified Hollywood.

    • Ines

      ken-ified hollywood :D
      i’m ok with his look but i think this sort of beard doesn’t suit him

    • flitzy

      It’s not the hair so much as the low-cut deck of cards he’s wearing.

    • Other Emily

      Now, I love me a furry man. Don’t get me wrong. Perhaps some of you will have seen me complaining about the lack of chest hair on so fine a specimen as Joe Maganiello.I nice hairy chest is a definite plus in my book. But this guy looks unkempt, and that does not work for me. And really, it’s about his clothes, not his hair (any of it). I HATE his tank top. I hate it.

    • Halo

      Cosigned. I like this.

  25. Mary

    First glance I thought this was John Mayer… still an ewww in my book…

  26. Andrew S.

    When we wanted you to cut your hair Penn, we didn’t then want you to transplant it to your face!

  27. Shiitake

    It’s too early for the November Beard Club.

  28. vandalfan

    Real men look like that around these parts, but only in late October and November, before they get their deer in. This beard needs wrangling, and that hair is why they invented hats.

  29. Em

    I assume your program “WTF Is Happening On Penn Badgley’s Head” will be shortly followed by the spin-off “WTF Is Happening On Penn Badgley’s Torso?”

  30. corriner

    I love that one of the tags on this post is “Misguided Facial Hair”.

    Misguided indeed. Thats a whole lotta fuzz.

  31. Caroleena Stantonova

    He is Yummykins!

  32. cruzilla

    I like the head part. This is definitely a scroll-down fug for me!

  33. Eli

    I love me a curly haired dude and a dude with a hairy chest, but this…no. The beard makes him look like his name should be Obidiah and he is going to go raise a barn, and the tank top makes him look like a sleazy producer of equally sleazy 70s porn.

  34. Guerra

    What’s the deal? Maybe his beard needs a trim but other then that.. He’s hot!

  35. Miss Louise

    The beard is a little too heavy around the neck, but I gotta say I appreciate the fuzz and those glossy bouncy curls. I am so put off by overly primped men.

  36. Joyce

    Hair, pfft. I wanna know what K-Mart he shopped at for that tank top. I say it’s $5.99 this week in their Summer Sale flyer.

  37. KatieKat

    Um, also, the chest hairy hair and ladies scoop neck tank, which, btw, appears to be circa 1987.

  38. Mitch Watt

    I literally have a good friend that looks exactly like this but with these super intense braces…

    I keep staying to him, trim the beard or trim the hair, what ever you do SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE TRIMMED.

    He assures me that he’s attempting to become a bear ( a gay hairy man), at least do it in style gurl.

  39. Amy

    Pretty much all the young men in London look like this right now and I have no problem with that whatsoever.

  40. Neil

    For such a hot guy, he seems determined to eff it up for himself. Love the hairy chest, but the hair and beard need serious wrangling. And as for the tank top…

  41. Sarah

    Tune in for his next role as the unabomber.

  42. Mindy

    He is hot. Maybe the shirt isn’t so great, but I like his look otherwise.

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