What’s going on with this lady? And I don’t just mean that she’s allegedly Diddy’s longtime girlfriend despite the fact that every other week Us claims Cameron Diaz was giving him a lapdance at some party. Although that’s certainly plenty strange, I don’t think it’s as weird as wearing pants made of Chanel handbags. Or as the outfit that wasn’t in our subscription, but which I linked to on slide six, which turned my brain into porridge.

[Photos: Getty, WENN, FameFlynet]

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  1. Bicoastal123

    She’s seriously so beautiful that — despite the ridiculous outfits — I managed to notice her face first in every single picture. THAT is an accomplishment.

  2. Clara

    But she IS such a pretty girl . . . .

  3. gav

    She’s ridiculously beautiful. Which makes some of the clothes even more tragic.

  4. Kit

    Okay, I have no idea who this incredibly pretty girl is, but I can only echo your “Is she KIDDING us with this?” Who dresses her? Elmo on crack?

  5. Mahastee

    The first few seriously remind me of Spinderella from Salt N Pepa, circa 1988.

  6. Dru

    I don’t care about the clothes, I just want to know what lipstick she’s wearing in the first pic. (because holy mother of bunnies, is it GORGEOUS).

  7. Marvelous A

    “Pretty” is definitely the adjective stamped on that face, and she has a lovely shape. Why the theatrics? She could be a knockout in simple, tasteful clothes. Always amazed that some very pretty girls seem to need more attention than double takes for the right reasons.

  8. Fuh Ugh

    Looking at her with her hair pulled back … she looks an awful lot like Amber Rose. And, dresses like her too.

  9. Lilibet

    Her choice of clothing is all about attitude – and it’s not a good one – not looking stylish. Pity.

  10. Not That Jess!

    Why do people fight the pretty??? It’s like she’s ANGRY at it. Being beautiful can’t be that bad, can it?

    (But hey, if you really can’t deal with it, give some to me, please!)

  11. Maretha2

    I thought her face resembled J.Lo. and thought, “Does Diddy have a type??”
    Yes, gorgeous girl. Tragic outfits.

  12. neiges

    Hmmm. I am just going to sit in a corner and say this : I liked everything except the two last outfits. She has the potential to become an R&B meets 80ies rapper swinton. There, I said it. I had fun (and not fug fun) watching her style.

    • Miranda

      Me too me too! Like, it’s cray, but she knows that. She’s deliberately heading to rockstar fringepatterntown, and I am fine with that. I want to see where this neon fur journey takes us. She is interested in dressing like people who are pretending to be rock stars in crazy fashion editorials and I support it.

      • Jodi

        I agree with you guys! I get the snark on people’s clothes when you can see they were trying to achieve something and sadly failed but this girl seems like she knows exactly what she wants, is achieving and totally owning it. And might I say having fun with it as well, I look forward to seeing more of her. Just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she has to only rock a simple shift.

  13. Chris

    At least her hair’s symmetrical now.

  14. vandalfan

    She is wearing the sartorial equivalent of cooking spaghetti- throw whatever you have against the wall and see what sticks. If she shaved the fur off of half that stuff, some of it might be acceptable, just not all in the same outfit at once.

  15. C-No

    I hate that she has my name. Hate. It.

  16. Mongerel

    The FU cancels the pretty. It’s just a mile of road ready to be Fluked.

  17. anny

    In that last shot with the glasses, she looks so cheerful – I couldn’t help but think of Barbara Bel Geddes in Vertigo [link].

    Get it for the weekend, kids!

  18. jenny

    I actually think that last photo is fugger than the one linked from slide 6. Controversial, perhaps. But I stick by it. At least there’s so good glamour and color happening in the after-the-Cristal-is-over pic. The last one is just sad and weird.

  19. Liz

    She looks like she’s about 15 years old in the last outfit with glasses…so wrong.

  20. Annie

    She has solidified her spot in Fug Madness. That outfit with the orange pants…..I can’t unsee it.

  21. Smartastic

    I think she looks great. The only thing I don’t like is that ripped up t-shirt. But besides that, I think she rocks all these looks.

  22. Chris

    Also, as an addendum:

    Just because The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Puff Daddy may have gotten a lap dance from a chick who doesn’t know what hair gel is and has been deep-frying her scalp for the past two decades doesn’t mean you have to walk around wearing a hair shirt, Cassie. Why be so mean to yourself?

  23. Leia

    That last look? Skrillex.

  24. Rachell

    I actually really like Look 5. I know she’s wearing a monkey-fur cape, but with the proportions and the monochrome, it comes off as glam rather than crazy.

  25. Amanda

    Fuggery aside, the Bon Jovi love makes her OK in my book!

  26. Cutebutnerdy

    After an extensively short bout of google research, in which I find absolutely ZILCH about Mz Parisse, I have determined she is a nobody scenester that caught a rock stars attention. That being said, I feel she is young, hip and broke. I like it because, once upon a time I was it. ( well not exactly it it, but i thought i was it, as i suspect cassie does…)


    They are the driving force of fashion.

  27. Cutebutnerdy

    Well sheeeeooooot. I had her name wrong. Strike that I guess .. She’s an R&B artist? but I feel the sentiment still holds about her look….

  28. katkin74

    I’d take those shoes from 5 and 6 (not the cracktasic linked-to 6, but the regular one). It’s frightening though when your only non-eye bleach photo is a KKard look alike (the real 6).