Fugshion Police

Rumor has it that Kelly O here is totally cute on Fashion Police on E! and I believe it. I thought she was quite charming when they let her on the red carpet for….whatever that was. The SAGs? It’s like awards season was several lifetimes ago. Anyway, once they clearly gave her the high sign to be honest about people, she was working it. And I have a soft spot for her, even though I really don’t know why. So, I say this with LOVE:

KELLY. What event could you POSSIBLY be attending that requires you to dress like the offspring of a particularly preppy financial planner and an old timey madam? Unless there really is a party called The Bare Market, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT.

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  2. Edel

    Two thoughts.
    1) She looks about as impressed as I am with that outfit.
    2) Her lipstick is the exact shade of pink of Barbie’s lipstick.

  3. Rayna

    @GFY Jessica – my feeling for Kelly O EXACTLY.

    But, girlfriend…………………LIPSTICK what!!!

  4. vandalfan

    Another bordello lampshade.

  5. Leah

    Oh crap I hope they don’t embarrass her on her own show. She is so adorable on it; I think it’s the accent.

  6. Kim

    She is really cute on Fashion Police, and usually dresses cute on the show. And I have even more love for Joan than I did before, and a new fondness for Guiliana DePandi, which surprised me. If you have room on your Tivo, you should add it. I usually LOL at least 5 times during a 30 min episode.

    I don’t endorse this look, however.

  7. Kim

    @ Leah- I know, if I were her, I’d be worried about getting called out on the show!

  8. cath

    Is there not a real party called “The Bare Market?” Because WOW; there should be one.

    C’mon universe, make it happen.

  9. your neighborhood li

    Even the Dave Grohl lookalike (possibly Actual Dave Grohl) in the background is telling his tie-dye palazzo pants friend, “I don’t know much about fashion except to know when to shave it and when to let it grow… but I think this would be a good time for you to tackle Kelly Osbourne and replace that jacket-y-blazer thing with a… maybe an afghan.”

  10. Anne B

    I’m with @vandalfan on the bordello lampshade; also with her on the accompanying yawn, which I think she implied.

    If that look is now so boring that one has to wrap a jacket Mallory Keaton would have rejected around it, to hide the fact that one is WEARING A BORDELLO LAMPSHADE, perhaps one should reconsider whorehouse lighting as a theme, mmmkay?

    On the other hand: DAVE GROHL WANT. <3

  11. shebrihart

    I kind of dig it.

    So sue me.

    And that might just be the actual Dave Grohl.

  12. maria

    I hope the Actual Dave Grohl is not wearing those shoes.

    As for Kelly, I feel the same inexplicable fondness for her, I guess because she seems spunky and seems to have gone through some rough times and come out the other end with some grace, unlike others who shall remain nameless (cough – Lindsay – cough).

    However. That lipstick is a disgrace and no one should ever wear it. Also, I kind of wish Kelly would go back to her natural hair color.

  13. Lina

    Wow, the cut of that jacket is srsly weird. The corset and skirt are entirely 1890s madame, which, yawn, whatever. I’m just baffled by the coat.

  14. cranky old batt


    Sweetie, Gaga called and laughed in the phone and said, “Give it up.”

  15. KDB

    I dunno, I think she looks quirky…but also beautiful. Love it!

  16. Shnaggi

    sadly running out of the affection and admiration we feel for you young Kelly. The largess you worked so hard to get from us does not excuse this type of obvious fugly fashion. Your homework should include a report on your own show about why this look is wrong.
    Starting with your Lipstick choice.

  17. Lou_UK

    Wow, I think it’s FIERCE! Suits her image and figure really well, LOOOOOOVE the cut of the jacket (the pattern is acceptable, could be better), love that length/shape of shirt and the sexy basque just sets it all off nicely. Gross lipstick tho.

  18. Erin

    I kind of love it too–maybe the jacket would’ve been cuter with a skinny pant/jean, but it’s very…kelly. Hate the lipstick, but the rest of it, including the bustier!, works for me. To me, she’s just spunky enough to pull it off!

  19. Geemee

    Jacket: so wrong. Everything else I can live with. Even the lipstick. As for her hair color, remember when it was that nasty purplish gray? This is an improvement.

  20. miss bea heyvin

    If you haven’t seen Kelly O on Fashion Police, it’s a must. She’s darling!

  21. Tina

    I dunno.. I’ve seen this cited twice now for fashion crimes and still think it’s a good look. I love the grey and black together and I personally love the drama of the big open lapels, nipped in waist, and fishtail hem. I like it! Also, I love the concept of the Bare Market, and I have the feeling a few kinky banker types are working on making that happen right now — even those rolling in filthy lucre have gotta love a good pun!
    Stitching in Circles

  22. Erin

    Um, I kinda love the jacket; not with this outfit, but maybe with some dark denim and a casual top? I think it could totally work. With the madam dress, not so much…

  23. pc

    This would perfect on Helena Bonham Carter.

  24. witjunkie

    This was total scrolldown fug for me…At first I was like, Oh, cute! But then…ruffles to the ankles. When I thought it was a super tight pencil skirt I was in.

    I like her too. She should just keep scooting her chair over until Giuliaooliloohooly is off-camera entirely.

  25. tmdavis

    How about a hairdo that does not make her face look so squared off?

  26. Mary Urech Stallings

    I think she loos cute, except that lipstick sucks.

  27. Katie

    she has a HUGE head

  28. Candy Barr

    Though I really like the outfit, and love, love, love the lipstick, I hate her on E! . . . Does anyone remember how silly she used to dress when she was fat? (She still is chunky now, but at least she looks solid.) She doesn’t need to make any negative comments about anything anyone wears!