I always thought Smash should’ve made Megan Hilty a bigger star (in non-Broadway cities, that is), and the tidbit in Kate Aurthur’s story about the show’s downfall that Spielberg wanted to get rid of Megan was mind-boggling. Like, did he not watch or hear any of the episodes? She was the spark.

Anyway, now that it’s over, Hilty is starting to make the rounds at other events. Which means it’s time to find a new stylist, or at least bump this one down to Defcon 2:

She needs to reconsider the leg bronzer, because her lower half looks like an Easter egg that sat in the PAAS for too long. This look has THREE dueling flesh tones: Her gams, her arms/face, and the beige part of the bodice, which itself is too negligee-adjacent for me to think it’s as young and cute as she deserves it to be.

However, this has grown on me over time. Specifically, ever since I saw the one I’m about to show you, which WHAT:

First, her hairstyling here just aged her ten years. As for the rest of it… look, I have no patience or room in my life for the Real Housewives, so I really, really don’t like that Megan Hilty is being dressed like one of the lesser ones.

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  1. Cristina

    And, yet, since neither of these are as bad as her Tonys dress, I’m calling this a step in the right direction… She was recently cast to replace Lindsay Sloane as Sean Hayes’ BFF in his new show, so she’ll be popping up a bit more, I suspect, hopefully in better clothes.

    • One of the Leahs

      I really disagree on that. I feel that her Tonys dress could have been mostly fixed with a lining, while I don’t see any potential in either of these.

  2. Feena Cray

    I heart her, wish SMASH was still on :(

  3. Sandra

    Girlfriend needs a stylist or a better stylist than the one she’s currently using. These are…….not flattering at all, shall we say? I don’t think I saw her Tonys dress, but if these are better then I’m really glad I didn’t.

  4. Diana

    I never really liked the Hilty character. It was the same thing every episode – pan to a jealous Ivy after something good happens for Karen. Many of McPhee’s performances were mesmerizing, while Hilty’s were standard broadway.

    • Heather

      In Season 2 they fixed that with Ivy, but I thought McPhee’s performances were cardboard and emotionless, and Hilty was amazing.

      • Emily

        Yes, McPhee always looked dead eyed. Every “emotional” response was exactly the same. It didn’t matter what the context was, she was staring just slightly off center.

    • ¬†Emma

      I didn’t find McPhee’s performances “mesmerizing.” They were basic overproduced, autotuned pop. They never persuaded me that she was the green, wide-eyed ingenue, no matter how much she whispered and played innocent and batted her eyelashes. Hilty was always the talent.

  5. filmcricket

    Thanks for the link to that article. I remember seeing an interview with one of the producers of “MI5″ (or “Spooks” as it was known in England) saying, in effect: “We work for the network, they pay for the show, so ultimately they get what they want.” A very interesting and different take on the network/showrunner relationship from the combative one that seems prevalent in American TV.

    As for Ms. Hilty, her hair style has been aging her since day one. She really needs to do something about that and her make-up.

  6. Cucina49

    She was, hands down, the best and most watchable thing about the car wreck that was “Smash.” I suspect Spielberg wanted to get rid of her because McPhee looked so wooden and uncharismatic next to Hilty. I’m going to be fascinated to see where their respective careers go.

    • ¬†Emma

      I just have to say I agree with your comment so much that I had to double-check to make sure I hadn’t written it. I swear I was thinking every word of that first sentence!

  7. Leah M

    I’m not seeing the bronzer problem….looks like her legs are just more in shadow to me. I’ve certainly seen worse. However, I am old, as are my eyes which are also distracted by their dislike of that dress.

  8. Dirk

    Oh dear. After being as radiant as the sun on Smash, i only want the best things for her. This? Is not it. I’m hoping she’s just making her way up the fashion ladder.

    Plus, I might legit burst into tears if she manages to get an Emmy nom.

  9. Vandalfan

    Don’t know her, or Smash. Is she a 43 year old?

    The first number is just embellished Spanx. Why is the modern, angular black and blue topped with that awful lace, and why the illusion netting or pale beige, too? The second thing is just a joke, awful bra-dice up top, weird girdle-like middle, and a skirt that seems to be a strapless mini-dress slipping down tot he floor.

  10. Sarah

    Um. Call me crazy, but isn’t that the SAME HAIRSTYLE in both photos?

  11. Sophia Loren

    I couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong, but 3 dueling fleshtones is probably it. Also, two deployments of black peek a boo something (lace and shoes) which is something that grates me.

  12. True_Blue

    Re her hairstyle in the second photo–that’s the (patented) Washington political wife hairstyle. Having her stand in front of the presidential seal makes it even more so.

  13. Amberoni13

    Oh my gosh, that’s it. She looks like a fallen White House Aide, who really wanted to be a DC wife, but got sidetracked by cheap presidential sex. We should just be lucky she’s on the red carpet and not sunk in the river near Paris (the person, not the place).

    I kind of like the first dress in theory. My problem is that it looks like they have, in fact, used white illusion netting, which is NOT an illusion at all unless you are in full on Kubuki. If they had made the aqua lacy bit on top into nice wide straps and scrapped that white/off-beige illusion to the blind netting, I could sign on. I am ok with being alone in that,

  14. Laurie

    Ivy was awful. I hated her, and I hated looking at Hilty. I never understood why everyone loved her so much. Sure, she could sing, but having to see her at the same time was a problem for me. She should stay on Broadway, where I will see her, but from verrrrrrry far away.