Fugsha Barton

Remember that time Mischa Barton got a stylist and started dressing so much better?

Because I’m not sure SHE does. Or maybe she is just feeling deeply left out of the Fug Madness fray and wants 2014 to be her year. This vomitous nightie is a splendid beginning.

[Photo: Splash News]

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  1. Rayna

    Sigh. Really? Naughty first communion dress?

    Girl, please.

  2. Mongerel

    The earrings are gorgeous. The rest of it should be returned to its family of nesting raccoons.

    • Meri

      I disagree… the necklace is also nice. Not expensive, but nice. The clothes, on the other hand… I think the raccoons deserve better.

  3. Carol

    Calling this a nightie is too much of a compliment … I don’t know what to call this … and it looks very cheaply made … April Fool outfit, perhaps?

    • Maria L.

      I now have this burning desire to go into the sleepwear department of a big retailer and ask if they have “vomitious nighties” just so I can say this out loud.

      To me, it looks like a first communion dress for a very naughty girl.

  4. jenny

    OMG, I thought it was a pink sash and then I realized it was her skin….why do this to yourself?

    • Kate S

      How do those abs look so broad? This whole thing looks like a reflection in a fun-house mirror.

      • Trent

        Does she seriously have no waist, a la Ke$ha? Or is this the work of the nefarious vomitous nightie? Maybe she started getting dressed in her bra and half slip, then liked the look so much she headed out the door that way. And does she have NO friends who will stop her from wearing these horribly unflattering outfits?

        Frankly, I blame this season’s crop-top revival. Fug Nation, this hideous trend must DIE!!

  5. Sajorina

    It looks like she went all Lindsay Lohan on a 60s wedding dress! But, I wonder… If the bra was nude instead of white, would it be better? If the top was lined, would I be OK with it? If it was a dress instead of separates, would I like it? I don’t know, but it seems to me like this outfit belongs to Sarah Jessica Parker! ;) The SHOES are FAB, though!

    • CakesOnAPlane

      lots of good questions – but the lace still looks oh so cheap regardless of what you do with it…

  6. rowynn

    I feel a vague and unfounded animosity for this chick- always have- but I have to give her props on this outfit. Alone, the visible bra, the tulle, and the sleazy looking lace skirt were about as fugly as an outfit could get, but our MIscha was never one to stint on the bad choices, so she wore the sparkly silver shoes as well. You go, girl.

    • Lisa

      This comment made me laugh, because I also have a vague and unfounded animosity for her. I never understood the appeal. Anyway this outfit is so ridiculous, I can’t even come up with a coherent thought.

  7. Sheneve Butler

    It looked better on Vanessa Hudgens.

  8. Charlotte

    Ironically, I am wearing that exact same expression on my face RIGHT NOW.

    At least she seems to realize this may have been a bad idea.

  9. Helen

    The only possible explanation is that she’s on her way to marry Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

  10. Vandalfan

    If they had used the bedroom curtains to make this a one-piece dress, it would merely be fussy and ugly, not confusing and injurious.

  11. Anne B

    Girls in white dresses with midriffs for sashes …

    I don’t think I care for this version of “A Few Of My Favorite Things.”

  12. Janie

    Isn’t this the same dress that Vanessa Hudgens wore to the Spring Breakers premiere? Maybe it does look better with the nude bra? Odd…


    • SaraK

      Oh my god, there are TWO of them. So it’s not just something Mischa’s demented frenemy whipped up from cheap motel curtains and worn out elastic on an ancient and malfunctioning sewing machine and then blackmailed her into wearing?

      Where the hell do you go to actually BUY things like this? I’ve seen some pretty heinous crap at Ross or Marshalls, but never anything quite this bad.

    • Lilliana VĂ­quez Murillo

      Oh GAWD, two people actually thought this outfit was a good idea! As if the outfit isn’t a bad enough idea, her ‘I got leave from the mental hospital’ face and those extremely broad abs are just not helping things.

      Oh, and the bra. Yikes.

  13. A. Beaverhausen

    I am just extra perplexed by the asymmetry of the shoulders. It looks like her left arm was surgically attached by Martha Stewart.

  14. Miss Louise

    She doesn’t look like she’s playing with a full deck, as hasn’t for some time. It’s like despite her youth she’s very, very past her prime, and has gone off the rails in a more behind-the-scenes kind of way than Lilo. It makes me alarmed, and feel vaguely protective of her.

  15. conchristador

    Mischa was my pick for the past two years to win Fug Madness, to no avail. She just hits and misses SO HARD. I’m very sad she isn’t competing this year as she deserves some serious accolades (or help..) for all the WTF-ness.

  16. Lori

    I remember a time when I would have killed for that skirt. The 90s were a confusing time.

  17. LucySays

    Umm, Vanessa Hudgens wore this. And she rocked it better.

  18. Lily1214

    Maybe not her best look.

  19. Natalie