Fugs and Pieces: December 18


– God, I love blind items. This one from Lainey is juicy, too. (Lainey Gossip)

– More than blind items, I love Mr Stephen Colbert. So smart, and he can rap! (Flavorwire)

– At LAST, someone test-drives the Snuggie vs. the Slanket. I’ve often come down on the side o the Slanket merely because its name is better. (Gizmodo)

– Need something pretty to cleanse your visual palate after that Slanket-fest? Check out this piece about 30 mega-talented fashion illustrators. (Fashionary)
– This piece is a few weeks old, but it’s brilliantly funny and I want to be friends with the writer. Apparently, in Great Britain, one of their cable channels is airing SOLELY 80s nighttime soaps. WHY CAN’T WE AMERICANS HAVE NICE THINGS? (Don’t answer that.) (Times)

– Don’t you want to vote for Vogue’s best dressed women of the decade? The answer is: you do. Also, revisiting all these looks is really fun. (Vogue)

– What was it like on the last day shooting All My Children in New York? Kind of a bummer, it sounds like. On the other hand, now I might run into Susan Lucci at Whole Foods! (NY Mag)

Is Gwynnie’s most recent GOOP going to get her in hot water with the FCC? All I know is, it DID make me want to go to Morocco. (Jezebel)

– What book is most often stolen? It’s the very definition of, “unclear on the concept.” (New York Times)

– I totally remember when this was recorded for KROQ, our “alternative” radio here in Los Angeles. It was the height of Twin Peaks mania, so what better holiday celebration of all things Special Agent Dale Cooper than “Twin Peaks Wishes You 12 Days of Christmas?” BE FOREWARNED: This is BOB heavy, so if you’re still scared — like me — you might cry. (Cinematical, via Cleolinda, as is the next piece. Thanks, Cleolinda!)

– Considering that I stayed up last night until 3am re-reading Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows for like the tenth time, this seems apt. I present to you, DANGEROUS WANDS. (College Humor)