Fugs and Pieces: December 11


– Remember when we decided Lady Gaga would be first to wear those McQueen Claw Hoof shoes, and then she DID? I predict we will next see her in these. (Refinery 29)

– Speaking of Lady Gaga, you definitely want to watch Christopher Walken perform “Poker Face.” (YouTube)

– You probably want to watch Susan Lucci threaten to cut a bitch on The View. Not one of the bitches who work on The View, specifically. She’s appearing on The View when…oh, just watch it. (Jezebel)

– According to the Jersey Shore Nickname generator, I am “The Paris Hilton of Trenton” which is both apt, hilarious, and DEEPLY INSULTING!!! (Unlikely Words)

– The boys at Project Rungay score an interview with Nina Garcia. Awesome (Project Rungay)

– Guest of a Guest has a very helpful round-up of socialite Twitter accounts. I need to know Tinsley Mortimer’s every thought! (Guest of a Guest)

– “What are you knitting?” “Oh, just a highly detailed, anatomically correct brain.” (Discover Magazine)

– The end of the year + the end of the decade = more best and worst lists than you can shake that proverbial stick at. Time Magazine in particular has List fever. (Time)

– Speaking of, NY Mag put together a list of the short-lived trends of the aughts. One of them is called, “affluent hobo.” We hear you. (NY Mag)

– I hope that Jessica Simpson dating Billy Corgan will be yet another short-lived trend because the idea of the two of them together MAKES MY FACE HURT. (Lainey Gossip)

– Let’s cleanse our palates with 20 of the world’s most beautiful libraries. Ahhh. I feel so much better now. Beautiful buildings, filled with things to read. I want to go to there. (Oddee)

– Aww, it’s the world’s smallest snowman. By, like, a LOT. (The Daily Mail.)

– And because Christmas is two weeks from today, and Hanukkah begins tonight, we can think of no better way to usher in the holiday season than by observing a tradition that appeals to all of our beliefs: mocking the terrible outfits and hilarious hair sported by everyone involved in Wham’s “Last Christmas” video. Just when you think you’ve seen the worst of it, some extra wanders by in an XXXL sweater and triangular hair!

And as a corrollary to that, in honor of the fact that, once again, we have made it to Friday, I present Wham’s homage to not getting a job, WHAM RAP. If you haven’t seen this video in years — or ever — you…you must. You must watch it. It will cure whatever ails you…after the jump. I promise, it’s SO WORTH IT.


WHY are George Michael and The Other One wearing cropped pegged jeans? WHY NOT?