Fugs and Pieces: December 23


And here it is: Our last post before the holiday break. For me, that means spiking my hot chocolate with kahlua — or rather, spiking my kahlua with a little bit of hot chocolate — and preparing our traditional Christmas Eve feast of bangers and mash, eaten by the fireplace while watching Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. I CAN’T WAIT. Because this time of year turns me into an 11-year old. I am totally leaving out milk and cookies for Santa even though — SPOILER, children, LOOK AWAY — I am going to be eating them myself.

Have a happy, healthy, safe, luxurious, rip-roaring, alternately rambunctious and relaxing, rapacious, and rockin’ holiday. We can’t wait to get back together on January 4, after our brief but (hopefully) restorative holiday break, to laugh at the awesome haiku entries and shine the fug light on some more celebrity outfits. Have an awesome holiday. Frankly, we think you guys are the bee’s knees. True story. 
And now, without further yammering:
– When we Tweeted about Stephen Colbert’s efforts to drum up money to sponsor the U.S. Speedskating team, we suggested we’d support him even MORE ardently if he wore the suit himself. Mission accomplished, even if it had nothing to do with us. Slide #2 is especially… piquant. [SI.com]
– If you want to plan your next vacation based on which hotels celebrities use for their trysts, then this handy guide is made for you. [Oyster Hotel Reviews]

– Gawker wonders, who is the hipster of the decade? HOW TO CHOOSE JUST ONE? [Gawker]

– Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell all released statements about the experience of stepping into Heath Ledger’s shoes to finish his last film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Unsurprisingly, they slobber all over Terry Gilliam, but once you get past that, their words about Heath are really touching in their eloquence, and remind us all of a talent lost too soon. [LaineyGossip]

– Two intrepid New York staffers test-drive the Louis Vuitton bunny ears. Yes, you read that right. [The Cut]

– EW wants you to help them select the dress of the decade. And before you comment, remember that Bjork’s swan dress? TOTALLY eligible. [EW.com]

– Demi Moore’s lawyer is hopping mad. The photographer that claims Demi’s W cover was airbrished got sent a letter that claims defamation. Celebitchy overlays the cover photo with the runway image that’s caused the brouhaha, along with a statement from the photographer. Drama! [Celebitchy]

– Speaking of the Moore-Kutcher-Willis clan, Ashton Kutcher claims The Beautiful Life: TBL failed because nobody knew it was on, which is… charitable of him, considering that everybody I know was fully aware it was on and simply chose not to watch it, or tried and found it unwatchable. But, potato, po-tah-to! At any rate, for those of you who WOULD have been total die-hards, the series is getting a second life on YouTube. Even if you don’t care, click on the article just to see how cranky the author is about having to deal with the person referred to in her professional life by the idiotic moniker “iJustine.” [Washington Post]

– And finally, what better way to celebrate the holidays than by zapping someone with a cattle prod?