Fugs or Fabs: Shailene Woodley


I have a deep fondness for Shailene Woodley, primarily because when I interviewed her at Fashion Week last year, she was deeply deeply nice. Like, she hugged me. Apparently, she hugs everyone. I know she’s often talking about her macrobiotic meals and facial lymphatic massage and she’s kind of a total hippie, but it seems authentic — like she really is that sweet girl in your dorm who gives extremely sympathetic advice about your troubles while she’s sitting with henna on her hair, eating a seaweed salad. This also means that I am willing to give her a pass for wearing a dreamcatcher. I am sure Shailene Woodley actually puts faith in a dreamcatcher.

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  1. Miranda

    I love this kooky broad. Last night she got Conan to interlace his toes with hers. It was bizarre and hysterical. She may forever get a pass, kinda like SWINTON.

  2. KDenae

    I think the all-black outfit is kind of groovy. It’s a fun, and not altogether unflattering, play with silhouette and I think she is pulling it off. The dream catcher is an interesting touch and thank-the-stars she didn’t go balls to the wall in the turquoise jewelry department.

  3. Stefanie

    I like her a lot. She seems so “natural” in an extreamly unnatural society. (And natural in a natural way, not natural in a fad way.) I am so SO thankful she is done with that terrible “secret life” show. (I hate it so much Im not even going to give it capital letters. SO THERE!)

  4. Tiffany

    I like her. She seems genuine and wow does her hair look healthy! Not a big fan of the dreamcatcher for myself, but if it makes her happy, more power to her.

    I do like the shape of the first ensemble. The shape of the second, combined with the material is very yawn to me.

  5. Margo

    Maybe I’m cranky, but I have always hated sleeveless turtlenecks and this one is no exception. And that black skirt is adding a tummy. And the white top looks like a fancy version of the paper wrap I was wearing at my OB/GYN visit two days ago.

  6. Sajorina

    I like this girl because she’s so down to earth! I don’t like turtlenecks, but she’s totally working the 1st outfit! She looks pretty and cool! Plus, I like the dreamcatcher… I have one in my bedroom, although I would never wear it!

  7. AM

    I like her, I like sleeveless turtlenecks, I think she looks cute and age appropriate, so I am even willing to give the dreaded crop top a pass.

  8. HelenBackAgain

    Appealing, pretty girl, desperately needs a stylist.

  9. mary lou bethune

    She was so wonderful in Descendants! And always looks lovely and happy to be there.

  10. Goldfish

    That third slide shows abs that anyone would show, so the habitual midriff gap gets an auto-pass from me.

    I think what makes her whole thing work is her demeanor. I think she looks genuinely sweet, and she didn’t even hug me.

    • HelenBackAgain

      The midriffs are fine with me, I just don’t like anything else about these outfits.

      Well, okay, the black skirt is a pretty shape.

  11. A. Beaverhausen

    I seriously need those shoes. They would make my life better. Why is my generally annoying “Get the Look” thingy turned off today?

  12.  Stephanie

    I didn’t see the resemblance until you pointed it out.

  13. MaggieTheCat

    I swear facial lymphatic massage keeps my skins clear. Shailene looks like an off-duty professional ballerina.