Fugs or Fabs: Rooney Mara


I met a photographer this week who told me, “She looks so miserable. I LOVE HER.” But she couldn’t stay miserable in the face of Jude Law.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Esmerelda

    My goodness…that last picture with the sly smile and dimples is just so charming! I certainly appreciate that she’s consistent with her image, but it’s nice to get a little break from her carefully cultivated look of abject misery.

    • Ann

      Who knew she had dimples? That just made me endlessly happy, seeing Rooney Mara’s secret dimples.

      • Fawn

        Can we just send Jude Law with her everywhere? I think that would solve a lot of problems.

  2. lori

    Looking at that last photo, I wonder how she manages to suppress that delightful perkiness for her usual red-carpet misery robot.

  3. Tiffany

    I don’t have a problem with her not smiling that much. It is better than JLo’s squinty-eye-with-mouth-open thing. It seems like when Rooney does smile, it is genuine.

  4. Stefanie

    WAIT A SEC! Jude Law is HOT again? When did that happen!?

    Rooney looks good. I like the dress, hate the business hosen, LOVE the smile.

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      My thoughts exactly!!

      This days Jude is looking so much hotter with his clothes on… is it crazy? I saw some pictures of him in a beach recently and it did nothing from me… but here, oh boy!

    • Breda

      Right? Most people have their awkward period in their teens, but his appears to have been his 30s. And now he’s hot again. Weird, but I’ll take it!

    • Sarie

      I was just thinking the same thing! He was so, well not quite weird looking, but just off for so long there and now here he is, super hot again.

  5. Carol

    Love the dress … always loved a handkerchief hemline … that whole look is 100 percent great … the second outfit, not so much … somehow the waistband of the pants looks like a book return slot at the library …

  6. Amoki

    The first dress is straight up lovely, it’s gracefully toeing the line between architectural and delicate.

    I LOVE that Rooney can’t resist the Jude any more than the rest of us. Also, who knew she had adorable dimples?!

  7. Billie

    She looks amazing in that dress, and amazing with that smile on her face.

    However the business hosen remind me of the belly binder I use after having babies, with a sling thrown over the top.

  8. Janine

    Damn, Jude.

    Oh yeah, Rooney’s clothes are fine, too.

  9. Ingrid

    I actually love the second look . . . and yet I understand it feels as though I should hate it or at least be horrified by it. She makes it work and it doesn’t look weird.

  10. Erin B

    She’s very pretty wearing her miserable/mysterious face, but downright beautiful when she smiles. She should take Jude Law with her everywhere (and really, which of us hasn’t thought the same for ourselves?).

  11. tigers4us

    Love the dress and the SMILE! The “miserable” look could be extreme shyness…

    • Didi

      Yes, I think it’s her shyness taking the best of her. I say this as a very shy person when it comes to cameras and videos, I get very uptight around them. Not everyone can be a Lea Michele!

  12. Evalyn

    I like the idea of the first dress, but those sleeves were on my 1967 prom dress, and they didn’t age well. The second outfit looks like she dress out of the bits and pieces bin, so NO on that. However: Jude Law! I have sartorial issues with him, and please, man, comb your hair. But even so: Jude Law!

  13. fritanga

    Beautiful. She’s going for that Cate “Only I Can Bring This Off” Blanchett ring again, and these attempts are successful. The dress IS lovely; its severity is offset by the gorgeous fabric and the odd, albeit very feminine tailoring (which is perfect for Mara’s body). She looks fab.

    As for the second outfit, she’s really swinging for the Blanchett crown (and maybe even a little for SWINTON’s). It’s weird, it fits perfectly, it looks like Goth Heidi at the Office = home run.

    Jude lost his hotness for me long ago, but it does seem as if he amuses her – maybe like a dirty uncle.

    • Esme

      I agree about Jude; the last time he was really hot for me was when he was buffed up and blonde in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”–Woof! I love Rooney, and seeing her interviewed by Kelly Ripa, she really does appear genuinely shy and unaffected.

  14. Sarah

    I really like this dress! It’s simple yet interesting. And we can “like” and “dislike” comments now!? That adds a whole new dimension to Fugnation

  15. Rayna

    Loving the black dress. It’s graceful and pretty, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Milkmaid/business lady/lederhosen thing, not so much.

  16. Sajorina

    I love, Love, LOVE the 1st look! The dress is beautiful… Classy with an edge, that she pulls off so brilliantly! And THE SHOES!!! Love them! The 2nd outfit is cute, she carries it off well and it suits her! Plus, with the brown hair and colorful makeup, she looks even more gorgeous! FAB! It’s lovely to see her smile!

    And, wouldn’t you be miserable if you couldn’t eat sandwiches for a role? I commend her for doing what I could not!

  17. Anna

    Rooney has the cutest smile, it’s a real shame she doesn’t wear it more often. I find the constant miserable face a tad annoying.
    The dress is great, the second outfit is not.

  18. TonyG

    The skirt portion of this dress…hmmm…it reminds me a bit of a how a swanky hanky looks like when you first hold it before folding it into a pocket square. It’s not an out-right fab for me, but she looks good in it.

    That last photo is priceless…Like she has a delicious secret to share with us. I want to go closer.

  19. Sandra

    What a beautiful smile that young woman has. Her people should hire Jude Law to spend his time making her show that. I mostly like the black pin-stripe trousers, except for the weirdness around the waist; though that might be part of the shirt, which I loathe unreservedly.

    • holly

      Yes! They both look better here than they have looked in a long time. Maybe their publicists should make them appear together from now on.

      And Jude Law, I don’t know what happened to him before, but let’s hope it is gone to stay. He looks amazing, and I would be smiling nonstop if he were standing next to me, out of sheer happiness that we have him back, healthy and sexy again. If he would just start wearing shirts with collars…

  20. Amelia

    On the lederhosen outfit, the top reminds me of when you’re trying on pants in a fitting room and don’t have the right top, so you knot it up to get it out of the way and then forget to fix it after you put on your jeans.

    BTW, I love you Fugger commenters – hilarious stuff in here! Thanks for brightening a boring day.

  21. Liz985

    Wow! Who knew she had dimples?! Well kept secret. Glad she let the cat out of the bag!

  22. Jill Moran

    Love the dress but not on her. It swallows her up. With such a fragile broken bird persona, I’d prefer to see her in sleek, structural, Audrey Hepburn type pieces. More Swintonesque less prom Queen.

  23. Amanda

    I have turned right into my grandmother, but…SUCH A PRETTY SMILE.

  24. ErinE

    That’s like Talented Mr. Ripley and The Holiday Jude Law, who is sooo handsome and charming and yummy. I love that even she can’t be oblivious to his charm and is totally blushing.

  25. Trace

    The Holiday = Jude at his most gorgeous. That is all.

  26. maryse

    i love all of the outfits. she looks so adorable. and jude law is just so so hot. forever and always. sigh.

  27. Helen

    Heh, “business hosen” is perfect. Especially since it looks like she’s got an iPad Mini glued to her abdomen.

    But wow, seeing her smile! I knew she was a pretty girl, but it was almost in theory only at this point. She’s LOVELY!

    I’ve heard that Law is often very funny in person. Looking at Mara’s response, I’m guessing it’s true. So nice that they’re having a good time.

    And I am on board with the black-on-white dress, as well. Not a look that usually does anything for me, but this one is creative and pretty. Now if only she’d stand up straight in it.

  28. Sonya

    She is SO pretty when she smiles, although I just can’t support that lederhosen/jumpsuit thingy.

    Jude Law, sigh. If he was whispering in my ear like that, I would probably melt into the floor.

  29. mary lou bethune

    She never ever misses, in my humble opinion. She has inborn chic as well as subtle beauty & talent. The black dress is ab fab and she looks beautiful and mysterious. But the smiling, dimpled , thrilled face after Jude Law exerted his Judeness is so charming that I am myself am smiling. She is playing her cards right, whatever they are, because I think she is the next Cate which makes her in line to be Helen Mirren on day. Sail ON!

  30. jellybean

    Dimples McRooney! i really love all of this way more than i should.

  31. Other Emily

    Jude is so handsome. Just so, SO handsome. And I suspect he is a terrible scamp who said something naughty and wonderful in her ear just there, so no wonder she’s smiling. Which she should do always because she’s unbelievably beautiful. The misery face is interesting, but that smile…

  32. 503Lottie

    So my theory is that she doesn’t smile BECAUSE of the dimples! I think they’re charming and very cute, but I bet some studio exec or photographer told her “never smile daahling, stay mysterious” and she took that advice and has been dimple-free ever since… soo sad!

    Love the black dress but the shoes could be amped up a bit (not too much tho).

  33. MissTee

    A smile! I didn’t know it was possible. And yeah – what everyone else says about Jude Law being hot again. He looks gooood.

    So I love her dress. The other outfit…not so much. It looks like she is wearing one of those back brace thingies that people wear in warehouses or stores to stock shelves, lift boxes.

    But the SMILE! I like the smile!

  34. jerkygirl

    Love the black dress, love it unabashedly, “wow I wish it were hanging in my closet” love it. The 2nd outfit, eeeeh, not so much, but the Handsome Again Jude Law accessory, coupled with the laugh (she can LAUGH!!! who knew?), are enough to make me not care about it.

  35. AEMom

    Wow — She is just GORGEOUS — especially in that pic with the dimples. I always knew she was pretty, but wow am I jealous of her awesome cheekbones and a dimple to boot. Who knew?

  36. Betsy

    That last picture! She needs to smile more. It actually makes me think she has a personality!

    I get tired of her black/white, but that’s a gorgeous dress on her. You’re right–much more girly than the usual edgy black/white.

  37. Bottle Ginger

    The first dress is beautiful and would be quite perfect, if the sleves weren’t so puffy. The huge sleeves destroy the porportions. Am I correct in thinking it’s a burnout fabric over a white lining? If it is, what a great idea! Bring burnout velvets back to my local Macy’s!

    I shall not speak of the pants outfit. There are no words, only unpleasant noises.

    • Vandalfan

      We think alike. But I think Ms. Rooney is hardly shy, rather incomprehensibly rich, and only favors those rarefied few who deserve her smile, not we mere scabrous public, so smile, schmile, she can go ‘way.

  38. Joy

    All I can say is, the dress is lovely. I don’t normally go for the handkerchief hemline, but here (and on Rooney) it looks great. Other outfit, not so much. And what a lovely smile!

  39. Lila

    The first dress is so lovely. I think it would’ve been better with smaller or no sleeves. Also, I can’t bring myself to feel annoyed with her for not smiling- she’s said many times she’s very nervous on red carpets. Painfully shy can be easily mistaken for snobbish.

  40. Holly Hamilton

    That black dress is truly lovely and so is she. Mostly, what I like about the entire look is that all the “goods’ aren’t on display; creativity, elegance and the realization that pure style is not about how much can you show and get away with without being censored.
    Bravo for covering things up and not looking dowdy in the process.
    Yes, that smile is transforming although it slightly annoys me that Mr. Bad Boy of a thousand such smiles and nannies, is the one to coax it out of her.

  41. BrownEyedBetty

    To answer your question re: Goop. They starred together in Talented Mr. Ripley while he was still married and having babies with his ex. Then, if memory serves, he was divorcing his wife about 10 years ago and taking up with Sienna Miller.

    The actresses I always expected to see him with were Kate Winslet or Rachel Weis…both of whom were single for a while at the same time he was. I have a feeling he doesn’t date anyone his own age…always goes for the sweet young things. Whatevs.

  42. MegoPachego

    The side shot of the dress is what really sold me. The construction is so pretty and I think it justifies the sleeves.

    That second outfit though just looks like it has a flesh coloured name tag sticker that should say: “Hi! I’m abs!” They’re so lucky I wasn’t there with a Sharpie.

  43. esther p.

    i don’t know this Rooney chick, to be honest, but that first outfit is quite beautiful. also, the shoes! as for the second outfit, her midsection reminds me of the tv screens you find on the back of airplane seats. too bad it isn’t, though. she could be playing “The Holiday” on that thing!

  44. Ladyblahblah

    I am fine with monetizing the blog, but shouldn’t the look in “get the look” at least vaguely resemble the actual look in the picture?

  45. Dani

    Rooney in the trousers outfit screams “Demi Moore in Now & Then” to me.

  46. Chrissy

    She’s really cute in that last picture with the dimples. I like the dress, but not sure about how it goes up on the sides. I like the pants but not the top half of the pant outfit.

  47. catherine

    Regarding the Jude/Gwyneth comment – he would be far too short for her and then everyone would mock them like Tom/Nicole. I love Jude, but he’s quite petite.

  48. Tanya

    Her smile and dimples! Oh my!

    She and Jude Law look excellent together. Is he the reason for the joy on her face?

  49. Tanya

    Another comment, I know, I know! But in the last two pictures, she looks like she could be Emily Mortimer’s little sister. They should be in a movie together.

  50. Emily

    Anyone else think she looks like Liam Neeson in the first picture? Just in the face.