Fugs or Fabs or Fines of Golden Globe Weekend: Naomi Watts


I kind of thought Naomi Watts might win last night; I’ve heard she’s great in The Impossible, and she and Liev have been making the rounds. The very handsome, well-dressed, very HFPA-friendly rounds. Ah, well, Naomi — there’s always the Oscars. Also — there’s always the Princess Diana movie you’re making. Let’s not worry about awards, let’s just talk outfits.

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  1. Stefanie

    I like the train. The rest of the dress is so fantastic that it’s lulling me into liking the train.

    Has Leiv always been that sexy?

  2. KMG

    They are such a good looking couple.

  3. Jesse

    G’Day USA! I just heard Nicole Kidman (on the Ellen show) saying that’s where she and Keith Urban met. So yes. Mandatory for Australians, apparently.

  4. Sarah B

    I don’t care how good she was in The Impossible, it’s still a movie about how hard the tsunami was for a couple of white people. Wah.

    • Annie E

      White people naturally being better at handling natural disasters.

      I know what the reservations about this movie are – that it focuses on tourists instead of people who actually lived in areas that were completely devastated by the tsunami – but I don’t think the RACE of the main characters has anything to do with it.

  5. Trace

    Speaking of Downton, Michelle Dockery wore something very similar to the Emmys a couple years ago.

    • Julie

      That’s exactly what popped into my head. I’d prefer this if it didn’t have the train.

  6. Kristy

    The Impossible is spectacular and she was amazing. Ewan’s McGregor’s face doesn’t hurt either. I quite liked this dress, and as a couple…I just want them to adopt me and we can ride bikes around NYC together.

  7. Lisa

    I don’t HATE the dress but I don’t LOVE it. I like it with reservations. The reason: the color and the fit. The color is just that shade of red that doesn’t do anything for me, like the red dress Amy Poehler wore. It doesn’t pop. And in some photos the dress seems a little bunchy in the front.
    And I saw The Impossible. She was very good in it, but it was kind of like a Lifetime movie on steroids.

  8. Josephine

    That burgundy number has a truly fabulous whiff of Disney villain about it. I love it. I want it. She looks slinky and put-together and dramatic. Top marks, train and all.

  9. ChristieLea

    At least one girl wore that pink number to my 1997 prom.

  10. Kristin C

    The Impossible was a beautiful and gut-wrenching movie. It also did a really good job of pointing out that this particular family was spectacularly lucky. I don’t think that it even occured to me that she might win for her role, but the she was fantastic in it.

  11. Mary Urech Stallings

    Who care what she wears as long as she has Liev beside her. Best accessory ever.

  12. Sarah

    Liev does not get enough credit for being super handsome.

    • amy

      Yet I can’t help but think how very much more handsome he might be if he shaved his neck.

  13. Kat

    This was by and far my favorite dress of the evening. The color is MONEY, especially on her, and the dress is so sophisticated without being stuffy, and the back is sexy. And the construction of the dress is top notch. Just love, love love.

  14. Mary

    It’s a great dress….. For Helen Mirren.

  15. TaraMisu

    Liev. *thud*

    Anyway, I think the Globes dress is very pretty, I like the train too. That pink thing tho’, UGH!

  16. Leigh

    When I went to see The Impossible, someone had to be carried out halfway through because they fainted. If that isn’t worthy of some kind of statue, I don’t know what is.

    (Sidenote: I laughed at the point where they pan away just after the first wave hits and there’s a woman in a bikini clinging to a tree like a monkey. I’ve never felt like a worse person.)

  17. Other Emily

    I love the red dress. She looks gorgeous and classy. Train can stay or go, I guess. I don’t think it either adds or detracts anything from the dress. Also, LIEV. So hot. Such a sexy voice, too. I could watch all the HBO Sports shows with my eyes closed just to hear his narration. Hotness.

  18. Riley

    This is Helen Mirren cosplay, full stop.

  19. Cat

    I love the red dress. Agree that it might be better without the train, given how sleek and elegant it is, but even the train doesn’t really impact how much I like it. That pink thing is dreadful, though.

  20. Cucina49

    I’m not sure I love the red dress, but she’s wearing it well. Of course, with that face, she can get away with any number of sartorial missteps.

  21. Kat

    The train is okay but I hate the long sleeves with more burning passion than some pieces of fabric deserve.

  22. Elizabeth Gorman

    I like the train, and I like the long sleeves. I HATE the open back. Show some boob and leg, but keep the back covered. That way, a lady can wear a good bra and/or support garment.

  23. Sylvia

    Love the color and fit, hate the train/open back combo.

    I will say, my friend saw Naomi and Liev in the Richmond Airport with child in tow and she said they were absolutely lovely. This will always sway me toward liking her and her dresses that are almost there.

  24. SerialGoth

    I love Naomi, and I love the color, but I just wasn’t feeling this dress. Still, it was hard to even notice her next to Liev. That man is sexy as hell.

  25. Sajorina

    I love her Globes’ look! Love the dress, even though I could also live without the train! The hair, makeup & accessories are FABULOUS as well! She looked like an Old Hollywood star! And, doesn’t she look just like Princess Charlene on that last picture wearing that dress? It’s uncanny! By the way, I’d be happy for Liev to photobomb my life!

  26. lindsay

    I loved this dress! I would have to invent a new word to describe my feelings for it sans train.