Fugs or Fabs: Nicole Kidman


Let’s just start off by saying that things could be worse.

[Photos: Getty, Bauer Griffin]

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  1. Rayna

    Huh. I’m giving the black beady thing a thumbs up. It is legit pretty, fore AND aft, and has a sort of period vibe (by which I mean 1913) that fits Kidman well.

    White dress is also good.

  2. Goldfish

    Good hair! I think she reads our comments and finally caved when we kept begging for a darker color. Our work here is done.

  3. TaraMisu

    I think she looks lovely, well done!

  4. Erin

    I think she looks awesome in both–best i’ve seen her look in quite some time. Thank you, Nicole!

  5. Sajorina

    I love this! I want more of it! The 1st look is GORGEOUS! And the 2nd one is PERFECTION! She looks absolutely flawless! COVET the shoes in Pic #3! FABULOUS!

  6. Doozer

    Nic, honey, the Stepford Wives was a MOVIE.

  7. steen

    I think she looks fantastic, but her face looks frozen again. That makes me sad.

  8. tigers4us

    She looks fantastic, the dresses are lovely, and I LOVE THE SHOES! ‘Nuff said.

  9. Squirrel!

    Everything is top-notch… except for her face. It’s like there’s no THERE there, y’know?

  10. Squirrel!

    Hmm, my comment appears to have been eaten. In case it doesn’t reappear:

    Everything looks stellar… except her face. It’s like there’s no THERE there, y’know?

  11. Art Eclectic

    I really think the black scarf on the first dress was unnecessary and detracted from the whole look.

    • Helen

      I love the bow in the back… but it’s too bad it’s so high in the front.

  12. bambi_beth

    I miss her old face. She looks like the airbrushed version of herself.

    Black/nude sheer thingy blah blah blah.

    I covet everything about the white outfit. Including the hair.

    • Agent Sculder

      I want the shoes she’s wearing with that outfit in the WORST way. Too bad they probably cost more than my rent!

  13. Miss Louise

    Clothes and hair sensational, and those shoes in the last pic deserve an honourable mention. But her face has never looked so Joan Rivers-eque. Nicole just can’t stop messing with her face.

  14. Sandra

    I would like to see the lining of the black lace number be anything other than the non-color that it is. I am going to to cry myself to sleep in the knowledge that my hair will never look as good as hers does in the third photo.

    • Julie

      I agree about the lining, the rest’s beautiful. And the white outfit is killer.

  15. Jen Dee

    Your caption for pic #3 is messed up.

  16. Sajorina


  17. Guerra

    Wow she looks amazing in that last pic!! Sexy perfection!! I also want those shoes so bad!

  18. Bambi Anne Dear

    I love both looks. Especially the shoes in pic 3. They are killers!

  19. Joanie

    Nicole is, indeed, an Omega spokeswoman. Giant posters in their shop at the Bellagio accosted me months ago. I much prefered the posters of Daniel Craig they had.

  20. Joey

    The hair in pic 3 is glorious. She should wear her hair like that all the time! It makes me feel good to see her look so beautiful. I am a fan and have had… mixed feelings about her face in the last 10 years or so.

  21. Sunny

    Looking at the hem of the first dress, I’m pretty certain its lined all the way to the floor.

  22. Sashaqueenie

    Nicole looks fantastic!
    Absolutely stunning!
    Love her.

  23. mister

    I’m convinced anybody who writes she looks even remotely Joan Rivers-esque is a Scientology troll.

    Her face has never looked better post the alleged botox.*

    She clearly poured her heart and soul into that Grace Kelly part ’cause she still hasn’t shaken the ice princess.

    *I know there’s no way it’s alleged.

  24. Leah

    The back had its good days and today is not one of them.