Fugs or Fabs: Keri Russell

Edited to add: I CAN’T BELIEVE THE EMMYS SNUBBED HER. The Americans is great, and she is SO GOOD on it. CAPS LOCK RAGE.

Ahem. That out of the way: Keri Russell and I are about the same age and I am not kidding when I say that she makes feel good about said age, because she looks SO GOOD lately, even when she technically is kinda sweaty and also I can see her bra and her pants are kind of modified Bieber leather trousers:

Against all odds, I think this works. Am I high?

She’s all about the monochromatic, as you will see in this other look, from the Today Show:

I honestly even sign off on this, but I realize I may just be blinded by how much I love The Americans. Please do tell me if I’ve lost it.

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  1.  Kathryn

    she looks great but I hate the shoes – from both outfits – mules = NO

  2.  Esmerelda

    You must be blinded by something to have missed the AWFUL clear plastic strap across the top of her foot in those mules of terror. That she has in two colors.

  3.  Jenandtonic

    *She* looks great, but I believe the devil himself designed those pants in the first shot. The crotch is…no.

    • Minutiae

      Yes! Those leather pants are terrible. It’s like Polterwang turned up to 11. Heck, it looks like she might have a foil-wrapped cucumber in there.

  4. Lisa

    I love her too, but I can not support the Bieber adjacent pants and fugly top in the first outfit. The second outfit might be slightly better, but I don’t like it either. So…you might be high?

  5. Amy S.

    You are most definitely high.

    • HelenBackAgain

      And I would like to know on what so that I can try it. If it makes THESE look good, it must create a very happy place!

  6.  ShannonTX

    I, too, love The Americans, and I love Keri herself, but my love has not blinded me to the fact that these are not good looks. Are they absolutely awful? No, because we have been constantly exposed to other actresses basically inviting the world to be their ob/gyn. Keri is too classy for that foolishness. But the shoes are ugly, and I actually hate the white outfit more than the black, even with the Bieber-adjacent pants and the fact that I hate animal prints.

    Regardless of the clothes, what is going on with everyone’s legs/feet lately? First Kate with a big cut, then Nina’s spray-tanned bandage, now Keri’s foot — and have you SEEN Lilo’s legs? They look like she went feet-first through a windshield. Seriously, what are people doing to themselves?

    • Jenny

      I think that is a clear vinyl strap across her instep, not a bandage. Either way, boo.

      •  ShannonTX

        Hmm. I see the clear vinyl strap, but I think there’s also a bandage on the arch of her foot. See the white part there? it’s not the color of her skin.

        • HelenBackAgain

          Yes, at first I thought that was just a reflection, but on closer inspection, it’s distinctly bandage-shaped.

          I am unworried by these things myself, however. It’s summer, people get active outdoors, Stuff Happens. I have a big old scrape on the knee myself that’s only just now healing enough that I finally might be able to cover it with makeup, a month after getting it (volcanic rock; bad scrape). Thank goodness for capris and long summer skirts!

          •  Cat

            I fell on the street (slipped over wet pavement) and have huge bruises in the back of my knees. Last night I went for a run in shorts and I wonder what people thought about my Casper pale legs, awkard gait AND those damn bruises. Klutzes unite!

  7. Kate (formerly Kate)

    I know the jeans she’s wearing in the first picture! I, uh, have them. They’re awesome and I love them.

    The shoes in the second picture though – that bandage across her instep makes me sad. Don’t wear shoes that do that to you, Keri; it’s never worth it.

    • Geneviève

      Both pairs actually look like they have transparent plastic straps on top? A world of no.

    • Joanie

      I envy you being able to wear such pants. I mean, I wouldn’t ever be brave enough to try ‘em, but I envy those who can pull off such things. Sigh. Not even on my skinniest of days (oh, high school me, where art thou?) could I do this.

  8. Blair's Head Band

    I’m having similar thoughts about Keri’s first ensemble to that weird baggy black thing Emma Watson wore in yesterday’s (yes?) post — I should not like it, but the wearer is doing it well. I say it’s a score, if not a slam dunk/grand slam/other sports metaphor.

  9.  AlyssaFromOK

    I must be high as well, because I love these looks, except for the crotch flap. And I normally hate exposed undergarments. Keri is just looking so good! And wearing lipstick, and bracelets in the first look. I don’t care for plastic on shoes ever, though.

  10. Laurie

    I don’t love it but I’m glad there’s a current picture of her smiling and not wearing black. I agree she’s stunning, but I am turned off by her new vibe – all black, no smile, trying to be aggressively bad*ss/indifferent. We have TVs and DVDs and memories, Keri. We know you were Felicity.

  11. Emily

    I’m afraid you might be high. Those are BIEBER PANTS.

  12. Geneviève

    I was so disappointed she and The Americans in general were ignored by the Emmys (besides one well-deserved nod for Margo Martindale.) It’s one of the best shows currently on TV.

    I usually love monochromatic looks, but I really can’t abide by those, especially the first. Even if the lacy, transparent top is more classy than a mesh top, paired with pants with a droopy crotch, it’s a no go. The second look is fine though I wish she had picked more striking shoes. Also both pairs of shoes look like they have transparent plastic straps on the foot? That’s a big no.

  13. Sandra

    She is lovely; her clothes are not.

    • ortenzia

      She’s one of those people that I consider it unfair that I’m not as pretty as, and this has been going on since the Mickey Mouse Club days … I just think she’s so so pretty and I love that her face looks un-plastic-surgeried…

      … but yeah, she’s ridiculously hit and miss when it comes to clothes. It’s comforting. If she were to adopt an edgier Kiera Knightley look with her clothes, face and her make-up and pull it all together, there’d be jealousy flames from moi. flames…

  14. chappy05

    I think I might be high, because the second picture looks nothing like KR to me. Are we sure that’s the same person?

  15. rio

    She is gorgeous, but the first outfit seems spawned by Satan. The white outfit is definitely of the angels…

    • HelenBackAgain

      The white outfit isn’t so bad. I’m not a fan of pants being made into tights, and I think the top is kind of Miami Grandmother of Twenty, but it’s passable.

      The first look, however, is monstrous.

      • Sarah

        Yes, I think the second outfit combines a grandma shirt with Khloe Kardashian pants, and I’m not a fan. She’s very slim and these aren’t flattering. She is absolutely gorgeous, regardless, way more so than in her Felicity years, I think.

  16. Lisa

    I love the first pants…. I may have been hit on the head with an 80s hammer, but they look good to me!

  17. Amy

    I don’t like the outfits, but I too love The Americans. I’m in temporary mourning until the next season starts. What is up with the Emmys??????

    • Aparatchick

      Yes, what’s with the Emmys? I know their voters LOVE to vote for the same people and shows every.single.year, but get out their and watch a few other actors, a few other shows! Can’t believe The Americans’ main cast (which is superb) got overlooked. And geez, how did they not nominate Tatiana Maslaney??????

      • Aparatchick

        There. Get out “there.” I know the difference, honest.

        • stacey

          I love that you did that because I do the same thing ALL the time. and then feel like a moron.

  18.  calgirl13

    If I may defend Jessica for a second (or longer), I too am the same age as Keri Russell and every time I see her, it also makes me happy that someone my age looks so damn hot and I am willing to overlook some of the fug too. That being said, I cannot get on board with the sheer top in outfit #1. That’s just not appropriate for her/our age. And the Hammer bagginess of the crotch area is super distracting. I do like outfit #2 though, it’s cute.

  19. gf

    I think she looks great, and I kind of like her new bad-ass attitude in photos. The clothes are sort of terrible but somehow I still like it. Maybe I am high, too!

  20. Kris

    The CAPS LOCK RAGE is justified, but I think the Emmys might just be losing it overall. I mean, they didn’t nominate Pedro Pascal as a Best Guest Actor. Go home, Emmys, you’re drunk.

  21.  Cucina49

    I will cosign the love for The Americans, but not these outfits. Keri is lovely and the outfits are not up to her standard.

    With that said, as much as I like her performance, for me Matthew Rhys is the high point of the show. He has a wonderfully expressive face.

  22. KHS

    I think maybe you’re both high AND blinded by your love for The Americans. I mean, I admit that I am a little blinded as well, but mostly because her face looks amazing in both pics. But both outfits are pretty silly in general.

  23. Not Amish Daphne

    Outfit #1 = horrid
    Outfit #2 = pretty
    Keri = so lovely it almost doesn’t matter

  24. dkewbe

    They’re not great looks, but I do agree that she manages to pull off things that most other people can’t. I want scientific reasoning of why this is so I can try to emulate it. It’s not as simple as a great face and/or body, because a lot of celebrities have that and still look like they got mauled by angry ferrets.

    So far my guesses are:

    1. She generally looks approachable/welcoming/smiley
    1.5 She looks at the camera, enhancing approachability factor
    2. She stands normally, by and large. A lot of “posing” that celebs do for pictures (crossing ankles, bending legs, popping hips, tilting heads) subvert the purpose they’re aiming for (looking skinny/better) and throw off the lines of an outfit, making it look off-kilter. Usually that’s baggy in places it’s not supposed to be/pulling in places it’s not supposed to, but an outfit can hang wrong in any number of ways.
    3. She has good posture
    4. She is usually not too “done” in the hair/makeup area, so if the outfit is a little messy, it’s in line with an overall look

    Other thoughts?

    It’s the end of a long workday, clearly.

    • snowedintoday

      There is no plastic surgery in sight. And nothing in her style is overdone. Ever.

  25. Janelle

    She clearly stepped on a Lego. Hence the bandaged foot.

    The black pants = no. Not even a little bit. I say this as someone who is both the same age as she is, and who thought she was ADORABLE (caps lock worthy) with the shorn locks in Felicity. The pants are a more significant crime.

  26. Arlene

    I’m sorry, you must have a fever. The black outfit, the hair, the stance, THOSE PANTS, it’s all so bad. I can’t sign off on this perplexing…thing.

  27. Jocelyn

    I am the same with Keri Russell. I was born in the same year as her and Reese WItherspoon. When I am tired and bedraggled after a sleepless night with my kids, looking at them gives me hope. Two fabulous looking mums who still rock modern fashionable clothes and remind me that I am still young enough to step it up!

  28.  Rebekah

    You’re not high, except high on CAPS LOCK RAGE. More plz.

  29. fritanga

    You have not lost it. She looks great here x2, she’s amazing on The Americans, but unfortunately while thinking people who remember US history AND TV critics adore the show, no one is watching it. I mean, even fewer people than watch Mad Men. Yep. It’s maddening. I think Matthew Rhys is even better in it than Russell (and she’s damn good), but he was snubbed by the Emmys as well. It makes no sense.

    At least she can take comfort in the knowledge that she knows how to work a trouser (like JLo!).

  30. gryt

    She looks dynamite.

  31. moi

    I hate drop crotch pants, but I have to say, she’s kind of pulling that first look off. Very rock and roll. I like the second one, too, only minus the weird shoes. The transparent shoe strap trend just makes no sense.

  32. JJ

    EmmySnubsLookinFine Pie

  33. Suzy Q

    That white top is very Golden Girls.

    She, herself, looks amazing. I’ll give the black outfit a passing grade, despite a few flaws.

  34. KC

    She looks really cool in both outfits.

  35. Rosa

    I’m blinded by my love for The Americans and I don’t even caaaaare. I love her!

    I also love Matthew Rhys but I think that’s a different kind of love…

    Love/lust aside, I do actually like these, though I think the white skinny jeans are maybe a tiny bit too skinny.

  36. Kathryn

    The Americans is crazy good you should be blinded by the greatness. And while her outfits are not what I would pick out for her she looks great in them and isn’t that what matters.

  37. Crash1212

    Both looks are working like gang busters to my eye. I love her. I loved Felicity and Waitress and have been blown away by her work in The Americans. EMMY was stupid this year. No Keri Russell and no Tatiana Maslany.

  38. Ncd112

    You are clearly not well. That face is lovely. Those outfits are awful