Fugs or Fabs: Jessica Chastain


Hey, welcome back, Chasty. I presume you’ll be sticking around through March this time?

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  1. Erin

    Honestly, I’ve always been “meh” about the Chastain, but the second picture might change my mind. She’s never looked better, in my opinion.

    •  Carolina Girl

      She does look great in that color, doesn’t she? The only time she’s ever looked better was when she wore that yellow dress to Cannes. That was glorious.
      I like the idea of the first dress, but I think the combination of the color and the fabric doesn’t work.

      • Popcouver

        Ahem, Oscars 2012?!?!?!

        But yes, the yellow was fabulous as well.

        She looks so much better with relaxed hair than the structured hairstyles she seems to favour.

  2. Jeanette

    The second dress is glorious and she looks totally lovely in it.

    Perhaps the first suffers from that awkward knee-length hem which is hard to pull off? Also frumpy and boring shoes.

  3.  llism

    That second dress is absolutely stunning, and you can tell she loves it. In the first one, she just looks uncomfortable and cranky, like I am when I unwittingly wear those shirts that continually twist to one side.

  4. Bonnie Klein

    The first dress is very very MOB. And then it has that weird boob border. It looks like someone took a picture of Chastain’s breasts and placed it in a Victorian frame. Love the second dress though.

    • Anita

      The placement of the lace looks a) like a craft project, and b) like the person doing the craft project wanted to make the dress look like it had a lace apron on the front. Not good.

      Second dress — color, style, everything — is sublime.

    • Jenny

      The black lace on dress #1 is doing a weird boob -outlining thing. Then the lace at the waist/torso points right at her hoo-ha. I don’t like it. The color is pretty, though. And dress #2 is perfection. Redheads in teal/aqua are just amazing!!

  5. Bella

    Love the second dress. There seems to be a preponderance of tablecloths masquerading as dresses lately.

  6.  ErinB

    That second dress is perfection on her; she should have one made in every color!

    I really like the color of the first dress, but the material is pulling so much it really detracts from the overall effect.

  7. ringthing

    Ooh, I love it when movie stars decide to look like movie stars. That second photo is fabulous.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes! We don’t often see Chastain break out the sexy, but YOWZA when she does. It’s glamorous, it’s sophisticated, and she packs a punch in it!

  8. Eli

    The first fits weirdly, the second is great, and the third makes her look all one color (not counting her hair of course).

  9. Beth

    She is wearing the hell out of that second dress and it looks fantastic on her. She knows it, we know it, and she knows we know it, too. It’s awesome.

  10. Amy

    I think there is some kind of tailoring or maybe fabric issue with the first dress. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    The second dress . . . HELLOOOOOO Jessica! She looks amazeballs in that. Would it be totally weird if she just kept wearing that dress over and over? I would if I looked that good in something.

  11. Sandra

    The black lace mold growing on the first dress isn’t helping, but its primary problem is that it’s made of satan. All those wrinkles are working against her very hard. The color is lovely though. I liked the shoes when I thought they were navy blue, but they turned out to be black velvet. There’s nothing really wrong with them, but they aren’t WOW in any way.

    The second is an A+ in Honors Fabulousity. The third is about a B in the course, which I would allow her to revise with color and turn it in again.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      The black lace mold growing on the first dress isn’t helping, but its primary problem is that it’s made of satan.

      I think it might’ve been made BY Satan. ;-)

      Sorry, couldn’t resist… but seriously, about the dress, it’s fug in a very familiar way! I think we’ve seen this same lace on some other satin dress, and that it didn’t work then either. But, can’t recall who wore it or when.

      • Sandra

        The spelling was intentional. I got tired of typing “Satan’s favorite fabric” every time I see somebody wearing shiny wrinkles. :-)

  12. Rowynn

    Before I clicked through to the slide show, I said to myself, “If she’s wearing boring black pumps with that dress, my heart will sink.” And sure enough, there they were. I was restored to happiness with the second dress, though. Gorgeous color, great shoes, she looks awesome. The third dress might be awesome as well, if we could see it better, and if she hasn’t defaulted to nude platforms with it. Let’s imagine some sexy shoes in a fabulous color. Whew, I feel better now.

  13.  pidget

    She needs COLOUR. She is naturally quite vivid, and looks wonderful when she goes for it with a happy, zippy shade. (Yay #2!) Anything else is disappointing, and turns out frumpy or meh (#1, 3).

    #2 also seems to have magically solved her perpetual waist issue; so often I see her either sausaged or cut in half there, although she’s clearly a shapely, lovely woman. This dress has great shaping, and yet she can still breathe.

  14. Beth C.

    “If I traveled as much as these people do, I can’t think of anything I’d want to do LESS than PRETEND I am on a plane, even for a photo op”

    Based on the expression on the poor girl’s face she totally agrees with you.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Ha, yes. That should be next to “grin and bear it” in any dictionary of English idioms.

  15. RebekahMacd

    The first dress suffers from the fact that satin is no one’s friend.

    The second is lovely. I think the third might be too, but cannot see enough of it to say for certain.

  16. Maria

    In that last one, at first I thought she was getting ready to have an ultrasound.

    Can you tell I’ve never flown anything but coach?

  17. Lee-Lee

    I do think #2 is a very pretty color for J.C. But I will brace myself and be the lone dissenter in this tidal wave of love. I think she looks like she’s signed on to DANCING WITH THE STARS! Not necessarily a bad thing…….

  18. Steph J

    My stand out from the slideshow is her shiny pretty glossy hair!!

  19. Sajorina

    I’m IN LOVE with the 2nd dress! Se looks SPECTACULAR!