Fugs, Fabs and Fines of Various Royals and Royal-Adjacents at the Queen’s Coronation Festivals

There have been a LOT of celebrations of the Queen this year! I am not begrudging her Madj any of her many parties, I’m just pointing this out. Note: rumor has it (and by rumor, I mean the Daily Mail) Kate almost made a surprise appearance at this event because she’s feeling so good, and I think I speak for all of us when I say, “that’s great, now HAVE THAT BABY.”  I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and the only cure is Royal Baby Fever. Or maybe Prince Harry (who didn’t seem to attend this event, probably because he’s off getting into trouble somewhere).

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Kate

    Fuggirls I think you have a duty to go sample some of James Middleton’s cakes so you can report back to us. YOU’RE OUR ONLY HOPE!

  2. MKKS

    I sort of wish I had a clearer photo of the monochromatic Union Jack skirt suit situation going on behind feathered Sophie in slide 5. I wonder who that was and if she had on a hat.

    • Lynne

      This was my thought as well. I vaguely wondered what Sophie’s ensemble would look like without the feathery crud and then thought, “Hmm! Black and white Union Jack. I need to see that up close.”

      • Dazie

        Do you think that’s kind of “wearing the tshirt of the band at the concert” ??

        However- I am wearing a Union Jack tshirt and bracelet today, so perhaps my fashion sense regarding national symbols is somewhat skewed.

  3. Stefanie

    QE looks like she’s about to devour some children in the photo of her grinning like a maniac. I love it.

    She also looks like she wants to set that chair on fire. I love that too.

  4. Jenny V

    I don’t know, James Middleton has never done it for me (and I’m sure he’s just heartbroken over it). There’s something just slightly off about his face; I feel like Kate is the best looking of all three of them.

    Is the Queen ever without a purse? I’m not sure why I’m just now noticing it, but she has a handbag everywhere she goes, no matter what. I would have thought she’d have people for that?

  5. Callie

    I like to play a little game called “Count the Putty Shoes” whenever there are posts about the royals (and their hangers-on). Can no one wear a color? Or a sandal? Or — clutch your pearls — a colored sandal?! Eugenie has the right idea.

  6. Sandra

    I recently saw a picture of Eugenie laughing that made me stop and say “dang, that is one good-looking young woman.” Wish I could find it now to link.

    • Annie S.

      I’ve always thought Eugenie was the prettier of the two York girls; Bea inherited a few more of the, ahem, equine Windsor genes.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Eugenie is definitely a good-looking girl, with a beautiful big smile. It would show more if only she could learn how to style herself. It isn’t just the clothing choices, it’s hair, too. She seems stuck in the ’60s, and I don’t think the era does her any favors.

      • Laura

        Yes, Eugenie actually reminds me a little more of the Casiraghi royals.

  7. Beth

    I have to wonder if the rest of the Middletons (and, OK, Kate too) still catch themselves thinking “OMG, I’m sitting with the queen.” I know they’ve had over 10 years to adjust to the idea of getting to know the royal family on a personal level, but still.

  8. Gigi

    Is that a muppet strangling Sophie? I love a feathery detail, but that doesn’t work at all.

    Eugenie is definitely a very pretty young woman.

  9. Dionne

    Can we please discuss how dreamy Peter Phillips continues to be even as he heads towards his 40s? Even in the background, still so handsome.

  10. annie

    Liz looks thrilled with life at the moment which is lovely. I hope that means that Prince Phillip is well on his way to recovery and we will see him out and about after the August break. Its a better place with a little of his cheekiness.

    Sophie can’t seem to pull it together with any consistency. She looks amazing for a few outfits and then she pulls out the homage to Snuffleupiguss.

    Dionne, I’m with you on Peter Phillips, he is so handsome and just seems like a sold, standup guy. Princess Anne knows how to raise some well-adjusted kids.

    • Sandra

      Peter is a good-looking man. And now that Zara’s pregnant, he and Harry can go around together being cool uncles to Baby Cambridge and Baby Tindall. I assume he’s already a cool dad to Savannah and Isla.

  11. Sonya

    I knew I couldn’t be the only one who finds James Middleton dashing and handsome. Pippa’s hair, dress and makeup were all a step up from usual, and I think she is a naturally pretty girl. Eugenie is also a very pretty girl.

    • Sonya

      I should not say girl for either, they’re young women. Especially since Pippa is around the same age as me, I can no longer call myself a girl.

      • HelenBackAgain

        Oh, sure you can. These expressions have grown a lot more fluid in recent years. No need to be so strict with yourself!


  12. Jodi

    I rather liked what Sophie is wearing, she looked totally sassy. Sophie seems like such a down to earth person, but not averse to saying “Ah hell, its a beautiful day and I’m feeling happy – lets go for the feathers!” She’s not in the spotlight much, but I think that’s because she’s a wife and mother of small children, and a full-time royal and she’s obviously a busy person. Her hair looks nice here, too.

  13. HelenBackAgain

    While some are better than others, I think everyone looks at least nice here. Okay, except for Camilla’s nightgown.

    Sophie’s pulling off that crazy collar IMO. I say it works, and it adds a nice bit of fun to an otherwise very dull outfit.

    Pippa looks GREAT. So does the Queen. I like how their floral prints tie together thematically. Which also makes me wonder, “Gee, you think Pippa worried about having accidentally dressed too much like the Queen?”

    James’ outfit is great but he’s gotta shave. This is not a man who looks good in facial hair.

  14. Jen

    Re Prince Harry’s absence: I like to think that he pops round to visit Kate and sings made-up songs to his niece (nephew)-to-be, while Kate eats snacks for the first/last time ever and every once in a while laughs too hard so that crumbs fly. She then has to bop Harry with a pillow and tell him, stop, stop, don’t make me laugh or the baby will come early.

  15. Rachael

    I think QE2 just may be the human equivalent of grumpy cat. She’s not actually grumpy, I’m certain, but when she’s not making an effort to grin (borderline maniacally, in some photos, which makes me giggle), she looks very grumpy. I love it, I admit.

  16. crookedE

    I barely recognize Eugenie without a fascinator.

  17. Aly

    Fug Girls- after reading this entry I came across a Yahoo news bit on how the baby brought K Mids and Harry closer…. SCANDAL/ in line with your hypothesis on the love triangle


  18. Claire Z


  19. Sandra

    Maybe Harry is, like, doing Army captain/Apache pilot-y things?

  20. house mouse

    I really like Her Madj’s pink lipstick in that smiling photo.

  21. Ericajeanine

    I’m sure James gets more press in England than in America, but it seems he keeps a low enough profile to maintain some privacy, and that makes me like him automatically . I like that he is not trying to happen.

  22. Sajorina

    I love the chair the Queen is looking at! I want it! I may also want James Middleton… Shhhh!

  23. ellie

    The first thing I noticed when I saw that picture of Pippa is that the blue leafy things on the pattern of her dress are positioned like ovaries. Not sure that’s what she was going for.

  24. TonyG

    The Queen in a print????? So unusual that my heart raced a bit for the excitement of it. I love it though. The very light purple thing though is not well tailored. Given she is an octagenarian Queen, she rarely looks schlumpy to me; unfortunately, that light purple dress is rather schlumpy on her.

    •  ohsohappy

      I feel the same way. Isn’t she radiant in the floral print. She looks even younger in that than usual. She really has aged well.

  25. remi

    She should go everywhere in a golfcart, like the pope and his popemobile. Except where the popemobile is bulletproof, the Queen’s golfcart would be disarming.

  26. venivici

    The Middleton brother looks handsome to be sure, but when did scruff become acceptable in the royal box, or for that matter, anyplace in the presence of the Queen.