Fugs, Fabs, and Fines: Launch Party for the Fashion Rules exhibit

Apparently, there is currently an exhibit at Kensington Palace featuring dresses worn by the Queen, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana, and as I am sure you can imagine: I want to go to there. It sounds awesome, and it’s running for two years, so maybe I will get my wish. THESE yahoos got to go yesterday, and some of them look better than others.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Sandra

    Tali Lennox’s garment is a pretty color. There, I said something nice about it. In fact, I said the ONLY thing nice about.

  2. Orange Clouds

    Tali Lennox looks like she was thrown up by the 80s. While Pixie Geldof takes me right back to the 90s. Naomi Harris’s shoes are beautiful though, as is her entire outfit.

    • Wendy

      See, I thought Naomi Harris’ shoes were absolutely horrible and should die an absolutely horrible death.

      • Kristin

        Naomie’s dress looks nice except for the alien exoskeleton around her midsection (inspired by Scully).

  3. erin

    I’d call Gillians face “Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier just realized that wasn’t exactly veal”.

  4. Trace

    Gillian’s dress reminds me a little of one she wore to the Emmys back in the 90s. I think it was called a “batgirl dress” at the time…

    • Goldfish

      Those boob blinders on the side somehow remind me of the take-home glasses they give me at the eye doctor when they’ve dilated my pupils. However, regardless, she does look great.

  5. Terry McTigue

    Gillian Anderson’s dress makes it look like she’s put horse blinders on her breasts.

    • Big Noise

      Or boob flaps. Like mud flaps on a truck.

      • Edith

        I actually kind of love Gilian’s dress, breast-blinders and all, but that haircolor is washing her out and aging her terribly.

        • Linda

          She should go back to red, it’s much better with her complexion. I noticed when she’s on Hannibal, she looks terribly washed out.

          The black eye liner doesn’t help, either.

  6. HelenBackAgain

    These are all just weird to me. A green prison jumpsuit? A hot pink tennis dress? A boob-wing gown? Boyfriend’s undershorts?

    And all at the same event?

  7. Stacie

    The print in Minnie Driver’s dress made me think for second that she tinkled in her knickers. But now I can’t not see that the more I think about it.

    Naomie Harris looks divine.

    That is all

  8. ines

    pixie geldorfs posing made my evening. hilarious.
    and i can’t with atwells dress. horrible.

    • H.C.

      yeah, that’s some crazy leg crossing there! Bummers about Pixie’s dress, those stars looked like a glue-on school project and it’s giving her a tummy.

      • BrownEyedBetty

        yeah, I’ve had it with the crossed-legs pose. This is the worse one ever. Enough people! Pixie looks an awful lot like Michael Hutchence (sp?) – sure it’s not his kid instead of Pixie? Can’t remember her name….

  9. lanehat

    Pixie Geldof looks like her mouth was attacked by the MAC counter circa 1998.

  10. Jennifer

    I HATE Pixie G.’s shoes and pose. Plus, Liberty and leather? Ugh and Blech.

  11. Goldfish

    The wrap that’s paired with the insane asylum outfit — is it ultra-suede, or a dense, over-dyed cheesecloth? This is not a rhetorical question.

  12. Maria L.

    If we cannot find fault with Pixie’s Liberty print shirt (and I’m with you there), can we find fault with all the rest of it, including hair and makeup? Because I do. So much,

  13. Sajorina

    I loved seeing Annie’s daughter! She’s beautiful & I love her mom! If I can get myself to Europe next summer, after graduating from Graduate School, I am SO going to that exhibit!

    And, isn’t writing yourself into your own mini-series kind of inevitable? I mean, you’re so invested! You can always name yourself like “Lady Blessica Walsh” or something! But, if you’re sort of crazy, it could be “Messica”?! Plus, “Lady Heatherette Carrington-Colby” has to make an appearance somewhere… I would soooo read/watch that!

  14. Elle

    Minnie Driver looks lovely!

  15. Donna

    I would give Pixie a different color of lipstick.

  16. Melinda

    Slide #1 really made me miss your X-Files recaps!

  17. Edith

    I kind of love Hayley Atwell’s Governesswear, but I’m deeply confused by the caption, which on my computer reads:

    I actually LOVE this on her. It’s very Gorgeous Olden Days Boarding School Headmistress. Too bad she already has a part in . Although she IS the time-traveler, so many in one of the times she goes to, she IS a headmistress! MISCHIEF MANAGED!

    I’m so confused!

  18. Janice

    The hair and makeup are definitely contributing, but there’s something about Gillian’s outfit that says “matron”?

    The length? The dull, heavy colour? The “fins”? I can’t think of anyone I know who would want to wear that in the summertime.