Fugs, Fabs, and Fines from the Maison Martin Margiela With H&M Event


I guess we can assume most if not all of them are wearing MMM?

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  1. H.C.

    If SJP is trying to be a Golden Girl, she should at least try for the Blanche look; go Rue or go home!

  2. LBG

    Mina Suvari’s look makes me think of “Showgirls” replays on basic cable….. such a guilty pleasure for me that I get sucked in every time I surf past it.

    • Sandala

      She should have worn those silly Prada mary jane illusion boots with that outfit!

  3. Lynne

    I declare Alan and Selma the winners both in style and attitude. Even if he is carrying a fur coat.

    • Gauthier

      I agree. They both look aMAHzing. It has recently come to my attention that I have a thing for dust-colored suits, and Alan is WAY pulling it off. Also, Always Selma Blair. I can’t not adore her.

  4. Emily

    Eight slides of women’s outfits and not one would I pay fifty cents for, Disappointing.
    I do like Mia Moretti’s shoes, though.

  5. ringthing

    SJP looks like the High Priestess of Fug.

  6. marie

    i love SJP’s make up here…soooo much better than those heavy eyeliner looks she always insists on..here her face is softer, prettier and she looks younger! now that that’s done, hey SJP, perhaps you can ship your eyeliner stash to me?

  7. Melanie

    If these are the clothes, I am never shopping there.

  8. Lori

    I want to be Alan Cummings’ friend. If anyone knows how to make that happen for me – please share.

    • Cynthia W

      Or at least get trapped in an elevator with him – but hanging out for brunch and sucking down mimosas would be even better.

      • mochaleet

        I know he is married to a fellow male, but I have such a crush on him.

  9. 'Mela

    Selma Blair looks exceedingly elegant.

    Alan’s look is interesting, but the too short trousers with beige shoes? Carnival barker. Love the “drape”, though…

    The rest look remarkably unremarkable.

    • mary lou bethune

      Selma does look elegant and so so stylish. Alan is maybe trying a bit too hard. Selma doesn’t look like she is trying a whit which is the definition of style .

    • Kit

      Totally agreed.

      Except, the person who was wearing the kimona – Altazurra or Castlebajac or… Mari-Mari? Someone was showing kimonos during fashion week (maybe in Milan?) and they were amazecrazeballs – I would totally wear one of those. I wonder if hers was a “safe’ version from that line?

  10. anny

    Oh, you silly people, those aren’t boob sunglasses. They are obviously some sort of protective gear to be worn while changing the toner cartridge in the copier. That’s a toner cartridge she’s carrying, right? Well, maybe that does make them boob sunglasses.

    • Maria

      I’m sorry Anny, you are incorrect…that is the top half of an Ariel the mermaid goes to a black tie event costume.

  11. brigitte

    SJP looks an old lady by way of an Olsen twin.

  12. suri

    SJP’s hair is so so so shiny. I want it.

  13. witjunkie

    I love Alan Cumming. I was all, well, doesn’t he look dapper, but a bit tame for him…then I scrolled down to the shoes. THERE it is.

  14. Arlene

    I think Mena Suvari forgot to leave the car shade IN THE CAR.

    Oh wait, is that her purse?

  15. sharjem

    Can someone explain what’s happening with SJP’s arms? Is the blazer just draped over her shoulders? But it looks like her hands are in the pockets. But no hands are poking out of the blazer cuffs. Are they tromp l’oeil or something? IT LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS NO HANDS.

    • Katharine

      It’s Martin Margiela, so yes, it’s some kind of trompe l’oeil. That’s one of the things Margiela is known for. This is the only H&M collab ever that I have had the slightest interest in (including even Comme des Garcons); there are several pieces that I want ferociously. I still haven’t decided if I want them badly enough to drive one and a half hours to Nearest Large City in the cold lour of pre-dawn to wait for hours in the November cold… providing that the H&M in Nearest Large City is even getting this one, which the Internet won’t tell me.

      This thread encourages me, though — I bet enough people in Small Town Where I Live would be horrified by the sight of me in these items to make it well worth it.

  16. Gwen

    I want to marry Alan Cumming. And, I really thought that was Bjork at first glance, not Selma.

  17. Maretha2

    In my perfect world, Alan Cumming and SWINTON are best friends, and they invite me over for drinks and we all swan about in smoking jackets. Make it so, universe!

  18. aucherii

    SJP is trying to be the next spokesperson for the Row or what?
    she’ll have to start practicing the Triplet.

  19. Sandra

    Is Trish Whatsherbucket wearing gaucho pants ?!? It’s like the ’70′s turned into a zombie and is coming to eat our brains; missing brains being the only possible explanation for the reappearance of this fugnomenon. Also, red shoes + black tights = FAIL.

  20. grace

    Loved the article on Susanne Bartsch – inspired me to do a little research of my own on her. I found this gem of a photo – Susanne’s wedding dress!


    Can she pretty please be our new Pheobe Price?

  21. Sajorina

    LOVE Alan & Selma, but everybody else… MADNESS!!!

  22. Tamburlaine

    Oh, I love Selma Blair’s dress: I want it! The others, well, I quite like Leigh Lezark’s kimono-thing. I love Suzanne Bartsch’s mask, but the sheer skirt is wrong wrong wrong. There.

    • Elbyem

      I saw Selma talking about it – and it’s actually two dresses (one worn over the other).

  23. jean

    SJP’s hair however is looking especially shiny and pretty. Nice color too. Not too brassy. She’s looking very bag lady however.

    • pidget

      I agree with your commentators – Selma looks casually FAB (I can imagine the invisible cigarette holder she’s waving about) and Alan looks full of wry amusement. SJP ‘s hair and makeup are lovely, and I like the dark grey colour on her, though the shrouding level is definitely Olsen-ish.

      The rest – bah humbug.

  24. Sara

    LOLOL boob sunglasses. But seriously, how did you not mention Maryna Linchuk wearing those GIANT light wash jeans? I don’t even know who that is, and realize the jeans are part of the collection but just…NO. Please tell me it’s going to be in another post.

  25. gryt

    I can’t get behind anyone wearing mink, but other than that A. Cummings is perfect.
    I seriously COVET what Selma Blair is wearing.

  26. Sweetsinger

    Ms. Bartsch looks ready for Halloween. She rocks!
    Hope I can be that fun when I’m her age.

  27. Lisbeth

    How is it that none of these people looks stylish and relaxed? They all look desperately try hard and clueless. This is Maison Martin Margiela for goodness’ sake!

  28. Lily1214

    Alan Cumming looks terrific!!

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