Fugs, Fabs, and Fines: Everyone Else Who Went to the Baby2Baby Gala

Some are good, some are insane, some are lucky they didn’t see Nicole Richie’s butt crack.

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  1. sarah

    (also love the red & animal print. I think it’s supposed to be slouchy)

    • Nancy

      Agree! Such a pretty sparkly purple. Also, in this photo, in this dress, Julie Bowen reminds me of Judith Light in her “Who’s the Boss?” years.

      • steph527

        I want this dress too!! So BADLY i want it. Have no where to wear it but I still want it

        • sarah

          sequined caftans are designed to be worn ALL THE TIME.
          In honor of this dress I’m wearing my grey sequined caftan while sitting on the couch watching an old episode of the mentalist and eating pasta.

  2. jean marie

    Rodger Berman looks like he’s trying for Christian Kane’s Leverage hair. Not quite working though.

  3. mwk

    Shiri Appleby looks oddly terrified!

  4. Susannah

    Would someone please, PLEASE force feed a sandwich to Rachel Zoe? She’s reached the age where a few pounds of flesh keep a woman from looking, as my Granny used to say, “ungenerous”. And Jessica Capshaw needs to stand up straight.
    Apparently I have just BECOME my Granny.

  5. Trish

    Shiri Appleby has the Winona Ryder Eyes of Fear for some reason.

  6. ceecee

    I love Annabeth Gish and she looks great here, so it pains me to say it but that outfit is fug. Nothing about it flatters her.

  7. Chasmosaur

    I’m not trying to be argumentative, but why are you calling Julie Bowen’s dress a caftan? It’s not even in the same ZIP Code as a caftan, which is generally shapeless. This dress is NOT shapeless. It’s well tailored, but not fitted from head to toe. Some of the dresses on Downton Abbey have sleeves like those, but I don’t call their costumes caftan adjacent.

    Again, not being argumentative. Honestly curious. I come from a family with a history in costuming, so maybe we come at fashion from different ends of it. (Read as: I can be kind of pedantic about it ;) )

    • sarah

      okay. I love this purple sequined kimono sleeve dress. ;)

      • Chasmosaur

        Heh – I didn’t mean you, I meant our lovely GFY Hostesses. :)

        It’s not unusual for them to call anything with a similar cut a caftan. But I think there’s a difference between a caftan and a dress with fuller sleeves and a full-length skirt.

        I consider a caftan to look more like a formal robe that goes up to the neck. It can frequently be an utterly fabulous robe – see Taylor, Elizabeth – with a sashed belt. But that’s not the same as a fitted dress, especially with this neckline. Kimono is better here.

        I guess ultimately, the roots are “exotic” (say this in your best Lady Mary Crawley voice) for both. Whether it’s the “Oriental” sleeves of a Kimono dress or a Persian or Turkish caftan.

  8. Esme

    Fugs all–the only one that comes close is Nicole’s, but it’s too big. Jessica Capshaw looks like a black box, and Mindy a lump of mash potatoes in their respective frocks. By the looks of things, Rebecca and Erik’s marriage is not long for this world, and yes, Punky, that is a slip. In fact, it may be the one I wore under my Blackwatch tartan school uniform, circa 1978. The mind boggles.

    • Jules

      I agree. All of it was a total snooze fest.

    • Lindy

      SO agree about Jessica Capshaw and Mindy Kaling. If they’d purposely set out to choose unflattering garments, they couldn’t have done a better job. JC’s dress is too short and too small and gives her a belly. It looks like a dress that cost $59 at Macy’s. MK’s dress might be OK if it were a color, but I agree with you that it looks like mashed potatoes. Or cold, congealed oatmeal in the bottom of a bowl.

      Both ladies could do so much better.

  9. Vandalfan

    #2 there, stand straight the hell up! Shoulders back, stomach in, chin down!

    • Heidi

      Totally, absolutely agree! It’s possible the dress might look acceptable if she had better posture, but I doubt it–it looks like something worn to a college semi-formal in the late nineties.

  10. TaraMisu

    I love Nicole’s dress! Beautiful :) But yeah … sitting could be a challenge.

  11. llism

    Just wanted to say, clothing choices aside, Ali Larter always looks SO happy whenever she’s photographed, and I love her for it. Her smile alone elevates a fug to a somewhat more palatable outfit. (For me, anyway)

    Keep on keepin’ on, AL.

    • glee

      Thank you, Ilism. I got into the coments just to say that ^ Love that happy face.

  12. Marnie Barrell

    The purple and red gowns are great, and it helps them to stand out that all the other outfits are black, white or nothing-coloured. Gimme COLOUR!

  13. Ladyblahblah

    That picture of Nicole Ritchie from the rear and a 3 day cooling off period should be required for anyone under 30 getting a back tattoo.

    • Other Emily

      Agreed. I’m over 30, and only recently got a largish back tattoo. But I did it with an understanding of what it would mean for my future clothing choices. And really, I wasn’t planning on a whole lot of backless dresses with my 35 year old, 2 babies in 2 years body anyway.

  14. gracie

    I disagree with Jessica Capshaw–her dress is sooooo ill-fitting and looks so cheap. She has a much better body than that. [Agree with hating her character on Grey's though--makes me sad she survived when hot McSteamy did not!]

    Also agree with others–Julie Bowen’s dress is beautiful and interesting. I love that color.

    • Noire

      I concur with this. Jessica Capshaw needed to go up several sizes. Not a flattering fit for her.

  15. Kat

    Nicole Richie looks so Lady Edith from the front, but the back really does ruin it. It could have been such a lovely dress with just two or three more inches of fabric. Way to remind us all that you used to be kind of gross way back when, Nicole.

  16. Christina

    Jessica, I’m not judging, I swear, but you still watch grey’s? I stuck with it all the way though Denny’s ghost and a whole lot of stuff… I can’t remember, but the heartless destruction of mark and Lexie’s relationships few seasons ago finally did me in. Apparently they got back together in the afterlife or something? Really heartwarming, Shonda, they’re dead together. Anyway, I apparently still have very strong feelings about that show. Sorry.

    Also, Nicole Richie looks really nice and flapper-y. I’m really pleased she seems to be doing well. Also, I’m embarassingly pleased that the blind item from early this year which lots of people thought was about her and Joel apparrantly wasn’t, because I really like them as a couple.

    • Heather

      Jess and I are in the same boat here: We accidentally stuck it out through Ghost Sex, and now I feel like the show is limping toward its end and I’ve stuck with it this long, so I might as well see how it all turns out. But no, there wasn’t a scene of Mark and Lexie getting back together in the afterlife, at least not that I recall.

      • miche

        I wish I could quit Grey’s. Pretty sure at this point it’s the cast that keeps me coming back, not the writing. And nostalgia-I’ve been watching since day 1.

        I have to defend JCap here a bit (even though I LOATHE Arizona on the show right now)-she did just have a baby not that long ago. But yeah, that dress does her no favors.

      • Jenna

        That’s how I feel, too. It’s the same line of thinking that made me watch every single season of ER. (And in the end, that turned out okay.)

  17. Sajorina

    The only one who deserves a FAB here is Nicole Richie… That dress is AWESOME and the whole look is FLAWLESS! I think Punky (Love her!) is due for another breast reduction after having children! I know because I’ve had one done as well! And, I love Shiri Appleby, but her style needs some help, especially if she doesn’t want to look like she’s 17 for the rest of her life!

  18. Franziska

    Nicole Richie’s dress is really nice and I don’t mind it being so low cut in the back… however, her eye make-up is horrible!

  19. kickassmomnyc

    Nicole Ritchie’s dress is gorgeous, but too large, and I wish her tattoo weren’t showing.

    Rachel Zoe consistently wears beautiful dresses that are two sizes too large for her.

    And Soleil — that’s not just a slip, that’s a DIRTY slip.

  20. Chrissy

    Lots of thoughts. Like the purple sparkly caftan, but the wearer is looking a bit too thin, as is Ali Larter. (Rachel Zoe too, but that’s nothing new). Love Nicole Richie’s from the front, but not the back, and not just the dress. Her hair is terrible looking from behind. Soleil Moon Frye forgot her dress entirely. Mindy Kaling looks nice in the tan, but I think she would look terrific in a color, like purple or red.

  21. marie

    color me confused but what exactly was the dress code at this event? i mean Alba went all out with her Valentino gown but a lot of these ladies were only wearing cocktail dresses? and please dont get me started on that vest combo..shiny, cheap, just ugh!

  22. Alli

    Holy smokes. Out of the corner of my eye, I TOTALLY thought Rebecca and Eric were Brad and Angelina. NO JOKE. I started wondering why Brad’s forehead was so big… Wow.

  23. Petrova Fossil

    As someone who has to watch these things, I must say that Punky is not only wearing a slip, but is wearing a slip that doesn’t fit her. When you are generously endowed, you have to make be careful of that under-the-cup seam. By which I mean, it’s supposed to stay under the cup! If it doesn’t, change your dress.

  24. Monica

    Jessica Capshaw’s dress is too tight, has weird paneling, and ain’t working for her. Perhaps she’s just trying to remind us all that she actually HAS both of her legs, unlike her Grey’s character? I think her expression in the picture conveys a certain sense of “I know, this isn’t good, but LOOK I HAVE TWO LEGS!”

    Would’ve loved to see Mindy with a fuchsia clutch or a splash of navy. Or both! She pulls off color so well.

    Can someone PLEASE tell Rachel Zoe to lay off the eyeliner? Homegirl must go through a tube a week.

    Shiri Appleby always looks terrified.

  25. Aria

    Julie Bowen’s caftan looks pretty good! Nicole’s is beautiful but a little to low in the back.

    Rebecca Gayheart looks pretty but the dress has too much material or is too big or something. Ditto for Ali Larter [and don't lover her hair here, but I do generally love her, she always looks pretty and happy].

    Annabeth Gish might get a pass from me if she had some good accessories and a brighter lip but for now it’s a fail.

    And yes, Punky Brewster has on a slip and not even a very pretty, well fitting one.

  26. Lou UK

    Wow – when your head and hands look that big against your insy winsy body then it’s time to EAT SOME CARBS WOMAN!!