Fugs and Pieces, September 6th 2013


Can I interest you in some reading material?

Karl Lagerfeld took…these….pictures….of Kim Kardashian and they are REALLY SOMETHING ELSE. Just go look. Seriously. We’ll wait. (Pajiba)

– You will love this article about how Clue became a cult classic. Flames on the side of my face! (Buzzfeed)

–Speaking of movies, this look back at 1950s movie gimmicks is amazing. It is so, so interesting. Here’s just a taste: “[William] Castle also rigged certain theater seats with electric buzzers. ‘I don’t know how he talked these independent theaters into letting him shock the audience’s butts,’ says Terry. ‘It was a fairly simple device, but he had to work hard to get the studio’s marketing department to buy off on it, and also to persuade the exhibitors to do the gimmick. I can’t imagine that working today.’”  That’s the least of it! (Collectors’ Weekly)

– Um. Gina Gershon As Donatella Versace looks AWESOME. (Vulture)

– Speaking of amazing costuming, you’ll enjoy this chat with Janie Bryant, the Mad Men costume designer. She is so smart. (Smithsonian)

– Speaking of casting, did you know Alicia Silverstone almost starred in My So-Called Life? (Refinery29)

– Our friends at Forever Young Adult ponder which new fall TV shows we need to be watching. What are you picking up this season? (Forever Young Adult)

– This headline says it all: This Abandoned Mall Is Perfect for Your Zombie Back to School Shopping. (Gizmodo)

– Let’s admire Scarlett Johansson’s engagement ring. (Lainey Gossip)

– As Celebitchy put it: “If you love British royal history, you’ll love Vanity Fair’s new feature on the Mountbatten sisters, Lady Pamela Hicks and Patricia, Countess Mountbatten of Burma.” The Mountbattens are STILL irked with Diana. (Vanity Fair)

– Refinery29 explores What Your Favorite Model Says About You. (Refinery29)

--Cow-tipping ISN’T REAL? But it’s in Heathers! (Modern Farmer)


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Comments (23):

  1. Chris P

    …if there was any doubt that Kaiser Karl absolutely despises the other double K, that first link should completely dispel it.

    Even Anna Wintour would think that’s harsh.

    • Maria L.

      Uncle K is certainly bitchy enough to be punking KK, but is he witty enough?

      • Chris P

        This is a woman who agreed to wear my dearly departed Grandma Ethel’s drapes to the Met Ball this year. I think you can talk her into ANYTHING with relatively little difficulty.

  2. googler

    I had an awesome Frat-Boy type coworker who did delightful reenactments of Cow Tipping excursions. I refuse to believe it’s not based on a true story.

  3. Stefanie

    Probably the best description of a person (Karl in this case) Ive ever read came from the comments in the Kim/Karl post. Behold: “The man already embodies the essence of a gremlin after a giant jug of water and a midnight snack.” Someone get this person a cookie!

    All these look really good this week! Cant wait to get to them all! Have a great weekend FugGirls! Hope you get to feeling better!

  4. Donna N

    I read the second one as ‘How CLUELESS Became A Cult Classic.’ I clicked over and was terribly confused to see my beloved Cher Horowitz tale described as ‘ a high-concept, fast-talking farce based on a board game [that] was a box office bomb in 1985′.

  5. simply_readd

    My fave Kim-by-Karl pic is the one where she looks like a petulant piglet in a wheelbarrow in the back of a darkened shed … and Lagerfeld opens the door ever so slightly, exposing her belly’s enormous umbilically-free expanse … I delight in this photo’s existence, if only because Kanye probably sees it as a good thing!

  6.  Gypsy Danger

    What Your Favorite Model Says About You:

    The Naomi one is the best.

    Naomi Campbell
    You are confident, powerful, and assertive, sometimes to a fault. Whatever it takes, you’ll never let anyone walk all over you. And yes, you have a temper. And maybe your phone slips out of your hand and flies at someone’s head sometimes. Just drop it already, ugh!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      That WAS funny.

      I guess, out of these, it’d be Lauren Hutton for me. But I was looking for Kim Alexis, who, sadly, is not there…

  7.  Gypsy Danger

    re:Lifetime movie “House of Versace”. I hope you are going to do a recap of this. Gina looks amazing. I never would have thought of her as a casting possibility, but they nailed it.

    • LT1

      And Rico as Gianni–I love him in everything so this is going to be some fun.

  8. Daphne

    Cow tipping is totes real. Ask my born and bred hick of a father… heh.

  9. karen

    I’m so glad to discover I am not the only person who ADORES Clue. Love that movie.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      You have LOTS of company here!

    • Christi Doll DeRouen

      Every time the fug girls mention Clue I squee! I have loved that movie from day 1. The girls once mentioned a group that does a shadowcast (like what they do with Rocky Horror) of Clue once a year and I got to see it. It was awesome!

  10. Sandra

    I worked with cattle for 20 years and still spend a lot of time on the farm. The Modern Farmer people do a nice job of myth-busting. 3/4 of ton of beef on the hoof is damned difficult to tip over; especially as the beast is just as likely to walk away while you’re trying. Everybody who swears they’ve done it or they know somebody who’s done it was stinking drunk or concussed when it allegedly happened.

    • Annie S. 

      This. I grew up on a dairy farm, and kids in my high school were always asking me if I ever tipped a cow. I was like, yeah, with the help of two grown men, some rope, and general livestock anasthesics. (Rolling laboring cows with twisted uteri was a veterinary highlight, but only when mamas and calves both made it.)

      • Joemama

        Thank you ladies. I live in rural Minnesota and grew up with grandparents who were dairy farmers. I can also attest to the un-push-overableness of a cow. I never personally tried because I thought it was mean, but my cousins sure did. Scoring was as follows: Cows 2, cousins 0.

  11. Sajorina

    Ok, so my favorite model is Cindy Crawford, which means that I am sexy, but there’s a certain subtlety and class to my act that makes me special! However, they got something wrong… I will NEVER choose Pepsi over Coke! EVER!!!

  12. Lizzy

    Those KK photos are awful in such a self-consciously artsy way that you can just imagine how she was talked into them. “It’s a metaphor for the death of a America under the weight of its celebrity obsession, so you wear the flag sweatshirt and black veil! Brilliant!”

    On a side note, I am so tired of actors and celebrities making that frozen face/blank stare in photos. At least KK doesn’t have a slightly open mouth that so often accompanies this expression. Smile, frown, pout, raise a saucy arched eyebrow or lip curl – anything but the blank face, please!

  13. Jennifer

    In the KK photos, the one of her with her face covered with a bejewelled mask reminds me of these…relics:


    It’s the Daily Fail, but the headline was so fascinating I had to read the article: “Incredible skeletal remains of Catholic saints still dripping in gems and jewellery discovered by ‘Indiana Bones’ explorer.”

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Is it terribly macabre that I’m mentally re-designing these things into wearable pieces?

      •  HelenBackAgain

        And that I think St. Friedrich’s come-hither pose is hilarious?

        Jennifer, this is priceless (uh, I mean in the figurative sense)! I have loads of people to share it with. Thank you! And I definitely see how that mask was reminiscent of it.