Fugs and Pieces, October 5th, 2012


OCTOBER! Land of pumpkin lattes, we are in you.

– Heather and I are pleased and proud to announce that we have designed some shoes with the awesome shoe company Milk and Honey (which lets you create your own shoes; get ready to lose your ENTIRE DAY designing shoes on their website) with 100% of the proceeds going to the Karen Dove Cabral Foundation, which provides financial assistance to young mothers with breast cancer.  I can tell you two things about those shoes with complete honesty: I don’t think the photo does their cuteness justice, AND they are legitimately comfy. You can also order them in whatever heel height you like — from 1.5 inches, all the way up to 5 inches, with optional hidden platforms available for the heigher heights — which means you don’t need to love stilettos as much as we do to own them.

– We are ALSO pleased and proud to announce that we are on Monday’s episode of All On The Line with Joe Zee, which airs on Sundance Channel at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific (although, it’s 6 p.m. Pacific if you get DirecTV). The show is about Joe trying to guide desperate, often broke designers toward their last chance at success, and we pop by to offer some help. Or, in fact, critiques. We have only seen the short clip that’s on the Sundance Web site, but it’s full of skepticism and Heather’s crazy-eyes. Should be fun.


– You KNOW how I feel about infograms. You also know how I feel about 30 Rock.Enjoy ten of its classic jokes in infogram form. Brilliant. (Vulture)

– Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, you need to read An A-Z Guide to Beverly Hills 90210 Style. (Flavorwire)

– You want to see this month’s Tatler cover. TRUST ME. (The Cut)

– Did you know that Canada was recently robbed of THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS worth of precious maple syrup? Don’t get too relaxed with those pancakes, criminals: they are closing in on you. (Time)

– No big deal. They just unearthed the tomb of a Mayan Queen in Guatemala.  (Discovery)

Vanity Fair takes on the Michelin Guide. EXTREMELY snarkily. (Vanity Fair)

– The cover of the new Olivia Newton John/John Travolta Christmas album makes me long for them to host a morning chat show together. Also: just be bald, John. JUST BE BALD. (Celebitchy)

The Clueless cast reunites, you guys! Anyone who read SPOILED understands how much this means to us.  There is no movie, in my opinion (perhaps other than Swingers) that speaks to Los Angeles as well as that one. Also. Stacey Dash. Tell us your anti-aging secrets. (Gawker)

–  I agree with Lainey that Nicki Minaj doesn’t appear to be holding up well under the advanced divadom of Mariah Carey. (Lainey Gossip)

– Can you name the most stable interational currency? Business Week claims it’s cigarettes. Also accepted in jails! (Business Week)

– I appreciate that they’re discussing The Only Way Is Essex over at The Duchess Diaries, because I ALSO started watching it on Hulu and it has changed my life, teaching me — among other things — that there ARE English accents that I literally can not understand. (Socialite Life)

– Are you looking to cry your eyes out? Then I suggest you read this story from Sports Illustrated. It’s very tangentially about football, but mostly about a terrible murder and a very brave grandmother. Bring tissues. I am not kidding. (SI)

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Comments (42):

  1. Chasmosaur

    Holy Mother of God – is that actually one of his various uniforms? I mean, you know you’re royalty when your uniform beret perfectly matches your eyes.

  2. Carrie Ann

    That clip from All on the Line was great! You gals are gorgeous and seemed really comfortable on camera (I must have missed the crazy eyes). Wish I got the Sundance Channel.

    • amys

      Yes, very gorgeous! I would have been chewing my hair and hiding behind the host. Well Played!

      • Eliza Bennett

        I want both your dresses! Especially Jessica’s with the shiny awesome belt. Please, every once in a while, even on facebook, can y’all post your outfits for events?
        You both look fab.

        • Jessica

          Aw, thank you guys!! That’s an old Club Monaco dress with a vintage belt. I wear that belt A LOT.

        • Christin

          Right?! I covet those dresses (and the figures to match). Also, so glad the snark works in person as well. “Just saying a whole bunch of words that sound good.” ~giggle~

  3. amys

    I’ve never watched Joe Zee before.
    “What do you think of this dress?”
    Heather: “It looks sorta like a bag to me.”
    Jessica: “BWHA!”
    I am so tuning in. Congratulations!

  4. Sandra

    Also, those shoes are gorgeous. That is way more than I have ever spent on a single pair of shoes in my life and I don’t think any dress I own would look good with them, but YUM! And for a very good cause, too.

  5. Sarah

    I got addicted to the Only Was Is Essex because of Hulu as well. I actually started thinking the makeup looked normal! I have since recovered.

  6. Chasmosaur

    By the way, Oh Glorious Fug Ladies – Tatler is recapping/reviewing Season 3 of Downton Abbey.

    I don’t know if you’re managing to watch it, but if you are – the recaps are glorious.

    • Ms. Chanandler Bong

      The Clueless cast…god so amazeballs. I was actually probably a little young when it came out but my sister was 16 and let me watch with her anyway. Needless to say I didn’t totally understand all the jokes until I was probably 16. Stacey Dash must bathe in the blood of virgins because she looks to die for! And, am I the only one who wishes Elisa Donovan (Amber) was cast as Tessa’s mom on Subpurgatory? Red hair! Flighty acting skills!

      • Kat

        Ms. Bong, I was the same way. I think I first watched Clueless, thanks to my older sister, when I was around 10. I’m sad Paul Rudd wasn’t at the reunion. That movie is such a highlight of my pre-teen years.

  7. Kate

    Ohmygod I got to page 8 of that SI story no problem, and before I know it, UGLY CRYING EVERYWHERE. That woman. She deserves a medal. Or a meeting with Prince Harry. Some enormous reward.

  8. Kristen from MA

    RE: shoes. Good cause, but $285?

    • Jessica

      They are high quality shoes, and, as we said, the ENTIRE price goes to charity. I understand that they are expensive — we did not set the price, we just agreed to design a pair. Milk and Honey does this every year, and we were honored to to be asked to contribute this year.

  9. Amy

    For people who think Prince Charming doesn’t exist, just check out that cover of Tatler. Hubba hubba!

    • hdew

      really? if i had known that prince charming looked like that I would’ve stopped waiting a long time ago.

  10. Stefanie

    Aww you girls looks so great!

  11. rb

    Veganism does not agree with Ms. Silverstone. What is happening with her mouth? Did she have a stroke, or is she simply trying to fill the Drew Barrymore slot for side-talking while Olive is breast-feeding?

  12. Andrew S.

    I was on tumblr and saw a lovely photoset of the Clueless cast and could only feel sad once again about Brittany’s death. I could totally picture her hamming it up with the other girls & especially with Breckin

  13. sop

    A shoe designing website and Harry in uniform? Squeee!!!!

  14. Stacey

    Is it bad that I totally judged Ginnifer on her charity shoes? Red patent leather is great. but it’s hardly a design. I also wonder why her design specifies that only 10% goes to charity?

  15. June

    The woman in the Sports Illustrated article is truly amazing, and that is a heartbreaking and awe-inspiring tale. But the author had a serious case of purple prose going on there. The story was amazing enough on it’s own, it didn’t need all that flowery nonsense. But OMG. THE FEELS.

  16. S

    Since I both love shoes and work in breast cancer, I am definitely buying a pair of your super cute shoes. How do they run? I’m sometimes a 38 and sometimes 38.5

    • Jessica

      They are pretty true to size — I wear a 36 and the 36 fits me just right.

      • Heather

        I am between a 37.5 and a 38, with a more frequent tendency toward 38, and my 38 fits me beautifully. I also have a 1.2-inch platform in mine, which are 4 inch heels.

  17. Petrova Fossil

    Way back in the 80′s, Stacey Dash had the locker next to mine at the New York Health and Racquet Club. She was a nice girl; we were locker pals. She wanted to be an actress but hadn’t done anything yet. I was 23; she was about 19. Now I am 50 and she is 25.

  18. Soapiness

    Have you the Melrose Place reunion pictures? So many memories…. maybe HL could appear on Revenge.
    Anyway here’s one of the pictures:

  19. Sonya

    Oh I love TOWIE!!! I also have a very difficult time understanding them. I watched seasons 1-3 on Hulu and am waiting for them to get the rest!!

  20. Rachel

    I happily have an serious obsession with The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), but I definitely have to watch it with captions on. You are going to soon learn some of the greatest slang ever created! Slag = slut, well = really…….changed my life.

    PLEASE start covering the cast on GFY!

    • kk

      this. so much fugly on TOWIE. none of them, including the men, own clothes that fit.

  21. Anna

    I’m really, really disappointed that you chose to use snakeskin in your Cancer pump. Why celebrate life with the cruel destruction of another living creature? This is disgusting.

  22. Heather

    Per the site’s FAQ, you can request an animal-friendly version: http://www.milkandhoneyshoes.com/how-it-works#q13

  23. Mon

    Those shoes are gorgeous and I love the cause you are donating too with them. Good on ya ladies!!

  24. kk

    i once spent a week watching downton abbey & TOWIE in bed on my laptop. i emerged from my bedroom convinced i was british, rich and needed servants & a spray tan. TOWIE is literally the best thing ever. sadly, hulu is only up to season 3 and season 7 is airing right now in the UK. i need more TOWIE!

    • Nancy

      Hey kk, I’m from the UK and season 1-3 is all you need! It went downhill once they got hyper aware of their cultural impact. Sad times.

      The whole Mark Wright and Lauren ’10 YEEEARS’ Goodger saga got very depressing.

      Joey Essex is a cutey patootey though! There is an amazing episode where he goes to buy trainers (sneakers?) that I will never forget. REEM