Fugs and Pieces: October 26, 2012


I assume you are thinking about your Halloween costumes at the moment. I am mostly thinking about candy. Eat some while you read the following:

Dogs in costumes. You think you’re not a person who cares about this BUT YOU ARE. Trust me. (The Cut)

– To continue the costume theme, the Awl asked a variety of fashion writers and bloggers about their first/favorite Halloween costumes, including us. Comes with a bonus shot of a little Heather in hers, and it is very cute indeed. (The Awl)

– Slate is running a lengthy piece about the 40th anniversary of Free To Be You and Me, which is a great read. I loved that album when I was little. I also had no idea Marlo Thomas was so awesome. (Slate)

– Vulture goes deep to figure out which dude every song on Taylor Swift’s new album is about. (Vulture)

– I’m pretty sure you want to read A History of The Fashion Turban (Glo)

– ALLEGEDLY Miley Cyrus is planning a one million dollar wedding. Is it wrong of me if I really want it to be televised? (Celebitchy)

This is a very interesting piece on famous people who just missed the Titanic. It’s FASCINATING to think about how all of our lives can be affected by the smallest things — a sprained ankle, deciding to stay in Aix for a massage, etc. (Smithsonian)

– Let’s look at the thinnest house in the world. As a claustrophobic I say, “no thank you.” (Time)

– Flavorwire presents The 12 Most Unnecessary Pumpkin-Flavored Products. Courtesy of Burger King Japan, one of them is a cheeseburger. (Flavorwire)

– Apparently — MAD MEN SPOILER! — Don and Megan Draper take a vacation. Which means: Hamm in vintage trunks and Jessica Pare in a swimsuit I COVET. (Vulture)

– Oooh, Tom Cruise is suing Life and Style. (Lainey)

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Comments (11):

  1. Katie

    I would take down that pumpkin burger in a heartbeat, and I don’t even like meat very much! Kabocha is SO good and totally not sweet unless you pile sugar on it. I eat some over rice and beans with bbq sauce for breakfast every morning this time of year (yes, I am weird. in my defense, if I don’t eat enough protein first thing in the morning I am hungry the rest of the day).

  2. Lynn

    Thanks for the “Free to Be…” link. My middle school science teacher showed us that every year for three years in the mid-80′s. I’m not really sure why he did that, but I appreciate it even now — or especially now. Very interesting article.

  3. Sally

    OMG, Heather! I gasped at the adorableness of you as Annie (and may I say I would like that wig. Now.)

  4. taylor

    I adored the “Free to be You and Me” piece. I loved that album growing up, but haven’t thought about it in years.

  5. Katie

    Heather – at least you were the cute Sunmaid Raisin Girl….my mother dressed me as one of the CALIFORNIA RAISINS when I was 5! (this costume – http://images.mentalfloss.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/california-raisins-halloween.jpg)

  6. anon o

    I loved that Free to Be article – thank you! Growing up we had the album and the book and listed to it constantly – I haven’t heard it in probably 30 years but reading the article all the songs popped into my head! Loved it.

  7. char

    Thank you for the dog costume link. Really. You have no idea how much joy that just gave me.

  8. yeahandalso

    remember when Don yelled at Betty for buying that bikini that still covered up her belly button? Times they are a changing.

  9. Alex
  10. Sajorina

    OMG, GFY Heather!!! Could you have been any cuter as a kid? ADORABLE! My 1st Halloween costume was Strawberry Shortcake! And, I am so happy ‘A History of the Fashion Turban’ made it into “Fugs & Pieces”… I love it so much!

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