Fugs and Pieces, October 19, 2012


Happy weekend!

All hail the power of Connie Britton’s hair. (Avidly)

– This AV Club interview with Kelly Lynch about a variety of her past roles is a really, REALLY good read. It also includes the factoid that apparently Bill Murray calls her husband to let him know whenever Road House is on. (The AV Club)

– We’re all excited to see what the amazing Joanna Coles does with Cosmo. I can’t say I can complain about their current slideshow, FOOTBALL’S SEXIEST BUTTS.  I especially appreciate how direct that title is. (Cosmo)

– This is a great piece about Newsweek in the 60s and 70s, and the women who worked there. Did you know they sued for the right to be journalists there? There’s a new book out about this — The Good Girls Revolt — that I really want to read now. (Vanity Fair)

New York did this AMAZING infographic about the history of presidential elections. It is really, really neat. (NYMag)

–  Flavorwire has some pop culture Halloween costume suggestions for you. Who are you being for Halloween this year? I am going as Janice Dickinson. So if I stumble up to you and tell you you’re too old and fat to be a model, don’t take it personally. (Flavorwire)

This little girl dresses like a different historical figure every day at school. She is adorable. (Refinery29)

Michael Bay is in a fight with Hugo Weaving. I will always be Team Whichever Person Isn’t Michael Bay. (Celebitchy)

– This time-lapse video of the space shuttle Endeavour making its way through the streets of Los Angeles is AMAZING. (Los Angeles Times)

– Kellen Lutz is sure he will win an Oscar. Stranger things have happen….one of them being that he posed for the paparazzi while reading a book in a tree. Hilar. (Lainey)

– I love this article about the history of toy chemistry sets. (Smithsonian)

– I am sure you want to see a supercut of Claire Danes crying. (Jezebel)

– A woman in Florida keeps calling 911 to talk about the bologna sandwiches she had in jail. JUST GO BUY SOME OSCAR MAYER, HON. (Time)

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Comments (18):

  1. Chasmosaur

    Interview is with Kelly Lynch, guys, not Kelly Preston.

  2. Donna

    Loved some of these links (little girl dressing up was so sweet), thanks! But, it’s the old Kelly Preston vs. Kelly Lynch conundrum, I’m afraid. I was confused as to why Bill Murray would be calling John Travolta, but then I thought maybe that’s just part of Bill’s unexpectedness.

    • Jessica

      Sorry, guys. Sometimes people make mistakes on a Friday afternoon. EVEN I.

      It’s been fixed.

  3. Kelly

    I, too, enjoyed the image of Bill Murray calling John Travota until I clicked over!

  4. Lucille Austero

    Hugo Weaving isn’t just any Michael Bay nemesis. He was in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert . So yeah, team Hugo Weaving.

  5. Gigi

    That girl in Omaha is so awesome.

  6. coexxi

    Team Hugo. Michael Bay is such a tool. First he hires one of the best actors (obviously he did use persuasion in the form of money as HW at first didn’t want to do it) and then he doesn’t give him the possibility to give his best with some context and direction (even if it is only a “Transformers” movie). And in the end he blows the comment of HW totally out of proportion. I don’t watch his films but I’m always annoyed when I read about him (Bay).

  7. gryt

    Hugo Weaving ftw.

  8. Kristy

    So bummed he isn’t called Travolta!

  9. sherry

    “A woman in Florida keeps calling 911 to talk about the bologna sandwiches she had in jail.”

    I was confused by this until I saw the story…she was arrested because she kept calling 911 about the sandwiches. (Not that it makes it any less crazy either way…)

    • sherry

      Sigh. Never point out an error unless you’re sure you’re error-free, self. Should have said “she was RE-arrested.” It’s Friday. Glasses up, everyone!

  10. Rowynn

    That video of the space shuttle was indeed amazing, and the music accompanying it was beautiful. I am googling that composer/musician right now to see if any of his/her work is available online. Thank you!

  11. sarrible

    Oh my god, Cosmo, you had an opportunity to do the sexiest butts of football [the one that is played with your feet and therefore actually gives you a hot ass, not the one that depends largely on 350-pound linemen in Lycra pants] and you PASSED IT UP?! I choose to believe that Joanna Coles, as a Brit, will rectify this immediately.

    • gin_in_teacups

      That is exactly what I thought too. I was like “sexiest butts in football? SOMEBODY UNDERSTAND MY NEEDS!” But no. It was just fake football. What are you good for Cosmo?

      Clearly, I’m just going to have to undertake my own independent research.

  12. Elle

    You ladies probably get this complement five times each week, but these Fugs and Pieces features really are the best. This week’s was particularly delightful.

  13. GigiNYC

    I had no idea Kelly Lynch was so funny and likeable. I now have a friend crush on her.

  14. Brooke

    Freddie Rumsen is Bill Murray’s brother?! Well, I never!