Fugs and Pieces, October 12 2012


Have a great weekend, guys! A reminder that the shoes we designed with Milk and Honey — 100% of the proceeds from which go to benefit young moms with breast cancer — are still available. You can order them with any heel size. That site is irresistible for shoe lovers, too, so get ready to say goodbye to the rest of your day. Also entertaining:

– Jon Hamm plays chess with kids. WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME, HAMM? (Refinery29)

– Let’s look at some interesting libraries across the world. (Flavorwire)

Madonna’s team has gone through over 400 bottles of aspirin on her tour. My god, I knew working with her was a headache, but DAMN. (Vanity Fair)

– You DO want to see a supercut of celebrities in old episode of Law and Order. I can’t decide which one I enjoy more: tiny Leighton Meester, angry Stephen Colbert, or HORRIBLY-coiffed Cynthia Nixon. (Vulture)

– Speaking of Leighton, in case you missed our piece on the most iconic fashion moments of the last five seasons of Gossip Girl…here it is. (The Cut)

Pippa Middleton claims she has turned down book-tour press offers from the likes of Oprah because she doesn’t want to draw more attention to Kate’s topless “scandal.” I….really don’t think Oprah is going to go there. Something is fishy with this story. Maybe Pippa is really just tired of traveling. (Time)

Ugh, it really does seem like Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. I really wish this weren’t happening. At the very least, I wish I could call Jay-Z and bitch about this with him. (Celebitchy)

– Oh, GOD. If there IS a Bieber sex tape, I am TAKING TO MY BED. And not in a sexy way. In a “I have retired from life” way. (Lainey)

– All I need to tell you is the title of this piece: Texts from Little Women. (The Hairpin)

– If I know you, I know you probably want to see drag queens recreate some of the finest scenes from Real Housewives. (Bravo)

– About a month ago, our friend Becca wrote Lucky a letter taking them to task for not featuring enough clothing for plus-size women. They listened…and gave her a gig blogging about plus-size fashion for them. Check them out! (Lucky)

The city of London wonders if you might want to swim to work. I can think of a lot of issues with that, like, right off the top of my head. (Atlantic Cities)

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Comments (13):

  1. s

    My 9 year old rocks at chess. CALL ME, HAMM.

    • Daffodil

      So does my 6-year-old. Plus we are Midwesterners, so the Hamm would feel right at home.

  2. Alderene

    I don’t know. Oprah did spend an entire day with the Kardashian’s. Pippa seems like a step up.

  3. Hima

    Is it necessary to post articles about Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together? Actually, correction, is it necessary to post an article about them getting back together, which also speculates about Rihanna getting a boob job, and which also makes statements about Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart’s boob jobs as actual facts?

    I know the Rihanna stuff is compelling, and I am glad there’s less direct criticism of her choices here – DV is a tough tough issue to talk about casually. However, the particular article you link to seems really — garbage-y (for lack of a better word). I usually love your Fugs & Pieces posts because you send me to great places and I learn so many interesting new things. I just didn’t really care for where you sent me this one time.

  4. Carol

    You had me at drag queens & Little Women.

    Dear London – I’m already late every morning. I think my boss might just not deal very well with me arriving late AND like half drowned rat…..

  5. jean marie

    Ooooh. The little women link also has texts from the Babysitter’s Club.

  6. Sajorina

    Loving the shoes you designed, FugGirls… They’re more expensive than the other celebrity-design shoes, but well worth it! I adore them!

    Thank you for the article about the architecturally-interesting libraries around the world! Visiting each one of them is now on my bucket list!

  7. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    I’m not sure what I love most about L&O that they gave Ice T a job…as a COP or Ludacris being awesome.

  8. Vandalfan

    When I was a lowly deputy prosecutor in a ten person office, we could go through a drum of Excedrin every three months. Thank goodness for Costco.

  9. Kris

    The Little Women texts, Oh my GOD! Hilarious!