Fugs and Pieces, November 2, 2012


What a weird, upsetting week this has been. The juxtaposition of the merriment of Halloween with the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy was, at the very least, tonally bizarre — and it is hard to concentrate on outfits when so much of the East Coast has been so devastated. As you guys know, Heather and I go to New York twice a year for Fashion Week, and it is one of my favorite cities in the entire world. We have friends and family there and some of them — some of YOU — are still without power and electricity. Parts of the East Coast literally aren’t there any more. It is devastating. As you know, on Tuesday morning we put together a quick and dirty post directing you to the American Red Cross, and other charities devoted to helping the victims of Sandy (like Team Rubicon) and I encourage you to check it out and help however you can. In addition to the Red Cross, which also desperately needs blood donations,  check out and give to the Mayor’s Fund,  Donor’s Choose is organizing a drive to aid schools impacted by the storm, and also please continue to list worthy causes in the comments of this here post. We will also continue to be tweeting about this @FugGirls. Stay safe and warm out there, everyone.

New York‘s coverage of the storm has been amazing. This slideshow of Sandy is just….mind-boggling. (New York)

–The New York Times examines the code of the weatherman’s wardrobe. Hint: if he’s wearing a parka and up to his thighs in water, we are all screwed. (NYT)

The time-lapse video of Sandy is pretty amazing, especially the moment where the power goes out. (Gawker)

– On a lighter note, Slate reviews a Clueless spin-off novel Cher and Cher Alike, and you should read all about it and cheer yourself up. (Slate)

– This is a fascinating and beautifully written article about the ad business in Dallas in the early 60s. Very Mad Men and I wish it were going to be a book. (D Magazine)

– In which Victoria’s Secret bails out the National Guard during Sandy. (Wired)

Refinery29 does a round up some of of the heroes of Sandy. I am sure there are many, many more. There is something comforting about knowing famed NYT photographer Bill Cunningham is still out taking pictures of it all. (Refinery29)

Did you see this video from the MTA of one of their flooded subway stations? The moment where you realize the lower track is completely under water — as in, you would need scuba gear to get to the platform — is simply chilling. (Gawker)

– Speaking of, they’re literally developing giant inflatable plugs to prevent the subways from flooding come the next big storm. The video of it being tested is fascinating. (Time)

The Atlantic highlights some of the, er, highlights of the coverage of the fight for gender equality since 1859 (The Atlantic has been around for a long, long time). They include chunks from articles like 1859′s thoughtpiece, “Ought Women Learn the Alphabet?” (The Atlantic)

Axl Rose really does seem totally CRACKBALLS now, but Lainey is right: November Rain is the best song ever (Lainey Gossip)

– Slate has an interesting article about what they’re calling “the voting shenanigans of yesteryear” in an Ohio county. (Slate)

– Continuing what is surely the most cheerful Fugs and Pieces in history, this month’s GQ has a fascinating story about a truck stop serial killer, written by a woman who was almost his victim. As a warning, this story is also disturbing, graphic and freaking terrifying. (GQ)

– Well. We all might feel better if we look at some pictures of Ewan McGregor. (Celebitchy)

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Comments (15):

  1. Sandra

    I would answer Celebitchy’s question with a resounding, “Yes. Yes, I would.” [fans self]

    • Sonya

      Ha, I just sent that link to a co worker with “yes, yes I would” in the subject line.

  2. Big Noise

    Oh my…it sounds as if Vanessa Veselka, who wrote the story in GQ, is the daughter of TV journalist Linda Ellerbee.

  3. Em

    Yay for the awesome guys and gals at Team Rubicon!!!

  4. Aparatchick

    The GQ article is absolutely chilling – especially the last line.

    • Ann

      A fascinating, gripping read!

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Hitchhiking by choice is pure stupidity. It’s one thing to need help and get a ride in an emergency, but to travel that way by choice?

        • Jessica

          A lot more people used to hitchhike back in the day. It wasn’t known as being all that dangerous until much more recently than you would expect.

          I don’t think many of the women in that article felt that they had much of choice due to a variety of life circumstances, as well, sadly.

        • Lindy

          Jessica, I must disagree with you about hitchhiking not being known as dangerous back in the late 70s. I’m about the age of Vanessa Veselka and everyone knew it was dangerous during that time. There was even a public service ad campaign about the dangers of hitchhiking.

  5. katesti

    Well, that last link WOULD have been perfect, except then I watched the trailer for The Impossible and now I’m crying. So.

    Thanks so much for doing your post about ways to help. It’s lovely, though I expect nothing less from the two of you.

  6. christine

    pretty much everything in life should end with pictures of ewan mcgregor.

  7. CranAppleSnapple

    Did you see the gorgeousness of Amy Adams in the little black and green floral dress?
    Loved it!


  8. Erin

    Curse you and the links to true crime stories. I fell down a rabbit hole a few weeks back on the article about the unknown man at Somerton Beach in Australia. It kicked off a few novel ideas, though.