Fugs and Pieces, May 6th 2011

The end of another week! It’s always nice to see it. While you watch your office clock tick slowly toward Drinks O’Clock, please enjoy:

– So, this is exciting. Heather and I were very briefly in Chicago this week to judge an episode of So You Wanna Be A Designer, a web-series filmed at the Kenmore Live studios, and Kenmore gave us a sewing machine to give away to one of y’all. The contest is on our Facebook page, and it’s going through Monday, so check it out if you’re interested!

– Also: our novel, Spoiled, comes out in less than a month. Kirkus Reviews just called it “obsessively readable, smartly subversive,” and we are obviously freaking out. We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up surrounding it in the coming weeks, so please keep your eyes open! We’re also beginning to set dates for a few signings/readings/etc, so hopefully we will get to meet you guys soon, which is long overdue.

– And now onto the rest of the interwebs: WILLS AND KATE ARE COMING TO LOS ANGELES. I hope I run into them at the Grove. (Lainey)

– Karl Lagerfeld made a life-size chocolate statute of a man. Holding an ice cream bar. Obviously. (The Cut)

– ARE YOU WEARING PANTS? This flowchart will help you decide. (Huffington Post)

– Nick and Mariah’s names for their twins have made me happier than I ever thought possible. (Celebitchy)

– You KNOW I love a gift guide. Flavorwire has one for Mother’s Day! (Flavorwire)

– I can’t tell you how funny I think it is that the Smithsonian is doing a poll to determine who had the best Civil War facial hair. I voted for John McAllister Schofield. THAT is a BEARD. (Smithsonian)

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. It’s an old MTV News report on the I Hate Brenda newsletter of days of yore and it’s the most 90s thing you will EVER EVER see. I don’t want to say anymore and spoil it, but you WILL DIE. (Vulture)

– Speaking of Brenda, I love Design*Sponge’s “Living In” series, and “Living In Heathers” is particularly awesome. (Design*Sponge)

– You totally want these tiny McQueen hoof shoes. So cute on your desk! (Refinery29)

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Comments (23):

  1. Rayna

    The HuffPo ARE YOU WEARING PANTS? Flowchart made ME happier than I ever thought possible.

    Thanks, H and J, and have a wonderful, well-deserved, restful weekend. It’s been quite a stretch, there.

  2. Sally

    So if Moroccan’s nickname is Roc will Monroe’s nickname be Roe? Roc and Roe? Why do people do this to babies???

  3. Jenn

    The name Moroccan is made even worse by the fact that it’s paired with the last name Cannon.

  4. Stephanie

    HuffPo gets an A+ on the funny, and an F for flowchart functionality… I have jeggings on, but they have pockets AM I WEARING PANTS???

  5. Kasey

    Ladies, such fantastic fugs and pieces this week and it was much needed.

    I want to carry around that “Are You Wearing Pants?” flowchart as a public service for the women of Los Angeles.

    Adelbert Ames FTW

  6. Pebbles36

    I requested that my local public library bring in your book when you first posted about it on Feb. 23. They’re buying it and there are already five holds on it. Yay Heather and Jessica!

  7. obxss

    Shannon Doherty was a speaker at the 1992 Republican Convention?! (It was one of the items mentioned as reason to hate her in the vintage MTV footage.)

  8. Breda

    I had to vote for General Burnside. He’s a Rhode Islander (I went to college there and am very fond of the tiny state), and sideburns are named after him. Can you see why? :P

  9. shebrihart

    Pretty pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top, come to Boston for a reading?!?!?!?!?

    @Sally, Nick Cannon actually Tweeted something about calling the twins Roc and Roe. For serious. I don’t mind Monroe (or Roe for that matter), but Moroccan is just awful.

    I hate those McQueen shoes, but I kinda want a mini one. It might make a cool vase?

  10. momo

    Well, at least if Moroccan really hates his name and wants to be called something “normal” he can always use his middle name.

  11. Tracy L

    The ‘I hate Brenda’ piece was hilarious! And what the hell was dreamboat John Corbett wearing? I love him but …no!

  12. Chasmosaur


    It looks like Corbett and Shannen Doherty were both on the ’92 MTV Awards. That could be an excuse for his attire. But honestly, the look on his face as the camera panned back to include him *more* than makes up for the clothes.

    Thanks for posting that video, ladies. My Mom passed away this fall, so the past two weeks – with non-stop Mother’s Day marketing – have been kind of…emotional…for me. I haven’t laughed that hard in quite some time. *passes the bag of white cheddar popcorn and a glass of wine to Heather*

  13. candice

    They’re coming to LA? Why am i SO SOSO EXCITED about this?? MAYBEI”LLSEETHEM & WE’LLBEBESTFRIENDSOMG. i have such a ladycrush on that Kate Middleton and, boy howdy, did Harry look good at the wedding (and, oh, also: always). This is my moment. I must seize it, even if it means going to a Galaxy game!

  14. Randy

    While reading the bios on the book description, why did I never know that Heather was a producer for ANTM?? The universe makes total sense now!!

  15. bbbg

    Burnside will win because he’s the most famous, but J.E.B. Stuart looks like a real man–rowrr!!

  16. Winnie

    I read that Wills and Kate will be paying a visit to cousin Lord Freddie Windsor and his actress wife Sophie Winkelman who’ve been living in LA for a couple of years. Distant cousin Theodora of Greece is also in LA trying to break into acting when she’s not speeding through Monterey County. Look for a very royal entourage somewhere around town!

  17. Mary Urech Stallings

    Dang, I want to sign in for the sewing machine, since my grandmother’s 1940 Singer just died, but where on Facebook can I do that?

  18. Jessica
  19. Jessica

    I imagine you need to “like” Go Fug Yourself to see it, though?

  20. Jenny

    I’m sorry I apparently missed the Uncle Velvet World Tour.

  21. beth

    Oh you KNOW they’ll call those babies Roc and Roe. Believe it.

  22. Fuh Ugh

    @Jenny – yes, isn’t it hard to be believe we missed the band that is “a cross between U2 and Pearl Jam”!?!?!? Ah hubris. I LOVE IT.

  23. Tina

    I loved the beard competition! I thought they should also give a runners-up prize for the most-awesome-name-of-the-civil-war-dude because some of those names were as good as the beards.