Fugs and Pieces, March 16 2012


Have fun this St Patrick’s Day, Fug Nation! Don’t get too drunk, but if you do,  please drunk-tweet us that you love us. You know we love you too. While you’re waiting to get your green beer on:

– This piece on how John Carter‘s marketing doomed it — and what went wrong with it — is totally fascinating. (Vulture)

Your Prince Harry Update: Talking to a Drunk Girl in a Stairwell. Wow, the paps in England have some ACCESS. Of course, I learned that from recapping the moving Lifetime movie about William and Kate. (Lainey)

This story about cookbook ghostwriters is juicy! No pun intended. (NY Times)

– I love that WWD did a story about the style evolution of madames. (WWD)

– The fact that Chad Michael Murray has been cast as Spider Elliott in the new adaptation of Scruples is basically THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED. SERIOUSLY. HE’S ALL WRONG. (THR)

– The Hollywood Reporter’s piece on the 25 Most Influential Stylists is totally relevant to your interests. (THR)

Simon Doonan is a delight. (Refinery 29)

This interview with Fug Fave Solange is also a delight. Some highlights: in reference to Net-a-Porter, “I made the biggest mistake of introducing that to my sister, and she’s just been out of control…out of control. It’s just out of control,” and re: her clothing, “I just want to do the fun shit..” (Time Out New York)

– Man, all the interviews that Kristen Johnston has been doing about her drug addiction have been compelling. You guys, her stomach exploded. Intense. (The Fix)

– Flavorwire compiled a list of the most powerful fictional women in literature, and Stylist UK put together a list of 25 kick-ass TV heroines. Lists! Ladies! (Flavorwire, Stylist)

– I made a really loud squealing noise when I saw the picture of this baby cloned pashmina goat. It’s so cuuuuuute. Is it weird that I really want a goat? (Time)

Meryl Streep is a mega-bitch to her Connecticut neighbors, says one neighbor. I like to respond to that headline thusly: “Meryl Streep, why are you such a mega-bitch?” “BECAUSE I CAN BE.”  But it’s damning, you guys. To wit: ” You’ll see her bike through town in a flowing dress and a straw hat. ” NO NOT A STRAW HAT. THAT BITCH. (Celebitchy)

– While we’re deep into Fug Madness — have you voted?? — PBS is covering our other favorite subject. Behold: SANDWICH MADNESS. (PBS)

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  1. jellybean

    it is not weird that you want a goat – superflous yet delightful goats are the best. my dude and i came across a nature documentary featuring a long, beautiful shot of a tree. the narrator was talking about the tree and the environment and the landscape and it was really interesting, but the copy completely failed to make mention of the delightful goats perched in the tree. that’s right. actually IN the tree. we couldn’t stop adding “and goats” to the end of every sentence of the narration to make up for this obvious oversight – kind of like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 stapled onto the “in bed” chestnut. indeed, everything is better with goats.

    • Sandra

      Motivational speaker Josh Shipp adds “..and a goat” to every one of his presentations. I haven’t seen the guy myself, but the teens I know who have rave about him.

      (true fact though; I was just noodling about on his website and the ‘About Josh’ section claims he was born an orphan. That word–I do not think it means what they think it means. Unless there’s some creepy science out there about which I do not want to know)

      • jellybean

        amazing! i would be so happy if he saw the same documentary – it was years ago, and it’s still making us laugh hysterically. often, people do not believe me when i tell them about the mystical tree-goat!

    • AuntTora

      A friend had a pygmy goat that lived in her yard. His name was Joe the Watch Goat and he was completely adorable. I’ve wanted one since.

    • LoriK

      If people don’t believe you about the goat tree I can vouch for you. I’m pretty sure I saw the same documentary & I’ve also see pictures of the goats in the tree. I love them.

      And no, it’s totally not weird that Jessica wants a goat. I know it’s not weird because I want one too :)

  2. eee

    I thought you should know that Chad Michael Murray is showing up at the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo next month. I guess he wrote a graphic novel. Alas, it is not about a superhero called The Squint who shoots lasers out his eyes. :(

  3. amys

    Isn’t today the 16th? I swear I’ve been thinking it was St. P’s all day. So confused…and I’m not even drinking yet.

  4. Sandra

    I lived in Litchfield County for about 8 years in the late ’80′s and ’90′s. The behavior attributed to Ms. Streep is pretty much exactly like that of every refugee from The City (what, you mean there’s more than one? Quelle horreur!) who clutters up the place on weekends and in the summer. Most of us peasants just ignored it, or better still, mocked it. Mind you, I have never even seen the Gummers in person, much less actually know them, so I couldn’t comment on the accuracy of that person’s claims. Except to point out that it was in The Enquirer, ya know?

    As for Rich Drunk Girl in the stairwell with Hot Harry: Did you see the condition of the stairs she was sitting on? GROOOOOSSSS! And then she walked around without her shoes. It makes me want to take a very hot shower and order up some antibiotics.

  5. holly

    goats are awesome i have 3 – and i live in LA! they are like dogs who constantly head butt you & enjoy eating your clothing.

    • Sydnie

      Oh my gosh, I want some goats!! I especially love little pygmy goats, but this little pashmina goat has my heart now! I think my cattle dog would love to have some animals to herd around. Do you keep them indoors? Are they trainable like dogs? Do you have a lot of land for them to run around?

  6. Chris

    I am voting for Solange again just on the strength of her dishing about Bey’s Net-a-Porter addiction. You just know she and her son side-eye Bouncy every time she orders yet another fishtail gown.

  7. Laura E.

    Sandwich Madness! I am beyond delighted that such a thing exists.

  8. AmandaD

    The comments on the Solange article are horrible and depressingly predictable.

    • Jessica

      That is why I hardly ever read comments anymore (other than here, of course).

      • AmandaD

        I know, I need to stop all together as I generally I don’t get very far into the comments before having to give up in disgust. It’s morbid curiosity I suppose.

      • Jessica

        Also, I can’t believe I don’t know what year it is.

  9. Pouncer


  10. Katie

    Did you see Simon Doonan’s piece about QE2 in Slate? It, and she, is adorbs. Plus, it includes the link to order all your Jubilee tchotchkes.


  11. Sajorina

    I also made a squealing noise when I saw the baby goat! OMG, how can she be soooooooo cuuuuuuuute? Jessica, you may want A goat, but I want THAT goat! As an animal lover, I’m dying here… Thank you, Science!

  12. Nicole McIlroy Steeves

    How could they put two #1 seeds like PB&J and Grilled Cheese against each other in the first round?

  13. Jen Alien-Spouse

    OMG! I saw Kristen Johnson in the previews for that play in London, and she was great in it (and it was a stellar cast so that is really saying something), so I went to see it again – And there were notices up all over the theater that said she’d had to withdraw due to medical issues. It all makes sense now!

  14. Maria

    Yeah, I don’t think Meryl is a bitch. I lived in that area for many years and while I never had a Streep encounter I have a bunch of friends who have either waited on her in restaurants or run into her in bookstores and what have you, and I have yet to hear a bad word about her manners or friendliness.

    • Nancy

      Meryl Streep’s daughter goes to college with my son, and every year she gives HUGE amounts of money to the college – money that makes it possible for a kid like my son, a middle-class kid, to be able to go there, because of the endowments given as scholarships.

      Thank you, Meryl. I would probably not want to hang with the snobs in Salisbury, CT either. All of the people in that area are rich!

  15. Eli

    Ugh. I have seen Barry Bostwick and you, Chad Michael Murray, are no Barry Bostwick!

    On the other hand…that chick from Pan Am will be a good Valentine.

  16. Jules

    Intern George arrested???

  17. KimO


    signed, a from-the-beginning-reader

  18. Emma

    The plural of madam (as in brothel owner) is madams. The plural of madame (as in French ofr “mrs”) is mesdames. :)

  19. Katharine

    Unless she’s kidnapped Toto, bicycling around town in a flowing dress and straw hat seems a comical way to prove a point against the character of Meryl Streep. I guess it’s a classic tall poppy thing, since she’s just won a third Oscar – but if the story’s true, it’s hardly dam(n)ing stuff. Just sounds like sour grapes from a disgruntled neighbour.

  20. Orange clouds

    I disagree with the Vulture article on John Carter. The teaser trailer they are ripping to shreds and accusing for turning people off John Carter (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aWrKEWei7w) was very atmospheric and the only reason I watched the movie at all (and I know there are other people who agree with me) I almost never watch these kind of action hero flicks and the movie turned out to be mediocre. Maybe people are not watching it because it’s just not a very good movie.

    • Orange clouds

      Taylor Kitsch is awesome though. I want one for myself. Guys with green eyes are the best.

  21. vandalfan

    Sammich Madness! And my favorite radio station is having Rock Madness. Decisions, decisions!

  22. jahphotogal

    I live one town over from Salisbury and have run into Meryl a handful of times over the years – once she admired my newborn baby when we were both standing in line at the library (yes, she takes books out of the library!) She was always gracious, and I believe she is mostly admired and appreciated.

    One note about it being a rich community – that is true, but there is a lot of poverty too – the people who work for the landscapers and the schools (and the libraries) are not rich. There are nonprofits there needing support just like any other (a domestic violence agency, a mental health agency, programs for kids in the school, etc) and she is as generous as anyone.

  23. Wendy

    Yeah, I’m not really buying the “Meryl Streep is a Bitch” story either. In all the years she’s been famous I’ve never heard or read anything even remotely like that about her or her family. In fact, everything I’ve seen is just the opposite. If it were true, stories would have surfaced long before now. Really does sound like sour grapes from someone who quite possibly just wants some attention.