Fugs and Pieces: June 3rd, 2011


First of all, Heather and I would like to thank all of you for being so very supportive of SPOILED. The book was incredibly fun to write, but getting to hear from those of you who’ve read it and loved it has been exponentially more awesome. In addition to reading it, Fug Nation has taken pictures of the book in their local bookstores, emailed to tell us how many holds their library has on it, and basically kept an eye on our baby in the wild for us. Which is, of course, why we dedicated it to you — your awesomeness.  So PLEASE COME OUT AND MEET US! This post has all the details for our scheduled events, but in the very short term: Heather and I will be reading and signing the book at the Barnes and Nobles on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica THIS SUNDAY (June 5) at 2pm! Come on down!

We will next be at Chaucer’s in Santa Barbara on Tuesday at 7pm, Vroman’s in Pasadena on June 11th at noon, and then we’ll be doing two signings in the Bay Area on the 16th and 17th. We sincerely can’t wait to meet you.

– Speaking of SPOILED, thanks to the LA Times for calling it “fast-paced, gossipy….a clever, entertaining read,” to NPR for calling it “great summer reading for anyone,” to Atlantic for calling it “a witty dissection of celebrity culture…both a nostalgic wink to readers who grew up on Judy Blume and the Sweet Valley High novels and a great entry point for girls just starting their exploration of YA stories,” to the smart bitches at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (the best blog name ever) for saying that  “…if there’s going to be a YA novel set between two sisters, with OC-meets-Gossip-Girl-meets-Sweet-Valley, Cocks and Morgan are going to bring it with noise and funk and some more noise and funk and wtfery on top of that.” And a huge, giant, massive THANK YOU to all the rest of you who’ve spread the good word. Seriously. We love you. The book is out on Amazon, BN.com, and at bookstores everywhere (plus Target, Sam’s Club, Cost-Co and, obviously, the trunk of my car).

- AND NOW STUFF THAT DOESN’T HAVE TO DO WITH THE BOOK.  I’m obsessed with the National Spelling Bee. Here are the 10 final words from this year’s contest. Holy moly, I can’t spell NOR HAVE I HEARD OF any of those. The kid who won this year – and honestly, every year — is awesome. [Flavorwire]

– I love this article about how to create an awesome summer reading list. Books ARE fundamental. (Lifehacker)

- I saw a screening of X-Men: First Class this weekend and it’s (a) really fun and (b) quite well acted with one exception and (c) super stylish. Hollywood Reporter thinks so too, which is why this slideshow about the movie’s 1960s wardrobe is fun. (THR)

Jon Hamm, carrying what looks like a hotdog (or a sandwich!), in cargo shorts YOU ARE WELCOME. (Lainey)

–  The new book by the final Mrs Frank Sinatra sounds good/juicy. Also: he showered TWELVE TIMES A DAY. Frank, Frank, Frank. I love ya, but that is going to dry your skin out something awful. (Celebitchy)

– Also juicy: the deets from the Nicolette Sheridan/Marc Cherry lawsuit. I don’t know if I actually believe he full-on whacked her in front of God and the crew, but I DO think I believe that set might be

–  People made dresses out of cheese. At least you’d always know you had something to snack on. (Styleite)

– Remember Jane? And how they did that thing called The Makeunder? Well, Jane Pratt has — as you probably have read — a new website and she has brought The Makeunder with her. The first Makeunderee? Tinsley Mortimer.  I think I wish there was a Make-Middle for this one. (XOJane)

– This flow-chart — explicating the %#^^$$! who Forgot About Dre – is like maybe my favorite flowchart ever. (Pop Chart Lab, via Vulture)

– PS: We’ve been playing ABC Family’s Nine Lives of Chloe King Nine Paths game, and it truly is fun — like a very layered online scavenger hunt. (ABC Family)

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Comments (24):

  1. Crystal

    Damn, when you said, “Jon Hamm, carrying what looks like a hotdog (or a sandwich!), in cargo shorts,” I clicked on the link thinking it was another picture of Jon Hamm putting his hotdog/hoagie on subtle display under his shorts.

  2. Carrie

    Gee, I wonder who the one exception could be.

  3. dee

    Crystal, I will join you in the gutter. That is exactly what I thought too.

    I thought for sure that THIS was going to be a Fugs and Pieces today …


    The host totally has the hots for him.

    One of my favorite comments is “My ovaries just exploded.”

  4. pinkcheese

    I don’t know, I think Tinsley looks lovely, and far younger and rested in that makeunder. It’s amazing how aging full-on foundation, et al can be.

  5. vandalfan

    Funny, my spell check didn’t recognize a single one of the spelling bee words, either.

  6. Joyce

    Yes! Please tell us who the one acting exception is in The X-Men? January Jones?

  7. currygirl

    It HAS to be January Jones who is the exception, right? I think she’s ok on Mad Men, but that SNL performance of hers really ruined things for me.

  8. Chasmosaur

    I’m with @pinkcheese. Hair is maybe a touch ratty, but the makeunder highlights how pretty she actually is without 20 lbs of makeup.

  9. Jill

    Wait, now I’m dying to know who the one exception is.

  10. Daffodil

    I was right there with Crystal and dee about Jon Hamm. I mean, why else would Jessica say we’re welcome? ;)

  11. miss_msry

    Add me to the list of people thinking he was smuggling keilbasa in thiose cargo pants. Did you do that on purpose you minx? Whatever he’s got in there is quite impressive.

  12. miss_msry

    And Tinsley? What a revelation! Well done, xojane.

  13. Jessica

    The exception is TOTALLY JanJones. On the other hand, she looks INCREDIBLY HOT, so at least she has that going for her. But it’s like every line is Betty Draper. But Michael Fassbender MUST BE MINE.

    Re: the Tinz. I think her face looks great but I think my actual issue is that I am not a fan of the way they’ve styled her, more than anything else. I just wish they’d put her in like a white oxford.

  14. your neighborhood li

    Oh, I miss Jane Pratt, even though she usually came off kind of goofy and OCD in Jane.

    Add the Pink Me review to the stack of praise SPOILED is getting – not as prestigious as The Atlantic, but I do make up my own adverbs, and I call Fug Nation the Get Some Pants On Gurkhas:



  15. Gauthier

    OhDearGod, my list of people that need make-unders is ENDLESS. And the Tinsley one is an absolute succes, she looks, in the words of Penny from Happy Endings, ahmaahhhzing!

  16. Jessica

    Paula, that is awesome! Thank you so much!

  17. Sajorina

    I can’t wait to get my hands on “Spoiled”! I checked on Borders.com and they have it in stock and 30% off! I’ll try to get it at my local Borders, even though I have to drive 1:30 hours to get to it! I’m sure it’ll be worth it!!!

  18. Regina

    Ladies.. thanks for the link to the book list website! I just got a kindle for my bday (from my super awesome sister) and have been overwhelmed on what to read this summer! Always good to have a focus!!!

  19. holly

    It’s gotta be January Jones.
    I was so disappointed it wasn’t even funny. Part of it may have been the script and how they characterized her, but Emma’s always been totally bad ass and a touch crazy in my book. A bit like Elle from Heroes in her earliest stages (you know, before she was totally batshit and having a breakdown) but that could be my intense desire to see Kristen Bell in something that was actually good, for once.

  20. A

    Sorry to be a hater, but I won’t spend much time at the new xojane site. From the Makeunder article: “Bumble and Bumble, can you please send Tinsley Mortimer some Surf Spray?!” (Interrobang? Really?) A socialite can afford to buy her own. I’m still offended by Jane’s first personal post in which she name-checked a salon employee. These people do not live in the real world.

  21. Gabi

    @ Jessica – I was just wondering if you guys were going to bring the book tour down to San Diego? I am super excited for Spoiled but can’t make the drive up to LA :(

  22. Gabi

    And that was supposed to be a *sad face* – not sure why it looks so angry! lol

  23. Stephanie

    Although I think Tinsley looks better without all the pancake makeup, I think it’s funny that they spent $166 (yes, I added it up) in product to make her look “natural”. How about, um, going natural? Let’s see how that works out.

  24. Jennifer

    I am absolutely loving SPOILED (about 1/2 way thru). It’s fabulous and funny and well written and unputtdownable. Well done ladies! I desperately want it made into a movie or TV show. Get working on that please. STAT!