Fugs and Pieces, February 3, 2012


Have fun this Super Bowl Sunday, Fug Nation! Even if you don’t like football, surely you enjoy chips and dip! While I’m stuffing my face with queso, please enjoy:

–  I have read this sentence five times and the words are still both GLORIOUS, and make no sense in this order: ‘[T]he highlight for me was the bizarre Disney synergy exercise of a halftime show, ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye,’ in which an Indy look-alike (Harrison Ford refused to participate) rescued the stolen Vince Lombardi Trophy from a jungle lair whose dangers included frenzied temple worshipers, the evil Eye of Mara, and Patti LaBelle singing ‘New Attitude.’” AMAZING. That is just one tidbit in Ken Jennings’ — yes, that Ken Jennings —  piece about the ten best Super Bowls from a trivia perspective. (Grantland)

You KNOW you want to see the new Hunger Games trailer. You guys, it looks good. Although the music at the end is really close to the X-Files theme song. Mulder would not allow ritualized murder of children to stand! (Lainey)

Some dude bought a pigeon for over $300,000. Buddy! You know they’re free in the park, right? (Actually, my favorite part of this article is the linked piece at the end, the headline of which is: Pigeons Remember That You Hate Them, Will Probably Plot Revenge Later. I knew it.) (Time)

– Look at all the people Meryl Streep has kissed on the red carpet! (Vulture)

– Actually, all of New York’s work this week on what they’re calling The Celebrity Economy is fascinating. (NY Mag)

– Apparently, Pippa Middleton is back on with her old beau, the future Duke of Northumberland. Someone’s not going to rest until she, too, has a title, and I can not tell you how THRILLED I AM that there is now gossip that involves me getting to use the phrase, “the Duke of Northumberland.”  Seriously, these two are like a novel — the older, beautiful, kind sister (I am projecting) who patiently waits and finally marries the prince, and her PLOTTING SCHEMEY CRAZY younger sister, who will STOP AT NOTHING to advance her family’s name (ahem, also, theorizing for dramatic purposes). Just don’t land in The Tower, either of you. We’ve heard this story before and it ends with one of you having six fingers and no head. (Celebitchy)

– On last night’s Kimmel, ahem: Gary Oldman’s Dramatic Recounting of Snooki’s Urinary Tract Infection. Oh, Sirius Black. Is there nothing you can’t do? (Pajiba)

– You need to see this piece about Downton Abbey stars off-screen. You guys, there’s a shot of Bates holding a baby. BATES HOLDING A BABY. Go ahead. I’ll wait. (Paper)

–  The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores In the World! I’m sure we all want to go to there. (Flavorwire)

– GQ UK thinks Chris Brown is the worst-dressed man in the world. (GQ)

– The Fix, an addiction and recovery magazine that also happens to have some really great writing, is currently boasting an article about Courtney Love that will curl your hair. She and Frances, for example, are in a huge fight over Cobain’s belongings. And claims crack has helped her math skills. And also has problems with Dr Phil’s kitchen tile. (The Fix)

– How many chicken wings are you going to eat this weekend? Kobayashi had 337. No big. (Deadspin)

– Finally! Our book SPOILED went on sale in Australia and New Zealand this week! So go out there and buy it, friends in those fair countries.

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Comments (32):

  1. reena

    The music at the end of the Hunger Games trailer is supposed to be Rue’s whistle…I think.

  2. Chasmosaur

    While I have a forever love of Gary Oldman, it doesn’t top Michael Sheen’s reading of Twilight Fan Fiction. If you’ve never seen it, it’s SO worth the 90 seconds or so it takes.


  3. Molly

    A fun addition to the news about George Percy, the heir of Duke of Northunberland, dating Pippa is that James Smithson (benefactor of the Smithsonian Institution) was an illegitimate heir of the Duke of Northumberland. All of this means that of course Pippa should choose the Smithsonian as one of her charities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Smithson

  4. Lizzie

    Is the link to the Pippa article broken? It doesn’t work for me.

  5. vandalfan

    For the $300,00 pigeon guy:


  6. Chasmosaur
  7. Sandra

    The score is currently pretty one-sided in the cosmic game that is Pippa Vs. Kate. But if Little Sis gets to be the chatelaine of Hogwart’s Castle, that would count for some serious points on her side of the board. And the Percys count one of their own as a major character in Shakespeare, so bonus there as well.

    (Also theorizing BIG TIME. The Middleton sisters seem quite devoted)

  8. Bevvie Hedstrom

    “Our book SPOILED went on sale in Australia and New Zealand this week!”

    Congratulations!! You know, it sounds like the FugGirls will be going on an awesome book-signing tour soon. If so, you’ll be needing to bring along the kind of assistant who won’t judge you for having dessert for breakfast and martinis for lunch . In fact, you’ll be needing an assistant who will facilitate such behavior. I’ve taken the liberty of emailing to you my resume and private cellphone number.

    G’day, sheilas!

  9. Cynthia W

    Apparently, GQ UK has never seen my neighbor. Or Carrot Top.

  10. Chris

    Totally just bought “Spoiled!”

    How could I resist with my financial aid check, just sitting there?

    Brava divas!

  11. Breda

    Hahaha, I had the SAME REACTION to the Hunger Games whistle. Every time I try to bring it to mind, all I get is the X-Files theme song.

  12. nicolegrr

    I would just like to thank you for regularly including Harry Potter references. It’s nice to know there are other relatively normal grownups who aren’t quite ready to let go. :)

  13. Sajorina

    OMG, I’m salivating over those bookstores! I’ve been to at least half of those countries and never knew what I was missing, so now I’m mad! Visiting every single one of them is going in my Bucket List right now!

    Congratulations on the success of “Spoiled”, dear FugGirls! I have a copy, even though I haven’t read it yet (sorry)! You know, if you ever decide to make a Fug Nation Convention (like ComiCon, but for your devoted readers), I would totally get on a plane and attend, bringing my copy of “Spoiled” with me to get it signed by you! That would be awesome!

    Have fun this weekend, y’all!

  14. lst

    I can’t stand that celebitchy blog – most of the posts are so misogynistic imo.

  15. Belle

    So excited! I live in New Zealand and I’ve been patiently waiting to get my hands on your book!

  16. kelebek

    I saw your book at Big W (our equivalent of Walmart as far as I can tell) today and squealed. Now get over to Melbourne and do a book signing, preferably at a local independent bookstore!

  17. JenLW

    Pleeeeeeease get your book out on kindle in the UK!!! Dying to read it xxx

  18. Jessica

    Thanks so much to all of you who bought it!! We would LOVE to come to see you all but sadly that is very very expensive.

    We don’t get have a UK publisher, so no UK Kindle, sadly…

  19. Jennipoo

    Sweet Jesus on a cracker! I just saw a trailer for “the Client List” SERIES. I shit you not. Damn near spit coffee on my computer.


    I didn’t know this was happening…

  20. megs283

    omg… poor Mrs. Hughes!!! She looks about 20 years younger in real life. And Thomas as a hipster…? He needs to stick to his butler wear, IMO.

  21. Amylola

    OMG! I HATE Thomas on Downton Abbey. HATE him. But in real life? What a gorgeous, my-type-of-guy man! Wow!

  22. Maria


    Oh, please please do this!

  23. Lindy

    Bates with a baby!!! Love that! And oh my gosh, all of them look 10 years younger IRL than in those stuffy, old-fashioned hairstyles.

    • Lindy

      And is Mrs. Hughes posing with one of the Pirates of the Caribbean pirates?

  24. Suzie

    I love the Fix! That’s so cool that gofug knows them, its true the writing is really good there, my sister’s an addict and when she relapsed we finally found a decent rehab through their reviews and helpline thing, cause they got our broke asses a lower rate at a rehab that took our insurance, it was nice to be given a selection of ones in her range and not be forced anything, it was her choice, which was good cause my parents were over her drama. seriously they rock at THeFIx

  25. Mair Mair

    Thank you so very much for the Downton Abbey pix.

  26. BAK

    Don’t forget that Pippa’s Duke’s home is HOGWARTS. Does the title even matter at this point?

  27. Beck

    Bought Spoiled in Sydney on the 4th, thinking it’d been out for aaaages. Now I see it was totally hot off the press…how early-adopter of me! Slightly ashamed to read that Booktopia recommend it for 12-16 year olds. Errrr, yep, that’s me.

  28. Heidi

    I’m so glad we can buy Spoiled in NZ now! I’m gonna have to get myself a copy for my upcoming trip to Fiji. I’ve been wanting to find a perfect beach read for my holiday and now I’ll have one! YAY