Fugs and Pieces, February 17th 2012

Yay! Thanks for sticking with us during all the glory that was fashion week. I hope you’ve been taking your vitamins, because guess what’s happening a week from Sunday? THE OSCARS. But first, let’s read:

–  Take a look at a retrospective of Brad Pitt’s Oscar dates. Juliette Lewis and the cornrows! (Lainey)

– This is a great headline from The Fix: “Courtney Love: “Mountain Lion Ate Frances Bean’s Cat.” Is this the cat that Frances said was killed by Courtney’s hoarding? I think I believe FB. (The Fix)

– I also enjoy, “Twelve Strange Facts About Goats.” (Daily Beast)

– Let’s look at a video of people’s handbags at Fashion Week (The Cut)

You HAVE to read the ten best lines from the recent Esquire profile of Jon Hamm. I love me some Hamm and even I was like, DIAL IT DOWN. (Vulture)

Whit Stillman has a new movie coming out? This pleases me greatly. (Slate)

– The best of Fashion Week, as interpreted by obscure architecture. (Flavorwire)

– I loved Furious Love, the recent book about Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. Apparently, the authors were in the midst of their own romantic scandal. (Gawker)

– Here are some of the best and worst Jeremy Lin puns – or, as Time is calling it, “Lin-guistics.” (Time)

– I enjoy this speculation that all of Chelsea Handler’s A-list friends are secretly terrified of her. I don’t know if I believe it, but I do know it’s a great plot for a chick-lit book, the hard-drinking broad whose friends all trying to figure out how to deal with her behavior without pissing her off. (Celebitchy)

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Comments (10):

  1. Leah

    I had no idea people hated Chelsea so much. I’m slightly obsessed with her.

  2. S

    Whit Stillman – best news today. Possibly even better than Becks + baby.

  3. Laura

    Eagle poetry. I need to work that phrase into my life somehow. Thanks, overwrought GQ writer!

  4. Sandy
  5. Emma

    I’m so over the whole “Jon Hamm is so handsome” thing. I think he’s over it too, which is why he’s always lampooning himself. He is handsome and funny and clever, but the constant adulation is kind of embarrassing. Like we’re all sycophantic hosts of Entertainment Tonight or something.

  6. Jen

    Hmm, you know that girl whose style changes everytime she gets a new boyfriend? Well Brad is the male equivalent of that girl! He was grungy with Juliette, slick with Gwyneth, clean-cut and California Casual with Jennifer and is now all earth-fathery with Angelina.

  7. CC

    I totally read that as “Courtney Cox: Mountain Lion Ate Frances Bean’s Cat”, and then spent about 30 seconds going “Courtney Cox is a hoarder? Why is she hanging out with Frances Bean? …oh. Right. LOVE.” I apparently need more coffee.

  8. Caitlin

    Did you guys see this article on The Hairpin? “The Best Time I Was An Extra on Dawson’s Creek”


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