Fugs and Pieces, February 1 2013


This time next week, we’ll all be at Fashion Week — either literally or EMOTIONALLY. Until then:

There is a perfectly preserved Tudor wine cellar….UNDERNEATH THE BRITISH MINISTRY OF DEFENCE. LITERALLY a Tudor wine cellar; Cardinal Wolsey built it. You guys HAVE to read this article. It is so interesting. (Edible Geography)

– The New York Times’ Modern Love column is often really annoying. But this piece — about a couple who got married when she was 71 and he 81 — is wonderful, and it made me cry. (NYT)

These dudes have been playing tag for 23 years! It now involves hiding in bushes and car trunks and stalking priests. Hilarious. (Wall Street Journal)

– This pre-dates the Globes, but I KNOW you want to read a History of the Best Friendship of Tina and Amy. (Vulture)

This oral history of Deadspin is such a good read. (I love me some Deadspin.) (Ad Age)

– I am only going to give you the title of this article: For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II. (Smithsonian Mag)

– In similarly intellectually stimulating news, Taco Bell is COMING OUT WITH COOL RANCH DORITOS TACO SHELLS YES. (Gawker)

The Cut celebrates Mr Darcy. But don’t we all? (The Cut)

– Kate Aurthur examines, and I quote, “How Smash Became TV’s Biggest Trainwreck.” A very VERY juicy piece you hate-watchers will love. (Buzzfeed)

Let’s look at that dreamy David Beckham. (Lainey)

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield are engaged?! Why is this blowing my mind so much? (Celebitchy)

– The New York Times put together a tremendous archive detailing the last 15 years of the Oscars red carpet. (NYT)

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Comments (26):

  1. pinkcheese

    Oh god, that Modern Love piece. I know you warned us, but it’s so embarrassing to sob at your desk! So worth the read, though.

    • Chasmosaur

      I read that earlier this week and sobbed a little bit.

      • Anne B

        I love that story.

        However, as a San Francisco resident for almost 20 years, the story’s Sob Point for me is the part where the writer reveals that her friend has a movie theater inside her house.

        • Lisa

          That story was very touching. And awesome that they were runners into their late 70′s early 80′s. I hope to be running at that point! The end made me cry though. You could see it coming.

  2. Erin

    Man, this Smash article is awesome! They should write an insider show about the making of this insider show.

    • Cas

      My mind blew when I read that Smash article. Spielberg wanted to get rid of Megan Hilty?!?!?!?!? He’s smoking fancy rich person crack.

  3. currygirl

    That NYT archive is AMAZING! Thanks for the link. :-)

  4. Amanda Olson

    The Modern Love article did make me cry!

  5. Kate Pearce

    Becks is actually donating his entire paycheck for his 5 month stint to a Paris orphanage or something, isn’t that sweet. :) He also confirmed that Posh etc will stay in the UK so the kids can go to school there. Not that I watched the press conference or anything… :)

  6. Aparatchick

    Thanks for the link to the Smithsonian article about the Russian family. That is a haunting story.

  7. Heather

    This Fugs and Pieces is just chock full of wonderful, interesting stuff. Thanks for making my Friday brighter!

  8. Hima

    The Modern Love piece also made me emotional. But more than that, it made me embarrassed that at 70 & 80, those two people ran marathons. And I can’t even run a mile.

  9. bambam

    oh my the modern love piece made me cry. she sent him flowers on the anniversary of his late wife’s birthdays. he was a perfect gentleman to her, never forgot any significant date. how lovely, what lovely people.

  10. Trixibelle

    Great fugs and pieces this week!

  11. Mara

    That article about the Russian family is super interesting. Man. And those dudes playing tag for 23 years are insane, but awesome. “Run, Brian!”

  12. Stini

    That Oscar fashion thing is addictive. I think it’s significant that three of my ‘favourites’ were Cate Blanchett numbers (and the fourth was Michelle Williams’ legendary Brokeback Mustard); good lord, some people have spent a decade turning up, religiously, in frocks that pinch their boobs. And always nice to have it confirmed that 1997-2002 was a style wasteland…

  13. E

    I look forward to Fugs and Pieces every week, but this week you’ve outdone yourselves. NEVER STOP :-D The articles about Wolsey’s wine cellar ant the Russian family in the taiga are genius, and I never would have found them without you!

  14. JMH

    I have to say, you guys have the BEST links! The Russian family, the geriatric romance, the Tudor wine cellar, the game of tag: I have apparently been sitting at my computer for an hour, and have no idea where the time went.

    • misty eyed

      EXACTLY. i love their friday links, especially if i’ve missed the week’s posts. it’s a great way to wind down, get a laugh, get inspired, or just get outside the box that is my life.

  15. Stefanie

    This is the best Fugs and Pieces I think Ive ever seen. Its taken me 2 days to get through all of them! And I still have the story about the family in Russia to go! The Oscar slideshow = awesome. Everyone was so young. And the shoes choices were to bed. And Goop has been dressing cracked out for a long time. That pink number from 97(?)…GAG. Didnt people love that? It’s a terrible color and doesnt even fit!

  16. misty eyed

    cried over the modern love article too. incredibly touching.

  17. Alana

    My question, after pouring over the Oscar archive, is why were J.Lo and Heather Graham in attendance at so many Oscar ceremonies??????

  18. MK

    The Kate Arthur story about Smash as train wreck was just as juicy as promised and a great, well-researched piece. The only problem I think she missed is the inherent implausibility of Megan Hilty’s character being passed over in favor of Katharine McPhee’s. Puh-leeze, television producers. Anyone can see/hear that Megan is the real Broadway thing, not to mention more physically suited to play Marilyn Monroe. Almost everyone who hate-watches the show has commented on this. I have nothing against McPhee, she certainly has talent, but it’s ridiculous that the show pretends she’s a real contender against Hilty.

  19. Rachael

    That Modern Love piece has tears dripping from my face. At work. Good thing I have an office with a door that closes, otherwise this would be embarassing. What a great story. Faith in humanity — restored!

  20. Becca

    Guys, my husband has actually had a meal in that wine cellar. I could have gone with him but missed out due to other obligations. He called me afterwards and drunkenly described how awesome it was. I’m still kicking myself for not going!