Fugs and Pieces, August 5th



– You need to read this excerpt of Tyra Banks’s book, MODELLAND. It is something to treasure. (Barnes and Noble)

All this gossip about Linda Evangelista and her Baby Daddy — oh, maybe you’ve heard of him? The dude who’s currently married to Salma Hayek and is the head of a company that owns about a kajillion luxury brands — and their child support disagreement is JUICY. (Lainey)

– This piece — about retrocognition (people [apparently] traveling back in time momentarily) — is crazy fascinating and really, really cool. (Past Imperfect)

– Uh, I don’t know if their argument that The Playboy Club is all about female-empowerment is holding water. Maybe you should have just focused on the outfits, guys! (Monkey See)

– This interview makes me want to hang out with Martha Plimpton. (New York)

– It is true that some of these beloved music videos seriously ARE TERRIBLE. Speaking of: remember music videos? Good times. (Flavorwire)

Speidi are starting to regret…you know. Everything. Although, they did a whole hilariously terrible photo shoot (a link to which I can’t find, tragically, but it was with Splash, and they’re “exclusive” so we can’t afford them) where they’re standing in their house pouting, in a bare-bones bedroom, looking tragic and sad and CRAZY pouty — like, Heidi’s lip is sticking out so far you could serve dinner on it. So it kind of undercuts the sincerity of their message — as if they are, yet again, trying to play whatever angle they can find. I suspect that is true. But you be the judge. (The Daily Beast)

Intern George is DATING STACEY KEIBLER? Interesting. He NEVER goes for blondes. (Celebitchy)

– DO NOT try to take a hot air balloon to the North Pole. DO read about these dudes that tried back in Olden Times with… less than ideal results. (Mental Floss)

– You DO want to read about how they celebrated the 10th anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer. (Vulture)

–And, finally, because we haven’t mentioned it in at least…a day or two….if somehow you were in a cave and didn’t hear, we wrote a young adult novel called Spoiled, and you should read it! You know, if you want. No pressure.

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Comments (13):

  1. Claire

    The blurb of Tyra’s book seriously looks like the most epic and amazing thing ever. I just can’t get over it! What does happen to the girls who don’t make it? And why does she have such a large forehead?!? I love Tyra, I’m sure our heroine still knows how to take a photo without hiding her neck though.

  2. nikole

    i cudn’t get past the 1st couple of line in tyra’s book… did she really spend a lot of time in libraries to come up with that? She should have done her research elsewhere

  3. Sajorina

    Thank you for that Flavorwire article, which I’ll be e-mailing to my boyfriend, who’s a music journalist and I’m sure he will enjoy it!

  4. rerun delaney

    on martha plimpton: i agree! i love her! the show is charming, and she shines. i’m really glad that she’s got work and has been nominated.

  5. Riley

    Lol, I got to “Tookie de la Creme” and stopped. That’s really all I needed.

  6. deee

    The excerpt from the Tyra book sounds like Jessica wrote it. Not as Jessica of course. More like a Tookie de la Creme letter of truth.

  7. Traci

    The customer reviews for Tyra’s book seem about right.

  8. AQ

    What is even going on in that Tyra book? It’s like Harry Potter with modeling instead of magic?

  9. :paula

    The CRAFT of that Tyra chapter! The names! The lamppost turning into a… thing! I challenge any other model to write a novel as wacked-out as this, it should totally be a contest.

  10. Willow

    I need Tyra’s book. NOW. It’s a case of so bad it’s good.

    A bit like ANTM.

  11. Chris

    …TyTy just had to give her main character a fivehead, didn’t she?

    NOTE TO TYRA: If you are writing a self-insert, AVOID giving her one of your more noted qualities.

  12. NYCGirl

    I enjoyed the retro-cognition article; thanks.

  13. Jennifer

    Wow, that time travel article really WAS fascinating; thanks for the link!

    I have to say, I thought Long Tall Stacey was just the bomb on DWTS, and that Intern George is demonstrating flawless taste once again.

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