Fugs and Pieces, August 26, 2011


First up: Heather will be attempting to live-blog the VMAs on Sunday right here on GFY, starting with the pre-show. Pray for her. Also, swing by here and give it a read, and comment along with it, beginning at 8 ET/5 PT.

And now, READ:

– The Muppets are having a moment. Not only is Miss Piggy making an appearance at Fashion’s Night Out (MOI IS SO EXCITED; I love Miss Piggy), OPI is making Muppet-inspired nail polish. (Styleite)

– This article — about musicians who are about to be able to reclaim the copyrights to songs recorded in the 70s, including ones that probably make a ton of money, such as, oh, THE GAMBLER – is more interesting that you might think it would be. (New York Times)

– Lisa Frank will NOT be trapped, NOR WILL SHE BE KEPT. (Jezebel)

– Fashion porn alert: This is a montage of every single outfit worn by Alicia Silverstone’s Cher Horowitz in Clueless. You will learn that this virgin who couldn’t drive (WAY harsh, Tai) really dug knee socks. If you haven’t seen it, skateboard on down to your local VHS rental place and borrow that tape. (Worn Fashion Journal)

– Turns out that coffee — when magnified and photographed – looks as delicious as it tastes. (Slate)

– Lainey thinks Will and Jada aren’t getting divorced. Not because they’re So In Love, but because it would be So Expensive. I buy that. (Lainey Gossip)

– The work from these so-called “outsider artists” is amazing. (Flavorwire)

Time Magazine fugs Gaddafi. (Time)

– I am in love with this kid who photobombed (videobombed?) a CNN report on the Kardashian Wedding. (The Daily What)

– I also kind of love that these kids at an advertising college (who knew?) want Don Draper to deliver their commencement speech.  Not Jon Hamm, but Hamm in character. I can think of all kinds of things I’d like Jon Hamm in character to do. I SHALL SAY NO MORE. (Time. Again!)

– Aw, Kim Kardashian’s sex tape sales have skyrocketed up-to and since The Wedding Of The Week. That’s so romantic. I’d like to note that I LOVE how the photo this piece uses — from the wedding, not the sex tape — totally makes Kim look like she’s getting married on a soap opera. Which I guess she kind of is. (Celebitchy)

– This article — about Pat Summitt, the Tennessee women’s basketball coach who recently announced that she has early on-set Alzheimer’s disease — will make you cry a little bit. It is also beautifully written and kind of amazing. Did you know Summitt once separated a shoulder because she was fighting a raccoon? That is bad-ass. (Washington Post)

-- A reminder to Los Angelenos to come see us on Tuesday at the Beverly Center!

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Comments (10):

  1. Daffodil

    Muppet nail polish is a billion percent awesome.

  2. Anne B

    I haven’t worn a cap and gown for a really, really long time.

    HOWEVER. However, should Jon Hamm turn up at that nice little advertising college in character, I am not above killing a graduate, stealing her identity, walking in her place, and throwing myself at the Drape the instant I get within range.

    Like you all wouldn’t.

  3. mary lou bethune

    Women should emulate Coach Summit and eschew the nonsense of the kardoushians and other folks who do nothing but shop and then look hideous. I am not talking about Helen Mirren.

  4. r.b.

    I almost look forward to these Friday roundups more than the fashion send-offs. Turns out you guys have taste that expands far beyond clothes :) Love the links to articles I’d probably never read/see.

  5. Nora

    Thanks for pointing out that article on Pat Summitt. The news of her illness made me cry. That last quote from her son made me cry again. That she is handling this with such strength doesn’t surprise me at all.

  6. marcia

    I am a UTK grad, so I also applaud you for posting the article about Pat Summit. She is amazing.

    Also, to recap my complete and total agreement with 4 of the 5 posts above: Muppet polish IS a billion percent awesome; we SHOULD emulate PS and get over the Kardashians who are famous for…..what again, exactly?; I also look forward to these Friday roundups and, more often than not, post one of the links on my fb page; and yes, again, PS is an American hero, and not just for being a great bb coach. (I don’t watch Mad Men and don’t have super strong feelings one way or another for DD or JH, but I respect y’all’s feelings).

  7. Hima

    Thanks so much for the Clueless outfit montage. That was fantastic. God, now I really want to see that movie again. But, unfortunately, while I actually DO own a VHS copy of it, I no longer own a working VCR. Damn it all!

  8. Anne At Large

    That news about Pat Summit made me so sad. It’s so nice to see other peeps on here who appreciate how amazing she is!

  9. James

    There is also a Jim Henson exhibition going on in NYC as well right now, with all of the original muppets on display! Check it out! I am totally going to this!

  10. Kris

    That was a fantastic article on Pat Summit. She is truly a role model.