Fugs and Pieces, August 11, 2011


Please to enjoy:

– Ugh, the Missoni for Target stuff is so cute. Can I justify buying a Missoni bike when I already HAVE a bike that I hardly ever ride? Don’t answer that. (The Cut)

– Speaking of cute diffusion lines: a reminder that Heather and I are hosting the preview party for Karl Lagerfeld’s Macy’s line on August 30th at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. 6:30pm! Cocktails! We’ll be happy to sign your copies of SPOILED! Outfits! COME ON DOWN!

- Remember New Albany, the mysterious is it real/is it not tumblr I linked to a while ago, about a girl living in a Mysterious and Possibly Nefarious Commune? Y’all enjoyed it and it’s gotten crazy interesting lately, so consider this a reminder of its awesomeness. (New Albany)

This is a lovely piece about writing postcards. Remember when you used to get a ton of postcards every summer? That was always a delight. And that is always why I try to send postcards if I can — everyone loves to get them. Let’s send more postcards, you guys. (New York Review of Books)

– A thoughtful take from someone who didn’t think that McQueen exhibit at the Met — which just closed — was All That. (The Gloss)

I am never not interested in juicy speculative gossip about the (ALLEGED) disaster that is the Prince Albert/Princess Charlene Marriage. (Celebitchy)

– This essay — titled, The Best Time I Was a 200 Pound Beauty Queen — might be my favorite thing I’ve read all week. (The Hairpin)

– Check out The 30 Harshest Filmmaker-On-Filmmaker Insults in History. Frankly, I’m firm in my conviction that “You’re just a VIRGIN WHO CAN’T DRIVE” is the meanest thing ever said in the history of film, but I am aware that Amy Heckerling wasn’t saying it to, like, Scorsese. (Flavorwire)

– I can’t BELIEVE they ARE making Bridget Jones 3. Is this going to be the one where Renee finally refuses to put on the weight? (Lainey)

– This is an awesome way to compare Fake Movie Southern Accents with Real Ones. (Vulture)

– Need a good cry? This slideshow of 9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs should do it. I want to give them all a bone and a belly rub. (New York Times)

– Need a good righteous rage? This profile of Tommy Hilfiger’s TREMENDOUSLY DOUCHEY “rapper” son Rich should do it. (NY Observer)

Cleanse your palate with this groovy interactive piece about the 100 best closing lines from books. (Stylist)

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Comments (29):

  1. Chasmosaur

    I think this is the link you want for the Southern Accent thing

  2. Sandra

    Hi Jessica. The link in the real vs. fake southern accents piece goes to the 100 best last-lines article. Thanks for finding fun stuff for us.

  3. Jessica

    Thanks, guys!

  4. christine

    i’ve been totally keeping up with that new albany blog since you posted it last. right around the time her friend got shot dead with an arrow was when i started to suspect that some ya writer was “workshopping” her next book idea… not saying she’s not legit for sure, but i wouldn’t be surprised either.

  5. Ladyblahblah

    Thanks for the link to the 9/11 dogs. It was lovely seeing these beautiful senior dogs with a place in our history.

  6. Jessica

    Christine, the New Albany blog is definitely fiction (she’s said so herself in the past).

  7. Kris

    Oh, those dogs look happy as clams, and well cared for.

  8. Ashleigh

    I hate to say it, but I’m not mad about the Missoni clothing…a lot of it is surprisingly drab and doesn’t look that flattering. I do really like the housewares though!

  9. ccm800

    well its obvious the blog on New Albany is fiction but interesting.

  10. Colleen

    I just read all 15 pages of New Albany. I am officially creeped out, still thank you for sharing it and I will be obsessively following it from now on.

  11. Christopher G

    Thanks for Rich Hil, I need a shower after reading that piece of sel@#$%$^$^%$$%@$%&&^$#%$@%$%^&… Sorry under control now. (yeach! I hope his gf reads this, realizes that most everyone on the planet is worth more than being thought of like this kid thinks about people, and leaves his A$$.)

  12. AMS

    WOW – If the Observer profile is to be believed, Rich Hilfiger might be the douchiest douchelord ever. A lovely portrait of an ignorant, spoiled, self-indulgent little hood. I can’t imagine his “career” will go very far. Thank god for the trust fund, huh?

  13. Jael Paris

    I drove 11 hours to see the McQueen exhibit so I find that article a little pretentious and hipster. Imagine! Other people seeing these clothes! And in not the greatest lighting that I would have chosen! Plus, real Karl isn’t nearly as fun as your Karl.

  14. Connie

    Best closing lines linked to best opening lines and “There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.” has stuck in my mind for more than 40 years since I first read it .

  15. jessie

    I really enjoy your blog. I’m going to be in London starting Sunday for a week. If you’d like a postcard, I can definitely send some your way!

  16. G

    “Monaco government spokesman said that once he met Charlene, Albert knew he had finally found the woman he wanted to provide an heir.”

    Gosh, that’s so romantic. (((Shudder)))

  17. anonymoose

    Thx for the bounty here. (The usual day-to-day stuff, but this collection is a highlight this week.)
    The doggies are magnificent.
    I rec’d 2 postcards in the mail today!

  18. witjunkie

    One of the commenters in the Monaco piece said that if Albert didn’t produce an heir, Caroline’s son Andreas would succeed the throne. So now I understand Caroline’s grim expression in all the wedding photos! It’s the Lion in Winter all over again!

  19. el rage

    Rich Hilfiger is apparently the douchiest douche in all of douche-town. I feel queasy just knowing he exists.

    However, I love how the author, Duray, insults him soooo subtly, that an idiot like Hilfiger might not even notice. I love the whole bit about his love of rap starting in Greenwich, CT, and the road trips to Philly with a bodyguard! Hilarious.

  20. What's The New Black

    I must admit, I kind of got addicted to your blog this week. And now I miss my daily celebrity fashion updates… time for another post, maybe? http://whatisthenewblack.blogspot.com/

  21. Amber

    Off the subject.
    You probably knew this existed, but just in case, check out Alexis barbie:

  22. Sophia Loren

    The times in my life when I’ve been the angriest with friends and lovers the first thing that has popped into my mind is that line from Clueless.

  23. Cait

    The New Albany tumblr is fictional! This is the author’s actual tumblr: http://jlovinger.tumblr.com/

  24. Emma

    I was really excited about the Missoni for Target line, but I haven’t seen anything yet that really grabs me. The gaudiest of their prints + Target’s cheaper fabrics = nothing like the elegance of real Missoni (which I can’t afford).

    I hope I find something I like, though.

  25. megs283

    Thanks for the Beauty Queen link! Such a fun story. :-)

  26. Montréalaise

    Thanks for the links! The 9/11 dogs – I’m a dog lover and that brought tears to my eyes. And the marriage of convenience in Monaco – delightfully bitchy, especially the comments. Keep it up!

  27. Sam

    The New Albany blog is a work of fiction by this writer, but fun nonetheless!


  28. Kate

    I read the opening lines thingy (linked from closing lines) and was SHOCKED and HORRIFIED to find that “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again” was not on it! Surely that should have been included as one of the best (at least, the most quoted) opening lines ever? They managed to include the last line of Rebecca…

  29. christine

    ahh.. thanks for all the clarifications. i thought i had read all of new albany, but i didn’t catch where she ever said it was fiction. glad to know i’m not totally gullible.. haha.