Fugs and Fines: The The Annenberg Space For Photography Helmut Newton Opening

This exhibit is called ““Helmut Newton: White Women – Sleepless Nights – Big Nudes” so maybe we should be glad that everyone resisted the temptation to come thematically naked.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. GingerSnap

    I just got broken up with by the love of my life, and literally the only thing that has made me smile this month is screaming Grey’s Anatomy monologues at him in my head and reading this website. Thank you for being a friend Fug Girls. Let’s do drinks. Also, the outfit is heinous, but love Sharon’s earrings.

  2. Sajorina

    Well, I’m glad to see Sharon wear something other than black for a change and BONUS: no Spanx needed! Bella Heathcote’s dress is awesome… WANT! Mandy Moore looks AMAZING! I love her outfit, especially the jewelry! COVET! And Cindy, Rashida & Crystal look very pretty! Plus, well done, Mr. Gerber!

  3.  Jesse

    Rashida Jones does not look good! I realize she has looked worse, but that is Not Good, from top to bottom! I am 100% Quibbles with that outfit.

    For the record.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I agree. Also, Moore, it’s summer – put away the leather.

    •  Emma

      Yeah, I think tucking a bulky, boxy sweater/long-sleeved tee into a tiny, slim-fitting, high-waisted mini skirt is a no no.

  4.  Stefanie

    I love Mandy Moore. She has aged out of being a teenager so well. Good job lady!

  5. kickassmomnyc

    Sharon’s caftan is really quite pretty and summery, but it looks a bit too big, too loose.
    Cindy Crawford is still so beautiful, it’s almost sickening.

    •  Squirrel!

      I kind of love Sharon’s caftan. It looks terrific with her coloring! As for size, I can’t really tell… ’cause, y’know, it’s a caftan. ;-)

  6.  HelenBackAgain

    Bella Heathcote wins. I think she looks splendid!

  7. Donna

    My god, I hate that American Apparel ad so much. I actually came to comment on Rashida Jones’ shoes (hoofs, awful), but that ad is THE SLEAZY WORST.

  8. Elizabeth Rafferty

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rashida’s skirt color – I believe it’s Kelly Wearstler, and if it didn’t cost $600, it would be mine!

  9. Ruth

    I truly think Rashida is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. However, she does not know how to dress herself AT ALL. She either has never worked with a stylist or she’s punking us. I mean, Paris Hilton’s “style” is horrendous, but at least she knows how to accentuate whatever dubious charms she has. Rashida dresses like Buffy Season 1′s Willow.

    • Lizzy

      Yeah, the quirky/nerdy girl look isn’t working. It’s like hot actors (Depp, Pitt) who purposely scruff it up.

      • Kristin

        I think I just saw that she works with Brad Goreski? Maybe on Lainey Gossip?

        • Guerra

          She does, I saw it on his show. I think she loves quirky but we want her to be pretty! :)

  10. ceecee

    If Sharon Osbourne wants to go for comfortable in a caftan, I’m all for it. I feel you, Sharon.

  11. Bella

    Go, Sharon! You can be a real fashion icon for those of us who have passed the half century mark (or at least, whose bodies have past that mark.)

  12. Tiffany

    I love Constance’s dress. It looks so breezy and comfortable, yet it isn’t so flowy that she gets lost in it (in Ozzie’s voice “Shar-ON!”)

  13. CakesOnAPlane

    I feel we may not be looking at the same picture of Rashida Jones. I’m seeing an ill fitting skirt which is too small in the waist and gaps at the pockets, gratuitously clunky platform shooves…and I think that Constance Zimmer is what Rashida thinks her bangs look like but instead her forehead just looks…striped. I just want good things for Rashida.

  14. Elle

    When I go to the home I hope the staff will let me dress like that.

  15. HKS

    I think Mandy Moore looks great in that dress – but she doesn’t look anything like Mandy Moore in that face. I had NO idea it was her, and hardly believed it when I saw her named captioned. She looks at least 15 years older to me than she actually is, right?

    And I agree with the comments: Rashida looks terrible.