Do we think that Addison can come back to Grey's now that Private Practice is ending? Because I loved her on that show, and it's currently full of superfluous characters. I like to play this game called, "WHO CAN STAY ON GREY'S ANATOMY?" in which I list the characters I DON'T want to kill off. Right now, the list is only: Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Callie. Oh, and Smash Williams. And Jesse L Williams, because he's dreamy. SOMETIMES McDreamy, but he can be such a tool. The end. This is actually better than the beginning of the season, when I really wanted to kill basically anyone other than Cristina and Meredith. (Shonda Rimes has a weird take on romance, sometimes, but she is really good at writing friendships.)

    Also, she looks fine.

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