Fugs and Fines: Penelope Cruz


I know I just said I wasn’t going to speculate (too much) on the possible occupants of Kate Middleton’s uterus yet, and I’m not going to do it for Penelope Cruz either, except to note that nothing is fitting her correctly in the torso and I find it INTERESTING IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Okay, I am totally speculating. They denied pregnancy rumors in July, but I’m about to start a new one.

Regardless: P CRUZ, you are about to FLASH US in that pink dress. BE CAREFUL. Also: YOU ARE SO PRETTY.

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  1. Remi

    that jacket…the top two buttons are…so far stretched…they look like…her nipples…there I said it.

  2. Rebekah

    Yeah, I’d say there is a definite preggo possibility. (Myself, I’m 11 weeks along and my clothes are starting to look like that. Not a definite bump, but something… is not… quite… right… OH!)

  3. Sandra

    From this day forward that pink dress shall be known as Audrey. Because that floppy stuff makes her look like she’s seventh-eighths of the way swallowed by a Venus flytrap.

    Love the purple jacket/black trousers one, even if it doesn’t fit right.

  4. Krusticle

    Yeah, I’m voting pregnant, too. Her face, her arms, her torso — she’s never that plump, unless…..

    • Kristen from MA

      I was doubltful until I saw the tight purple jacket. Definitely pregnant.

  5. glee

    She totally has the glow – she looks like somehow a decade has melted off her face (and not in that strangely chemical/surgical way).

  6. karen

    Yup, preggers! Yay for another Bardem baby!

  7. Amanda

    Just Googled “Penelope Cruz pregnant again” and found a story from 45 minutes ago where she (maybe?) confirmed a second pregnancy. If it’s true, congratulations!

  8. Anna Svahn

    I totally took a spit take at how the slit is flashing her upper thigh. Too much! And if she is pregnant, HURRAY!

    • Liibet

      Higher split than Angelina’s? Is there a competition going on here? (Of course there is!)

  9. Stefanie

    Aww I love her and Javier! Good for them!

  10. Chrissy

    I wish there was a close-up because her face looks noticeably different to me. If she is pregnant, then great, but to me she has a little bit of the plastic surgery look from what I can see from so far away.

    • Karen G

      I wondered that too. There were some other photos a couple of weeks back that looked strange like that. But when I saw her in To Rome with Love, she looked great – no funny business with the face. So hopefully she hasn’t done anything foolish, because messing with that face would be a crime. Her face is too pretty and needs to be left alone.

    • Melly

      Definitely looks like filler in her top lip and cheeks. I agree! Let that stuff wear off and don’t do it again, Penelope!

  11. Eliza Bennett

    The pink dress makes me think Lea Michele could play her in a biopic. Or Penelope could play Future Lea in a sassy re-imagining of the Christmas Carol. I’d go to either of those movies, but I don’t think I support this dress. Or the way it’s weirdly lassoing her boob.

  12. Bella

    The pink dress is a pretty color, but that boob lasso and slit are too much. It’s probably always a good idea to keep your dress slit lower that your tan lines.

  13. Halo

    I just really hate dresses like that, but P.C. is gorgeous.

  14. Evalyn

    She is so pretty. The pink pretty, but not on her. Hot pink or salmon would be a better choice.

  15. CreLa

    The pink one looks like a trashy prom dress.

  16. anny

    “We don’t need to see that much Penelope Cruz. At least, not on the red carpet.”

    I don’t need to see that much Penelope Cruz under any circumstances, especially that part.

  17. Susan

    She is definitely pregnant.

  18. Art Eclectic

    I’d have loved the pink dress a lot more without the slit. Maybe without the ruching as well. Let the bodice be interesting as hell and then a graceful but fitted drop to the floor.

    That would have been both dramatic and elegant.

  19. Bottle Ginger

    You know where I’ve seen that drape-around-one-boob neckline before? “STAR TREK: VOYAGER”! No, really, there was an episode where Seven of Nine tried to go on a date, and she wore a lavender dress with that exact drape-around-one-boob neckline.

    I confess I’m very surprised to see today’s expensive designers stealing ideas from “STAR TREK”.


  20. Daniel

    Gross. All I can think of with this pose is what led up to the alleged pregnancy, which makes me slightly nauseated. Also, what has Angelina started with the stick-your-leg-out pose from the Oscars, and why does Penelope feel the need to emulate it?

  21. Fuh Ugh

    WHOA – too much bronzer with the pink dress. Unless … is she actually that color? I don’t care for the boob lasso either.

    I didn’t think Lea Michele so much as I first thought this post was Nina Dobrev. Lea Michele WISHES she were in that league.

  22. Rita Soetanto

    One of my favorites…

  23. Helen

    I don’t like anything about the pink dress, including the color, which is pretty in and of itself, it just doesn’t suit Cruz.

    The jacketed outfit is adorable, though, and I am also voting “pregnant.” And carrying high.

  24. witjunkie

    The fact that she looks like she’s trying not to hurl in every photo is enough to convince me.

  25. Shoeniverse

    I like the pink dress, but you wear a dress that is slit up to the very lady garden height of the hip then you simply MUST be a little more mindful of how to stand.


  26. Lily1214

    She’s one of my faves.

  27. Ms. A.

    That dress is awful. The color is bad. I don’t hate slits but this one is too much.

  28. Kissable Lips

    Great dress for the lady with the most kissable lips!