Fugs and Fines of the 7th Annual March of Dimes Celebration of Babies


Aw, who doesn’t want to celebrate babies? Although I would rather celebrate babies with cocktails on the lanai rather than at a luncheon, but I guess the March of Dimes (as someone who has snuggled many kids who arrived a bit earlier than they were supposed to, a cause of which I am very fond) can’t really be all like, “come over and DRINK IT UP, GUYS. WHOOOO BABIES.”

In other words, this is REALLY an event where the celebs in question got on the horn with their stylists and said something along the lines of, “no, seriously, I really do need to look tasteful.” The good news is, most of them pulled it off.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Kirst

    Something about the angle those photos are taken from makes them all have fat stumpy legs and massive heads.

    • qwertygirl

      I had a similar thought. As though the photographer who took these was standing on a ladder 5 feet off the ground. I know most of these Hollywood types are miniatures, but who was the photographer? Lurch?

      • filmcricket

        They all crowd in and around a tiny little area where the stars come out and pose. Because there are usually way too many photographers for the space, a lot of them bring step ladders, or even just point their cameras over their compadres’ shoulders and hope for the best. That’s why you get these funky angles.

  2. filmcricket

    Agreed that kicky boots would have been great for La Hanigan. Peet’s trench may be great but it needs a serious go-round with a steamer; I honestly thought it had a draw-string bottom until I clicked on the original image. Also her pants need hemming. I think Banks takes this one.

  3. margaret

    I don’t know who Sarah Drew is but I actually do like her pop of red–the lips and the shoes against the minty green. Maybe I’m already longing for spring, but it’s refreshing. And the dress is very snappy.

    • Reg

      that is lovely bonkers April from Greys Anatomy. And I do too love her whole outfit, she looks cuuuute.

    • Morgan R.

      I love the two colors together, but the red lips AND shoes AND purse were a little matchy. Other than that I think it’s great.

    • Hima

      OR…she is the lovely Hannah from Everwood – who has the greatest love of all with Bright. :)

      I actually prefer this pop of red to Reese’s. I really like Reese’s black dress, but the red shoes feel weird here. I like Sarah’s better because she has the lips and bag to go with the shoes.

    • Erin

      She looks like a Christmas elf to me. I would have much rather seen, say, a deep purple accent.
      One should never dress like a holiday (unless you’re attending an Ugly Christmas Sweater party – then all bets are off).

  4. Orange Clouds

    So I love kids but this looks to me like the most boring event known to man.

    • glee

      Seriously, not a single “wow, I want that” look in the bunch.

      • Sandra

        It’s a March of Dimes Celebration of Babies; what did you think they should wear? Unless one of them invented babies, tasteful and ladylike is the order of the day.

        • Esme

          There’s a difference between “tasteful and ladylike” and blahhh. Pretty much fugs all here.

  5. Reg

    I looove Alyson Hanigan’s outfit. with the nude shoe. I think the dress and the snazzy jacket are statement enough. why make the entire thing overtly interesting?

  6. Eliza Bennett

    jeemus, Ms. Duff. Go up a size. no one will know. Also, a little moto jacket or cropped trench would not have been amiss. You’re not 16 any more. Of the rest of the looks, I guess I like Reese’s the best. No, wait–I like Alyson’s the best, with a belt and t-strap sparklies.

  7. Cucina49

    I think I may have had Hilary’s dress. In high school. In the 1980s, when many fashion mistakes were made.

    • Carol

      And her shoes look like they were bought at Dollar General … from the remainder table.

  8. Shannon

    Mdme. Banks’ dress is lovely. I would wear it to the office, to brunch, to a shower or two. Perfect!

  9. Kitty

    I think Amanda Peet might carry the unfortunate Informal Gene. Wherein the victim ALWAYS looks 10-20% less put-together than someone else in the exact same ensemble. She’s always soclose, but not quite perfect.

    A Fellow Sufferer

    PS – The reverse of this gene also exists, wherein the carrier always looks a percentage more perfect than anyone else in the same outfit. I’m pretty sure Reese Witherspoon is their mascot.

    • pantsonfire

      I will join this support group.

      • Melinda

        OMG, I’ve never seen this syndrome described so perfectly, but it’s why I find it impossible to ever look really dressed up.

  10. Trace

    Amanda Peet is stunning but always looks so badly put together on the red carpet. Why??

  11. AM

    Wow, what happened? Everyone looks fine, appropriate for the event, left the cray-cray at home. I few of the outtits I might even wear! (Okay, I like a long skirt, shoot me).

  12. H.C.

    Bummers about Hilary and her too-short dress; guessing the silver stripe is supposed to hit under the bust for an empire waist effect, and for a day event, the hem should really be around the knee instead of mid-thigh.

  13. Eli

    I feel like Reese Witherspoon made much more interesting fashion choices when she was in her Fabulous Divorcee phase. Now it is kind of snoozetown, even with the red shoes.

    • Kat

      Well, she does have a new baby. She probably wishes she could go to Snoozetown.

  14. Lynne

    I like Sarah Drew’s colour combo. I think it may be suffering from what appears to be atrocious lighting. Look at her skin colour, for crying out loud. No way she’s that colour in real life.

    Megan Fox and David Silver there really do look like they want a nap.

  15. hillpagan

    Elizabeth Banks, though lovely, looks oddly exactly like a barbie to me here.

    • Helen

      I think it’s her hair. Banks’ look would be a Fab for me if she’d fix her hair.

      And Witherspoon looks fine, and appropriate. The rest I think are all kind of a mess.

  16. TonyG

    I love Hillary Duff’s zingy outfit; just a little too tight, but the look I love.

  17. Sandra

    Can I adopt Allyson Hannigan? I don’t have a little sister and I think she’d be kick-@ss in the role.

  18. mary lou bethune

    They all look like they need to relax, like Amanda Peet is doing. I hope they raised some money, but they all look very bored and boring to me.

  19. Sajorina

    They all look FINE! I especially like Elizabeth Banks’ dress! And, I want Hilary Duff’s shoes NOW! Now, I tell you!!!

  20. Samantha

    It is not possible that Alyson is in her late 30s she looks like a decade and a half younger. Girlfriend needs to tell me her secret.

  21. umraniyerenault

    post a realistic look at the matter. Much appreciation, at least from me for the great, i really like finding thoughts that enlightening helpful anyway.

  22. Beth

    I feel for Hillary Duff. I have the same build and it’s a hard line to walk between frumpsville and WAY-to-much. Too covered up and it makes you look heavy, play up your shape and the assets are veering into inappropriate. A cute dressy cardigan and a few extra inches on the dress might have saved this. (Not even knee length, just more than halfway down her thigh.)

  23. Meldisny

    Anyone else think the March of Dimes should adjust for inflation already?

  24. Beth

    Hilary Duff’s shoes are an upskirting waiting to happen….

  25. ChristieLea

    LOVE Elizabeth Banks’ dress! I’m a sucker for tweedy office dresses…it’s so pretty.

    Agree that Hilary’s dress is a wee bit snug for this event, but I MUST HAVE her shiny shiny shoes.

  26. jean

    I did not know that Brian Austin Green was Megan Fox’s baby-daddy? Really??? That’s unexpected.

  27. jean

    Oh yeah and Allyson Hannigan is gorgeous without trying too hard. I don’t think she’ll ever be a high fashion girl. Elizabeth Banks looks awesome.

  28. SharonCville

    Why do I think I’ve seen Elizabeth Banks in that pink tweed before? Anyway, it looks great!

  29. Vandalfan

    Is it winter where they are? Sleeveless and minis don’t say December to me.

  30. Sarah O

    Agree with your assessment, but think Allyson Hannigan could also have used a skinny belt to cinch up that dress with the boxy jacket over it.