Fugs and Fehs of Spike TV’s Video Game Awards

You know how I am obsessed with thinking about how celebrities and their stylists figure out the appropriate outfit for each event, especially sort of random ones. I feel like for any Spike TV-related event, there’s a lot of actresses trying to decide if this means they need to look sort of….sleazy? Or what? WHAT DOES SPIKE TV REQUIRE?

Apparently it requires black and leather if you’re a woman, and unexpected blondeness if you are a dude.

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  1. PeggyO

    Say no to Evil Douche Hair, Zachary. Stay good! Also, Alba, do NOT go blonde again. This is as light as you should ever go, and it still looks uneven.

  2. PB

    What are you talking about “apparently being a wan Kate Middleton in a weak Lifetime movie and a bit player on Grey’s Anatomy is enough to get you invited to things”? Aside from being amusingly crazy and completely without shame, Phoebe Price has never done anything that I can discern and she still gets invited to things.

  3. AmyK

    I believe Zach Levi went blond to play Fandral in the new Thor movie, so at least it was for a role. Jessica Alba, I concur with PeggyO: Please don’t go blonde again.

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      Jessica is also blond for a role. She’s currently filming Sin City 2, so it’s not her fault…

      • AmyK

        Woohoo! At least now we know that the blond/e thing isn’t because they suddenly got bored with having fabulous, dark hair.

  4. Stefanie

    Are we sure that’s really Adrienne Currey? She looks NOTHING like the Adrienne from Top Model.

    • Jessica

      She has really jacked with her face since then.

      • Sandala

        Can not believe it. ANTM season one was the best ever. Time for a where are they now?? (except blondy “I don’t do naked / underwear”).

        • Stefanie

          Wow. I cant believe how different she looks.

          Cycle 1 was by far the best cycle. Robin, what happened to Robin?

  5. Sandra

    If my life was such that I was getting invited to anything related to Spike TV, I would take a long, hard look at my choices to see where I went wrong. Yuck!

  6. H.C.

    Ugh @ Adrienne’s corset — they are called UNDERgarments for a recent.

  7. Reva

    She is invited to Spike because she is the voice of the new Tomb Raider video game, and its the video game awards. I agree though, not a good look.

    Jessica Alba must be in the dying stages of her “career”

    I like that Zach Levi uses a stylist now, but the stylist is dressing him the same a lot (pattern suit and tie bar, Vivian Westwood), but at least the suits fit now. I do not like this tie in anyway on him though and especially not with the suit.

  8. Helen

    The only outfit I like here is the one on Adrianne (that’s how she spells it). But her face does look… just not right anymore. Sigh. Why do beautiful girls DO this?

    Levi’s suit is mostly okay, but I’m not sure there’s really any excuse for keeping the blond, and I don’t like the cut of the pants, which kinda ruins it anyway.

  9. Jenn

    Jessica Alba’s hair reminds me of 90′s Mariah Carey hair a bit. The really crispy, roots showing, fried looking waves.

  10. Sajorina

    Jessica Alba should NOT have been allowed to go out in public with that prison mop on her head! Ew! NO! Awwww, I miss “Chuck”! He looks so cute! I think Adrienne Curry looks as beautiful now as she did when she won ANTM! And, I think it’s funny that Luddington played Middleton… Nice dress!

  11. Emma

    I think the “unexpected blondeness” applies to girls too. Remember when Jessica Alba used to be in movies? Now she just turns up to events, looking completely different every time.

  12. Wade

    That dress is two/three inches too long.

  13. Vandalfan

    Video game awards are the perfect place for females to wear tight black leather. What else can be expected?

  14. Gillian

    I am still so mad Borderlands 2 beat out Assassin’s Creed 3 and Mass Effect 3 for Best Video Game Character. Shephard and Connor, come *on*!

    …Oh, the dresses and suits. They’re fine. I like Jessica Alba’s shoes. If that’s what Zachary Levi looks like as Fandral in Thor 2, though, possibly maybe do not want.

  15. Sweetsinger

    A formal gala would have a LONG leather skirt!