Fugs and Fabs: Veuve Cliquot Polo Extravagnza

Some of these people seemed unclear on where they were actually going.

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  1. lilywise

    Selma is the only person in the world … except maybe SWINTON … who could wear that romper and look good.
    And how great would it be if SWINTON showed up somewhere in a severe romper??

  2. Dazie

    Severe romper = naughty girls’ school uniform. I can totally see the appeal for Selma Blair to be wearing it. Perhaps she’ll hex someone.

  3. Kathleen Trail

    I do love the term “severe romper”….

    But I had to admit you guys gave me pause with the spelling of Rebecca Romijn’s name. Not that I ever was sure how it was spelled, but I kept repeating “Ro-mi-jin” in my head to see if it was right or not. And I also kept thinking it kind of like a Dutch version of ramen noodles.

  4. Lauren

    You guys, I’m concerned about Minnie Driver… So terribly thin.

  5. thereset


    • Art Eclectic

      While not appropriate for this event (IMHO) hip bags are great for a quick trip to the store or a walk on the beach when you don’t want to be dragging a bag around. I wear the hell out of mine.

  6. Sarah

    Girls, you’ve been sipping too much Veuve… It’s Romijn, not whatever you wrote. And yes, she may be one of the oldest of the bunch but she looks fabulous.

    • Jessica

      Yes, I just f’ed up my transcription. I never spell her name right.

      It’s fixed now; thank you.

  7. Jill

    The first dress and the last dress were the best. Everything in the middle was just meh.

  8. Tigger

    Not to be persnickety, but you also jumbled Colbie’s name. It’s Colbie Caillat, not Cobie Caillet. I agree about her outfit though.
    And yes, Mandy Moore looks fantastic – cute and happy. Marriage must be agreeing with her.

  9. Jules

    I liked Ali Larter’s and Garcelle’s.
    I don’t think it feels like fall in LA, yet!

    Ellen Pompeo is dressed like a cranky riding instructor I once had…
    so Rose McGowan must be a groom,
    and Selma Blair is the veterinarian from another planet!

  10. pantsonfire

    So, I feel strongly that Lauren Conrad is the LA doppelganger of Kate Cambridge. Their faces are eerily similar, in my opinion.

    Three cheers for Romijn and (gasp) Ashley Greene. Ashley’s dress was perfect on her, which is very high praise because I think she often struggles with dressing her shape to its best advantage. Also, I have irrational affection for Selma Blair and think she is one of the few that can carry that romper, so kudos to her, as well.

  11. Stefanie

    Zoe is wearing a fannypack. ZOE IS WEARING A FANNY.PACK.

    Mandy Moore is so cute. She has grown up to be such a beautiful woman. (Did I just sounds like my gran? Yes I did.) LC looks great too. She has really grown on me since The Hills era. And her stuff she at Kohls is so cute!

  12. Sandra

    I used to read a lot of Judith Krantz back in the day; mostly because I read a lot of everything an it was there. There’s a lovely scene in Scruples where one bitchy young socialite damns an acquaintance (perhaps the main character) with the withering scorn by saying “she doesn’t even know how to dress to watch polo”.

    So, yeah, that. And it isn’t as if the ether isn’t full of Kate dressed for big time charity polo events. None of this lot looks like they dressed for the same event as each other, much less get it right.

  13. witjunkie

    Lauren Conrad is always Marcia Brady to me; having said that though, I feel safe enough here to admit I have a sweater and another piece by her that I love, despite not being, I’m sure, anywhere near her target demographic.

    Also – I think Minnie Driver is the exception that proves the Everything is More Fabulous with Shades rule. She is so striking, I think, and yet here she looks like any mom in the car line.

  14. Carol

    I have no idea who half of these people are.

    • Tar Heel Gal

      Don’t feel bad, I don’t either! However–Anne Shirley shoutout (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!)! Berry picking hat, heeeee! Mandy Moore for the win, she looks gorgeous. Now I need to go find that video with her and Zach singing the love song from Rapunzel!

  15. Sarah

    On Miss King, I’m sorry to say, it isn’t the clutch. That hem IS all jacked up. Scrutinize and you will see the truth!

  16. Laucie

    MM and RR for the win !

  17. Jo

    Anne Shirley! Yes!

  18. TC

    Minnie Driver needs a sandwich. Stat.

  19. Mikki

    That’s a whole lot of bad outfits, Rebecca is the only one that looks event-appropriate.

  20. Jolene

    I keep confusing Lauren Conrad with Carmen Electra.

    And I also remember when Rose McGowan was pretty.

  21. Vandalfan

    If I was the mother of these young ladies (biology says yes, just barely), #12 and #5 may stay for the nice party and the others must go home and change to something more suitable. Some basics would be understated shoes with heels, and an outfit that requires proper undergarments.

    • lipstickmachete

      You sound like MY mother Vandalfan!! And I am very lucky to have had a mother who insisted on appropriate outfits for each occasion – not to mention undergarments. As Ma would say, “At least dress like it appears you have made an effort, anything less is an insult to your host.” And another pearl of wisdom: “Breasts, legs or back darling, never more than one at any given time.”

  22. Emma

    The hem on Georgia King’s dress is all insane, it’s not just the clutch.

  23. Rebecca

    Doesn’t Rachel Zoe almost ALWAYS look like a Stevie Nicks backup singer? I also think she’s a great stylist and I don’t mind her, but I almost never like the way she dresses herself.

    Mandy Moore looks adorable, I love that color! And I also have such a girl crush on LC. She has the cutest clothes and I have always had serious hair envy. I also really love her line at Kohl’s, it’s so cute and girly.

  24. Squirrel!

    Mandy Moore FTW.
    Runners-up: Ashley Greene, Rebecca Romijn. Both get demerits for lack of color.

  25. Lucille Austero

    And Bijou Phillips’ shoes are what Marilla would wear to go and give Rachel Lynde a piece of her mind.

  26. loonytick

    I liked Minnie Driver and Rebecca Romijn’s dresses, but in front of that grassy backdrop they looked entirely too formal to me. I’m unclear just what sort of event this was, but if things like LC’s cute little girly look were appropriate, theirs were not. Oh, and Georgia King’s hem most assuredly is wonky. It rises up at least two inches right there in the middle! Poor thing. I can’t help but think she meant to have her clutch there to cover it up, but accidentally let her hand wander to the side a bit.

  27. Guerra

    I love how LC dresses!! I want her wardrobe!

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