Fugs and Fabs: This Week In Miley

Since her Cosmo cover caused such a stir among her fans — in a good way; they are obsessed with it, and in fact, at the launch party, we saw a long line of people who seemed decidedly too old to be waiting for her to autograph their issue — Miley has had a pretty good PR week. Let’s see how she clothed it.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Stefanie

    Her clothes are “whatever” for me (although, I love the Mickey Mouse and that leather jacket) but the hair is killing me. No wait, the cut is fine, it’s the color that is making me feel all icky inside. The bleached-ness, fried, grown in root look just isnt a good one.

    She’s also looking a while lot like my white haired, 11 year old nephew and that is really weirding me out. Especially in the first and last pictures.

  2. lilywise

    I really like the Mickey Mouse outfit at the Marc Jacobs show. I think she’s really pulling off that look for that event. And her face looks great there, too.

  3. Sarah

    I don’t know why, but there’s something I find kind of endearing about Miley. I wonder if she should aim for her next role to be that of the spunky bff in an 80s revival movie. It might suit her. That said, most of these are awful. Although I kind of enjoy the mickey mouse outfit.

    • Sandra

      Miley Cyrus is to Molly Ringwald as New Coke is to Coke Classic.

    • Dani

      I like her more an more. I kind of want to be the best friend she brings with her everywhere.

      Except I’m nowhere near agreeable enough for that and jet-lag makes me cranky.

  4. jackiejormpjomp

    the third picture = robyn wannabe

  5. Vandalfan

    Hair- hear, hear. The Kewpie Doll style ruins a nice pixie cut that is rather flattering to her face.

    Her clothing looks quite nice, you know, considering, even the red jumpsuit, though I prefer that without the short leather jacket. I think the jacket, nice as it is, emphasizes the billowy pant volume.

  6. Dazie

    I kind of love the Mickey Mouse outfit. The rest I could take or leave.

    But would someone PLEASE have this woman stand up straight! She so often hunches with one shoulder sky high that I think maybe she has scoliosis.

  7. Cristina

    I hate to say it, but I really like the red jumpsuit on her. I’m not sure how (probably a combination of being young and cute), but she’s making it for for her.

  8. Cheeseandwhine

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually think she looks pretty good in all of these. I would never wear any of it myself, but she seems to be pulling it off.

  9. Sharona

    The Mickey Mouse crop top is apparently A Thing since the March ’13 issue of Glamour has Dakota Fanning Mickey Mouse crop-topping it up on the cover…

  10. Nancy

    I had that black and white outfit in the 80s, except that it was in red and white!

  11. Halo

    I know I had that striped dress in middle school. It was from Saturdays, and I saved my babysitting money for weeks to buy it.

  12. Lucasta

    I never had particular feelings about Miley Cyrus before she cut her hair but now every time I see her I feel like she could totally be, like, a lesser Judith Krantz heroine. I ADORE it.

  13. Alma

    I really like almost all of these (minus the red jumpsuit)….what..what is happening??!

    • One of the Leahs

      That’s just how I feel! That jumpsuit pains me, but the others all look good to me. I don’t even hate the hair, because it’s appropriate for her. End times?

      • Sarah

        Clearly I’m alone here, but I really love the red jumpsuit. I’d seek it out for myself were it not for the fact I’m a good 6 inches taller than her so it obviously wouldn’t fit me. I also want (but am never likely to have) her abs. She must work out very hard and respect to her.

  14. LT1

    That hat on the back of the blond hair w/roots is very “Madonna”-era Madonna. I like the short hair too, but that brassy blond has got to go–it photographs so green.

    I had that last red/white striped skirt–but it was a mini bought at a Nicole Miller sample sale in ’93. I loved that skirt.

  15. TereLiz

    Not sure about the white dress (re:Marchesa or no?), but I think both the red striped skirt and the sweater are Marc Jacobs. His pjs are Prada. ;)

    Against my more curmudgeonly instincts, I find Miley to be fun and refreshing. Maybe it’s just that I’m so over Taylor Swift that Miley looks like a human being in comparison…

  16. TereLiz

    Not sure about the white dress (re:Marchesa or no?), but I think both the red striped skirt and the sweater are Marc Jacobs. His pjs are Prada. ;)

    Against my more curmudgeonly instincts, I find Miley to be fun and refreshing. Maybe it’s just that I’m so over Taylor Swift that Miley looks like a human being in comparison…

    • TereLiz

      D’OH! Damn double post! Let me just add that I liked the red jumpsuit, but you’re right about the shoes. They needed to be funkier or metallic or have flames coming off them, amirite? ;)

  17. ErinE

    6 and 7 are actually really cute… the rest, notsomuch.

  18. Pouncer

    The last outfit is the only one I really like. It’s kind of perfect.

    The red jumpsuit is not entirely wretched, but I prefer it sans leather jacket, which seems to stumpify her something fierce.

    Oh, Miley.

  19. CakesOnAPlane

    I have questions:

    1.) Do her lips look puffy because…they ARE puffy? A few of the closeups made me question whether or not she has done something to them (and really how does any post-Lohan starlet get talked into such things? Haven’t they learned from history?)

    2.) Is that first outfit a dress or a jumpsuit? The answer will significantly affect my opinion.

  20. Tiffany

    I feel like her clothes are so try-hard, because that is all she is doing now…dressing for paps. I like her cut on other people, but I don’t think it is flattering to her full face and now that it is looking fried as well I REALLY don’t like it.

  21. karen

    She definitely has grown on me. She just so often looks like she’s having fun and that’s refreshing. I quite like the red jumpsuit -maybe with different shoes, but it’s flattering on her.

    • Annie E

      Me too. I used to find her ubiquity so irritating, but now she’s so fun and seems like your slightly crazy best friend who is a real self-esteem booster. I don’t love anything she’s wearing but I think she’s pulling all of it off, if that makes sense.

  22. MissTee

    I love what Miley’s been doing lately – basically being a young, funky girl trying to find out who she is. I think that cut and color look great on her and while I think she could tone down her sideboob on many occasions, I like that she’s experimenting and doing fun stuff with her clothes.

  23. crookedE

    I wasn’t sure about it at first, but the haircut has really grown on me. She really should do something about the color, though. I look at her and can practically smell the peroxide.

  24. Christine

    I think her hair cut would look absolutely lovely if it were a rich shade of brown. She’s growing on me more and more these days, much as I hate to admit it!

  25. Mongerel

    She looks fantastic in the hamburglar outfit. I do wish she would commit to the blonde and touch up the roots.

  26. Claire1

    She’s having fun with fashion…hits and misses and some “Um maybe”s….I love it. Good for her.
    Now, when she’s my age and doing this we can call her on the fug…for now, she’s fun.

  27. mepe

    She is just NOT pretty enough for that hair style…it looks terrible on her. That being said, aside from the grammys side boob travesty all of the other outfits are actually pretty good.

  28. Sajorina

    I actually like outfits #6 & #7, if you take her head off (the pictures, not her actual body)! I would even wear them myself and I don’t ever like anything she wears, so it’s a step into the right direction!

  29. Bottle Ginger

    When I see has-been celebrities dress like this, I always wonder….

    Are they actually TRYING to get into Fug Madness? I mean, it’s attention.

  30. infoqueen

    What I’d really love is a Britney-style “Letter of Truth” from Miley.
    How ’bout it, Fug Girls? Up to channeling your inner Hannah Montana? ;)

  31. TonyG

    I’m digging the black and white jumpsuit, especially the top portion and sleeves.

  32. Callie

    The red jumpsuit for some reason reminds me of something Scully would wear in the early seasons of the X-Files. If it was black and had a jacket. And wasn’t a jumpsuit. So basically maybe what I’m saying is the pants looked like early seasons Scully pants. I may be going crazy. It was just a very forceful reminder for me.

  33. Miss Louise

    I’ve got to say she’s never looked better, and I say this as a non-fan (I’m decidely not her demographic). I disagree with the opinion that she’s not pretty enough for this hair – if anything it makes her prettier than before. I dislike the Robyn-wannabe look with the pushed-back hat and chunky shoes, but the rest look good.

  34. Wade

    Yeah, and all that, but what is she actually _doing_ these days?

  35. Heidi

    I think her haircut would look better if it was softer with a sweepy fringe rather than this hairdo that just looks like a copy of Pink, and if she had a softer blonde colour rather than platinum. She just needs to tone it all down a notch.
    I love the white dress with biker jacket, Exactly the sort of pretty/punk look I think she should go for.
    The mickey mouse look is also cute in a fun way that she can only pull off because of her age and her abs,

  36. Ann

    Yeah, I think she’s revisiting Madonna’s boy-toy phase.

  37. leeapeea

    Miley copied Buffy’s prom look and pulled it off. That’s a well done in my book.

  38. Brian

    I hate to say this because it makes me sounds like a jackass but here goes…….I was lucky enough to be at Clive’s Pre-Grammy Party and although I’m not a huge Miley fan, she looked amazing in person! My jaw hit the floor when she walked by. The pic doesn’t do the outfit justice and just for the record, her sideboob looked hot!