Fugs and Fabs: “The Way Way Back” premiere

If you are looking at this and thinking how seasonal and youthful and great it is, then you’re right… but you also can’t see her feet.

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  1. jenelope

    A black leather wrap style jumpsuit that makes you look like your left leg is encroaching on the right is never seasonal. Especially not in late June.

    Anna Sophia Robb ALMOST did the sweet dress/tough shoe combo I like quite a bit. But her shoe is just chunky, not actually tough. It’s the yappy dog of shoes. Makes a lot of menacing noise, but it’s got no muscle to back it up.

  2. ringthing

    Toni Collette is such a versatile, excellent actress – why can’t she create a worthy PR version of herself and dress for the part? This is like …well, I don’t even know.

  3. annie

    Toni Collette has got to be in Stella McCartney.

  4.  HelenBackAgain

    Never mind the clothes, what did the once-unique Toni Collette do to her face?!? She looks like Lisa Kudrow! Who is, I think, very pretty, but looks nothing like Toni Collette…

    And neither does Toni Collette, anymore.


    • Leah

      I don’t think she changed anything facially, just her hair and her, um, groin.

    • filmcricket

      Agreed, that’s who I’d have assumed it was based on the thumbnail.

      In other news, Steve Carell is totally transforming into a silver fox and I am completely down with that.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Yeah, Carell looks great. Who’da thunk he’d start getting handsome at this late date? But he is! And the facial hair, which I don’t normally like, is really working for him.

    • Dazie

      IMO she looked best as Muriel. Softer, happier. When she smiles now it’s all angles, and Muriel’s smile was more joyous.

      • Melinda

        To be fair, “Muriel’s Wedding” came out almost 20 years ago…your face is going to change no matter what in that amount of time.

    • Mimi

      LaineyGossip did a little bit re: Toni Collette’s face that I found interesting.


      • Guerra

        She looked horrible in Muriel!! And was a lot heavier!!(she put it on for the role)

  5. Katty McNiley Ripley

    That jumpsuit gives Toni the illusion of a anatomical appendix…. of the male variety… in Hamm configuration….

  6. azqueenie

    Krysten Ritter looks like a flight attendant from the Swingin’ ’60s.

  7. Trace

    You know…sometimes I find Steve Carell kinda hot…

  8. Sabrina

    Momsen called and she wants her training shoes back.

  9. maryse

    re: the girl at the end with the lucite shoes. i think she’s worn a tank top under a strapless dress.

  10.  ErinG

    Debby Ryan has made the classic mistake of going shopping and trying something on, only to realize you’re still wearing a sports bra…. (things I do all too often. thankfully, though, I never let said look leave the dressing room.)

  11. Karen

    I don’t know. I blew up the Robb photo to its full size to check out the shoes, and I didn’t think they were so bad. They pick up the black dots on the dress, and I actually think they’re kinda cute.

    • Jessica

      I was going to say the same thing! I think they work because of the black dots on the dress.

  12. Stefanie

    This is the first time in the history of my life I’ve ever looked at Steve Carell and thought “Huh, he’s looking sorta sexy.”

  13. Vandalfan

    On another note, I was the youngest of five kids, and in the 60′s I had to sit in the least desirable seat, the third bench of the station wagon, which we called “the way-back”.

    • Rachael

      My parents had a station wagon in the late 80s/early 90s and I was also one of five five kids (the oldest) — we also called the third seat (rear-facing) the “way-back.”

  14. Mimi


  15. Heidi

    Are those blue shoes wedged-platform-jandal-sandals? Do they have the jandal toe bit between the big toe and second toe? I really hope not!

  16. Ranee Singleton

    Toni Collette – the ultimate polterwang.

  17.  amys

    Toni outfit looks to be made of the Justin Bieber ManBaby Hammerpants material. It’s contagious.

  18. Sajorina

    I adore AnnaSophia’s dress… COVET! Her earrings & clutch and hair & makeup are also FABULOUS!

  19. witjunkie

    I’m enjoying how the text behind Robb’s head sorta makes it look like she has a fauxhawk.

  20. ErinE

    That dress makes Krysten Ritter look hippy, something she is MOST definitely not.

    The debby ryan shoes… I can’t even. Someone get that poor girl a stylist. (is she in anything to warrant a stylist?)

  21. Kris

    Doesn’t it seem a little late in the year for all these ladies to be wearing leather, lately? Is it just me, or do a LOT of people seem to be wearing leather. It IS almost July, right?!

  22. Daffodil

    Toni Collette’s polterwang is so enormous that if Jon Hamm’s really serious about making the internets shut up about his package, he should just pay her to wear that jumpsuit and stand next to him all the time.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      He’s not serious about it. If he were, he’d just wear underwear.

      But the two of them should totally do that anyway!

  23.  Sarah

    I love Anna Sophia Robb’s dress and shoes separately but hate them together.