Fugs and Fabs: The Viva Forever Premiere

Let’s all agree that the idea of a Mamma Mia style musical using Spice Girls songs is majestic. Especially one written by Jennifer Saunders, a.k.a. Edina from Absolutely Fabulous. I sincerely hope there is a lengthy plot devoted to the origins of whatever the hell zig-a-zig-ah means.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Jenni

    I love Victoria’s outfit, apparently they got stuck in traffic and arrived late, hence the lack of photos with the other girls.

  2. Lizzy

    They all look great, especially Ginger, despite some questionable dress choices (isn’t it nice that none of them became Meth spice?). I recently (finally) watched Spice World and it was hilarious how the singing & dancing scenes were shot so that Posh was usually hidden behind one of the other spices. I’m guessing that this was done because she’s not that coordinated or graceful (except for walking in super-high heels). Too funny.

    • Morris

      Omg, wha???? Geri looks like a hideous bridesmaid circa 1987. Eck.
      Love love Vicki’s coat.
      The rest: tack tack tacky

      • Krusticle

        No, I love Glinda Good Spice’s dress! It may be a bit Cinderella, but it really is lovely and she wears it well.

  3. Annie E

    Mel B’s dress may look like she ripped it herself, but she still looks amazing.

  4. Carolina Girl

    To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, “Zig-azig-ah is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.

    Also, where is Harper??? That cute baby should always be on display.

  5. julyol1972

    Posh did take pictures with them (Daily Mail reader…) However, most sites have been slating her for bringing her family and not just coming alonet to hang out with the girls. It’s like she can never win. I think she looks great and that coat is to die for.

    • kalua

      I was about to write the same thing. Though she looks so disconnected to the group she might as well had been photoshopped. But who can blame her? I actually like her for getting over the Spice Girls. She had the least possibilities to do something on her own and look at her now… And that is one ridiculously good-looking family she has. Shame Harper isn’t old enough to go to such events. Seriously the most photogenic celeb family ever!

      • filmcricket

        I was just looking at these and thinking that: she was the least talented out of all of them and she’s gone on to have by far the best post-Spice career. And unlike some music-adjacent designers *cough*Stella*cough* she actually makes nice, if unimaginative, clothes.

  6. Sandra

    I can understand Victoria wanting to distance herself from her earlier career now that she has become a fashion designer. But it seems like she have either stayed home or gone all-in. I do love her outfit though.

    • SKS

      There are two versions of the story regarding the 4/1 split.

      1. Victoria had “obligations” to come so she did but she wasn’t happy about it and was essentially a party pooper.

      2. She meant to pose with the girls at the beginning but got caught up in traffic and the rest of the girls went in by the time she arrived.

      She was on stage at the end with all the girls.

      That said, I think they all look fabulous. I think Geri is the best dressed, and Emma’s is … interesting, but my love for them never ends. :P

      • Christina

        You know I had been wondering while watching the BBC video as to where Victoria was. Glad to know there are not just one but two possible answers. Spice Girls can’t be uncomplicated, what would the point be then.

  7. Chelsea

    I couldn’t find it from a quick Google search, but I recall the girls saying in an interview about 15 years ago (before the internet existed, apparently) that zig-a-zig-ah had something to do with another individual who was friendly with them. Like, a guy named Zig….or something. 15 years is a long time.

  8. hfree

    Has anyone ever seen Victoria and Mckayla Moroney in the same place at the same time? I just realized that they are twins.

    And it’s really nice that Geri wore my prom dress from 1998, since that’s when the Spice Girls were at their peak.

    • Breda

      Hee, spent most of the Olympics talking with a friend about how Mckayla Maroney needs to play her in a Spice Girls origin movie. (Except I guess that we sort of already have that with Spice World?)

  9. maryse

    oh man. the spice girls, such a guilty pleasure for me.


    Unfortunately, that long-bright-lace-over-short-black-opaque-skirt-or-dress has been A Thing in the UK for a good year now. Erk.

  11. Rayna

    LOVED the Spice Girls back in the day, tho’ I’m (ahem) a little outside their demo…..

    Ginger’s dress is gorgeous, but she could probably go up a size (see back view). Scary’s is gorgeous as well, but looks like she DID rip it a bit more.

    Baby and Sporty – girls, PLEASE!!! OTOH, their purses are charming.

    Posh is her usual, predictable, AWESOME self, but looks dressed for a different event.

    And how cute are the little Beckhamses???

    • hb

      See there’s no accounting for taste, because I think sporty looks great, and on the other hand ginger’s dress looks like a cheap prom dress….

      Well maybe some accounting for taste, since we both agree that baby’s dress is a disaster

  12. Alameda Peg

    Look at how beautifully the bodice of Geri’s dress fits! It’s good when she’s posing with the other Girls, but she can even raise her arm all the way up to wave without worrying about exposing herself. IT CAN BE DONE.

  13. McLisa

    On Geri: Her dress fits beautifully. I’m not sure it was right for this event, but it’s pretty.

    On Posh et al: So absurd to the point of hilarity. They’ve even taught their kids the “Botoxed Blue Steel.”

  14. Lynne

    I pretty much adore Ginger’s dress. Color, fit, over-the-top princess with an attitude. LOVE.

  15. sarah

    Posh’s boys looks so grown up…it’s making me feel SOOOOO OLD!

  16. Stefanie

    Did Geri get lost on the way to the Prom? Granted, I would have killed to wear something that lovely to prom. And looking like you just stepped off the red carpet at prom is a sure fire way to be the best dressed award…Im not sure looking like you left the prom and accidently wondered onto a red carpet works.

    Honestly though, my love for all things Spice Girls knows no end.

  17. b

    more power to mel b if she ripped the slit herself…she looks amazeballs!


  18. marie

    who would have thought that not-so Posh Spice would be the most successful among them? i certainly didn’t think so, 15 years ago. I want that coat in my closet, stat! Her family is really gorgeous..looking at those 3 boys and their dad, I’m thinking “poor baby Harper, that’s one too many bodyguards when she gets to a certain dating age!”

  19. Helen

    Geri Halliwell looks great, and I think she’s the only one dressed appropriately for the occasion, which IMO is (or ought to be) quite formal. The cut, color, and drama are lovely on her, and, echoing remarks above, wow, what a fabulous fit! THAT’s how strapless is done. She’s also wearing it very comfortably. It doesn’t overwhelm her, though it’s a big dress.

    But the others, well… Beckham: business meeting; Mel B: MTV awards; Bunton: dinner date with man you don’t actually like; Mel C: well, that isn’t appropriate for anything.

    And oh boy I hope a film of this is made! I’m not going to go to London from New Mexico just to go to the theatre, but I’ll definitely head into the dreaded cineplex to see a film version.

  20. Sarah

    Love the idea of a spice musical!
    But honestly, posh seems to be the only one that has outgrown the silly/hilarious/tacky spice girls outfits. Very, very stylish. Fab coat.
    Speaking of fab, wasn’t the awesome Jennifer Saunders present?

  21. Andrew S.

    Why is no one else mentioning ‘glinda the good spice’?! I think you’ve just named my superhero alter ego

  22. Vandalfan

    So there were more than four Spice girls? That is my basis of knowledge.

    As an outsider, I’m sorry but I just want to smack Posh, and her stupid frowny, “zexy” poses. The gals have a big red carpet even and doll up to the nines, only to have her schelp in late, wearing pants and a overcoat. Please, the excuses about “stuck in traffic” are laughable. She seems completely disrespectful and utterly dismissive of the other gals who helper her get where she is today, both at the Olympics performance and here.

    • Scouse Helen

      I also assumed that she showed up late and dressed in “I’m a busy business woman (who has hired most of Roland Mouret’s design team to do all the actual designing)” attire in order to upstage the other girls. Although, with the exception of Mel C, they all look as if they dressed to upstage the others too. Girl power, eh?

  23. Claire1

    I love Posh.
    I’m not even a Spice Girl fan…

    But I’ve read so many interviews with her and I really like her….
    As for smiling…. she doesn’t like how she looks when she smiles so she doesn’t. I can relate….
    When men are sure of themselves and go getters they’re called successes…when women are they’re called b*&^%es….

  24. Joey

    Mel B (Scary) has been pretty high profile here in Australia and she’s absolutely *glorious* – I love her hosting/presenting/judging on TV. I think she looks fabulous here, it very much suits her image.

    I’m all about Victoria, though. After watching her disastrous attempts at a solo music career it’s been wonderful to see her do so well and become so stylish. She really looked dreadful a lot of the time, but my affection never wavered. And for someone so ruthlessly sullen on red carpets she does wonderful interviews that make her seem so charming.

    PS I recently found out that I was singing the words to “wannabe” wrongly. For about 17 years….

  25. 7Kellx

    Ginger Spice came as Cinderella. Not liking that…

  26. Hannah

    They did pose together at the end: http://www.thehothits.com/photos/36469

    If I had a David Beckham, and those three adorable boys to pose with, you betta believe I’d pick them over Spice Girls :)

  27. Guerra

    Wow I’d be embarrassed being Geri & standing next to Victoria lol Victoria looks so understated and stylish & the only lady who has worn something appropriate for the weather! While Geri looks… Embarrassing! Mel c looks hot!

  28. Guerra

    I mean mean Mel b!

  29. Beka

    Has anyone watched the Wannabe video recently? Poor Posh didn’t have a single line!

  30. Sajorina

    I can’t believe this is happening!

  31. Ghanimatrix

    I LOVE POSH. And I have this fantasy that whenever I arrive anywhere with my husband and sons people mistake us for the Beckhams due to the striking resemblance. And Victoria and I, who are besties, laugh hysterically about this and play practical jokes where we switch identities. The next party at the palace it’s my turn to be Posh!

  32. Nancy

    this whole concept is AMAZING. so glad i live in london when this stuff happens. and book of mormon is coming too! going to be a musical extravaganza.

    *need* posh’s coat.

  33. kess

    I love the evolvement of Posh, she once dressed like Paris all fake tits/tans and midriff.
    And she’s evolved into her monniker – they alllook like trash, with a Posh lady.
    The beck’s are great to watch in pics, that middle son is the cutes and most stylish.

    And the girls –
    Cinderalla is so funny, she dresses so girly all the time, who is that for??You lost you fun mojo.
    Baby/Sporty – remain confused, and sort of pointless.
    MelB – is all sex, and allways has been. She suits us aussies, fun,light hearted, direct. But boy they have difficulties dressing those huge bazzookas on 2 family shows she appears on.
    She needs to bring those puppies down a notch.

  34. The Fugger

    I kind of want to fug Ginger because she opted to actually wear something halfway decent (if a bit prommy) instead of wearing a full-on Union Jack ballgown.

    I don’t know. If I were going to the premiere of a movie based on the songs of a girl group that I was in 15 years ago where I paraded around the world in a Union Jack minidress and platform boots for two years straight, you BET I’d reference that heritage in my choice of couture.

    Posh almost certainly stole (figuratively or literally, I don’t know) that coat from a certain Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Speaking of which, I secretly hope she passive-aggressively invited Kate to the premiere (as payback for making her show up to the royal wedding 8 1/2 months pregnant or whatever she was – she was pretty far in, if I remember).

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