Fugs and Fabs: The Versace Show


Most of this went well. UNTIL IT DIDN’T.

[Photos: Getty, WENN.com]

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  1. Stefanie

    Are Elizabeth and that last lady wearing the same dress?

  2. Amy


  3. Leah

    M.I.A. doesn’t seem to be doing much lately. Perhaps she really is employed as a chair in Donatella’s mansion. The constant squatting is a poignant reminder of the suffering of her people.

  4. Willow

    I can only assume Fan Bingbing’s head is craned at such an angle because of the TONNE of hair extensions she seems to be wearing.

  5. Pouncer

    Lea’s shoes are also a size too large, so maybe she and the boyfriend decided to match their feet?

  6. Melly

    His pants are too long, her shoes are too big. Otherwise, well-played!

  7. Krusticle

    You know how, back in the day, Shelly Winters was the blowzy blond? Christina is the new Shelly.

    — adj , blowsier , blowsiest , blowzier , blowziest
    1. (esp of a woman) untidy in appearance; slovenly or sluttish
    2. (of a woman) ruddy in complexion; red-faced

  8. AliceBlue

    Christina Hendricks looks matronly in that blazer, and I’m pretty certain that wasn’t what she was shooting for.

  9. Halo

    Milla looked great in the 90s and she looks great now. She and I are the same age, and while I am pretty happy with my face and its mild aging, hers is remarkably the same as it was when we were 25. Wow.

  10. Suze

    Oh my–check out the bunions on Ms. Hendricks. I’m not even sure how she can walk.

    • Liz985

      I commented a few weeks ago on another Christina outfit that she always seemed to be wearing the same style of shoe (little open-toed, kitten heel). Now I think I know why. But, really, can’t bunions be removed? I would think for her own podiatric health she’d want to take care of that, if not for the style thing. And I hate knocking her because I think she’s a beautiful, talented, unique woman – but, yeah, get some styling help, please! You’re too fantastic for this!

      • liz

        As someone with bunions, removing them is not so simple. It requires foot surgery, which can put you out of commission for weeks and can hurt to recover from. My aunt had them removed because they became too difficult to manage, but she told me not to do it unless I have to – bunions can be a pain and hurt at times, but the surgery was far more difficult. For now, I am generally fine. And screw it, I’ll wear my damn sandals, I just have to work to find cute ones. I refuse to wear shoes that make my feet sweat in a heat wave because of it.

  11. sarah

    yes, poor christina hendricks has HORRIBLE feet. i have noticed that for years and sorry to say, but i don’t think she should ever wear sandals or flip flops out and about. in the comfort of her own home is fine, but if there are going to be pictures, it’s probably best to hide them (or at least not draw attention to them). i hurt just looking at them.

    • G

      She can’t help what her feet look like but why oh why can’t she get clothes that fit and COMB HER HAIR?

  12. Claire L1

    Lea’s dress is pretty ( love the color on her), but it sure looks like it’s trying to smash her breasts right through her sternum.

  13. mai

    Why does Lea refuse to wear shoes that fit? That’s like the 87th photo I’ve seen of her at some event where she’s sliding down into the toes of her shoes.

    • Laucie

      I’m sure it’s because she, like all the other stars/starlets mostly wear free/borrowed clothes to these events. If they send you something a half-size too big, that’s what you slide around in.

      • kickassmomnyc

        Cheesy excuse, I think. These gals can afford to buy a pair of shoes that fit, or risk looking like little girls playing in mommy’s closet.

  14. Jules

    Milla always reminds me of my favourite put-the-day-on-pause movie, The Fifth Element, so no matter what I want to give her a pass for cheering me up. Leeloo Dallas Multipass Forever!

  15. C-No

    I think this is the first time I’ve defended Lea for anything, ever (unless she already got this rant before, which is possible), but SHOES ARE HARD. It has taken me 28 years, and I still haven’t mastered the shoes. My feet are narrow and they slide into the toes of my shoes. AND shoe sizes have changed to accommodate Fat America. I used to be a 10 and now I’m an 8.5. That is not right. Feet change sizes depending on the temperature and how long you wear them and if you are standing or walking and SHOES ARE HARD, Y’ALL.

    Fortunately I love shoes, and so I buy lots of them until I figure it out. And then I’ll buy more.

    • megs283

      Well, that feels like an unnecessary jab at “Fat America”…

      • Rachel

        As someone who has been a member of both Fat America and Skinny America, I’ve always worn a size 10, and have for the last 20+ years. I haven’t noticed any change in shoe sizes…

        • Halo

          Me, too. I’ve been a size 10 for 20 years, but my weight has fluctuated a full 100 lbs in that time.

    • Kristin

      My shoe size used to be a 7, then I went all the way up to 8 1/2 while pregnant. I gradually went back to a 71/2 to 8 as I lost weight (I still weigh a lot more than my 30 year old self, though). I collect vintage, and when I try on vintage shoes, they often seem very narrow to me, so there may have been a trend to make shoes wider as women have grown wider on average. Or it may simply be that only the uncomfortable shoes have survived for decades in great condition!

  16. Liz

    Is it just me or is Elizabeth Banks giving Kristen Stewart face?

  17. kickassmomnyc

    O girls, Christina Hendricks does not look fine.
    It’s a tragedy, from the top of her ratty undone hair to her toes, tortured in the fugliest sands ever.
    Everything in between doesn’t fit. That tight tuxedo jacket looks like a last-minute throw-on because she knows her dress doesn’t fit or look good on her. It makes the getup worse.
    This woman needs to have her clothing custom-fitted. Seriously. And no sandals with those bunions.

  18. Karen

    Milla Jovovich looks like young Parker Posey there. She’s even standing like her.

  19. mary lou bethune

    Hideous clothes except for the orange dress… everyone is lovely but the clothes are not….

  20. TaraMisu

    Oh Christina *sigh*

  21. kscoaster

    That tight tuxedo jacket looks like a last-minute throw-on because she knows her dress doesn’t fit or look good on her.

    If only she had that level of self-awareness.

  22. Mahastee

    I’ve BEEN to Donatella’s house and there IS a chair like that!

  23. Mahastee

    (not really)

  24. Helen

    I, uh… [small voice]… I think Milla looks terrific.

    I’ll duck now.

  25. Anna

    Is Milla wearing panty hose?

    • SPM

      That’s what I was thinking. If her legs are that perfect without hose, then…I don’t even know.

  26. Dazie

    Oh Christina Honey No. If you’re going to rock the menswear look, you’re going to have to stop borrowing tux jackets from skinny boys. Go find a burly man and raid his closet. Your girls will thank you.

    Or- here’s a thought- FIND A DRESS THAT FITS AND FLATTERS.

    See? I’ve gone capsy with despair.

  27. Guerra

    Wow Christina is making mia look good in comparison – that’s an achievement!!

  28. jean

    Yeah, it’s hard to understand how she can look SO good on Mad Men. So good. Delicious at all times. Regal, elegant, tailored. And then this. Sigh. Doesn’t she get tired of men talking to her chest? Because unlike some celebs who clearly enjoy flaunting them, I don’t get that vibe from her. She’s no Jane Mansfield.

  29. Carrie

    Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed.

  30. A.J.

    Christina Hendricks, doesn’t that hurt? Can you breathe? Cuz I have big boobs too, and when they are hiked up like that and then squished like that, I feel like I can’t breathe. Surely you can afford to have dressed tailored to fit your proportions.

  31. Squirrel!

    Now THIS is an Elizabeth Banks look I can get on board with. The shades of gray look lovely with her coloring, and her hairstyle looks cool and sophisticated without being too fussy. As much as I love bright hues, I think the loud colors she’s been wearing lately are not flattering to her. Imagine that orange/blue/purple pattern from the other day (not necessarily as that dress, however) on someone with dark skin. Sooo much better. I think EB is probably a spring and would look best in warm but paler shades.

  32. gail

    And she finished the look with…Cory Monteith. I wish she would stop vamping every single second and show some real emotion, even if she has to fake it. Her interaction really does seem to make him into an accessory.

  33. shannon

    seriously, is that the ONLY way cory can smile – that half-up, half-down smirk? i’m sure he’s perfectly nice but that facial expression makes him look such a tool. also, how did he end up with pants that are too long? he’s over six feet so in hollywood he is a freakin’ GIANT. trust me. i’ve been to a couple of the sag awards. i’m 5’8″ and wearing flats i was towering over all the dudes there. made it easier to see over the red carpet crowds, though…

  34. Julia in Oz

    A lot of point shoes here – actually, the same shoes in different colours. Are witchy shoes back?

  35. Franziska

    I just wish someone would tell Christine how to dress according to her body shape. She needs to find her own style regardless if it’s in fashion or not.

  36. katkin74

    Idea # 1 to fix C. Hendricks – learn that you don’t have to shove the woman’s boobs up to her throat in EVERY dress she wears.
    If one can stumpify themselves wearing odd-length clothing, then it stands to reason they can plump themselves up with odd proportioning by shoving their boobs up to their face.

  37. FrkHansen

    Sorry, I can’t hate on Milla. Unlike Ted and the red cowboy boots, she is Pulling. It. Off.

    Another vote for bunion surgery for the lovely Christina. I had it done 10 years ago, and it was fabulous. Not only is the shape of the foot much improved, they also remove the little piece of tissue (don’t remember the English name) that causes the horrible pain that makes you waddle like a duck.

    In spite of being a tall, heavy woman, the recovery went smoothly. According to the surgeon, the longer you wait to have it done, the worse the recovery is going to be.