Fugs and Fabs: The Spring Breakers

Venice and Toronto in quick succession, with multiple events… Never let it be said these girls aren’t earning the heck out of their promo-tour paychecks. They haven’t even GOTTEN stateside yet.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. jean

    I do like Selena Gomez onscreen and I give her props for trying different things and always looking finished. There’s always effort. But other than her reliable hair (and she’s got GREAT hair) and pretty face, I don’t think she’s found her own fashion look yet. But at her age, who does unless they’re Emma Watson or maybe Dakota Fanning and both girls are kind of precocious.

    And it’s nice to see that Selena and Vanessa are NOT the same person. It seemed like Disney was reproducing the same kind of female lead for a few years in a row. Isn’t there a third dark haired/dark-eyed darling in their stable? iCarly is Nickolodeon, right?

  2. sop

    That first dress is horrid. Slutty and frumpy at the same time. I hate nude-illusion dresses that rely on beige spandex under garments to preserve your dignity.

  3. pantsonfire

    Yeah!–that gold/black dress rocked by Ashley Benson was kind of great! I can’t muster the energy to comment on Selena’s parade of questionables and horribles except to say that maybe she’s struggling to figure out how to dress as a grown up. It’s a tough transition. And oddly, I thought the animal print–which I never, ever, ever like–might not have been too bad on her, obviously putting aside the sizing issues. I will never ever like animal print, on anyone, really, but acknowledge that we can’t all dress the same and so I am open to the idea of someone successfully wearing it. Maybe Selena can one day be that person. I cast my hopeful eyes to the future.

  4. Ms. A.

    Meh and MEH.

  5. Sandra

    Was she the victim of a roving pack of deranged bridesmaids who torture innocents into submission by way of of Toilet Paper Brides?

  6. Pouncer

    The Hudge’s final outfit was a total scroll-down fug. I thought it was a cocktail dress — pretty. Scroll down, and JUMPSUIT, OMG NO!!!

  7. Electric Landlady

    I saw the top half of #1 in another photo and thought it looked like she was being eaten by a Buf-Puf. I see no reason to change my opinion.

  8. TaraMisu

    Nooooooooooo to the lace jumpsuit!!! Ew.

    Selena’s first dress is awful, it’s like 2 different ideas were thrown on her, which never ends up looking good….. I like the red one on her, very nice!

  9. vandalfan

    The skirt in #1 looks like the bottom of a boat that has been encrusted with barnacles and razor clams. And the first leopard dress has the pattern in exactly the most unflattering arrangement.

  10. Elle

    I’m kind of shocked that I’m saying this, but I actually don’t hate Vanessa’s lace jumpsuit. Her hair and makeup look fantastic and the jumpsuit isn’t mangling her proportions like most other jumpsuits do. So yeah, like most other jumpsuits this one would look better as a dress, but I’m not too mad at this one.

  11. Sajorina

    LOVE Ashley’s black & gold dress! It’s FABULOUS!!! COVET! And, a guy named “Harmony”?! Oh, honey…

  12. MegoPachego

    Selena’s first dress is hands down the most dysfunctional skating costume I’ve ever seen.