Fugs and Fabs: The Pitch Perfect Premiere

It appears the industry did not grind to a halt just because of the Emmys. Imagine that. THE NERVE.

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  1. Dazie

    Ye gads. The most hideous. Premier. EVER.

    (clothing-wise. I’m sure the attendees are lovely people)

    • Anita

      For sure. The easiest group of photos to comment on in the history of ever. Bad. All bad.

  2. Jen

    I think Rebel looks the best.

    • Lindy

      I agree. Rebel’s the only one who looks halfway decent. Brittany Snow’s dress is the ugliest thing I’ve seen in quite some time!

      • Kat

        I like the TOP of Brittany Snow’s dress, but the bottom is out of control ugly. If the bottom had a smooth, streamlined skirt, I think I’d be on board.

        Rebel Wilson looks gorgeous in that dress. Kinda wish she wore some earrings though.

    • mary lou bethune

      I love Rebel and she does look great. All those very pretty girls are wearing unbecoming dresses! Elizabeth Banks is abfab and should start asking Tina Fey to help her… and Amy… can’t you just see that party? I want to go.

  3. Liane

    ‘Somewhere Under My Sock Drawer’. Hee hee.

  4. SKS

    I think Hana Mae Lee is wearing something hanbok-inspired? That’s what it looks like to me.

    Still doesn’t excuse the shopping bag look though. If only something else was done with those two straps….. :T

    • Morgan R.

      That’s what I was thinking, SKS, that it was like an homage to traditional Korean clothing or something. But it’s really sad-looking. It would’ve been much cooler if she’d just shown up in an actual hanbok.

  5. Aria

    That was a whole lotta fug. Anna Camp came close, but for the Chest Coozies. Love the color on Rebel (love her name!) but didn’t love the little cap sleeves. Hope movie is better than the fashions at the premiere!

  6. Stefanie

    Well that was…not good. Rebel looked the best – but I could be blinded by my love for her.

    Sarah Newlin is so pretty and the dress is alright, I guess. I would totally keep string cheese and fruit snacks in the top of it. (And then casually offer a snack to the men in the last picture…)

    • Jasmine

      I totally see her as Sarah Newlin also. I refuse to learn her real name. And when I hear her speak without an accent I am genuinely disappointed.

      Rebel Wilson looks fab. Definitely missing an actual accessory, aside from the obvious mancandy deficiency.

  7. KatieBell

    I kind of like Anna’s dress – but the shoes are a huge no. I also prefer Rebel’s dress to the others, though, I think a different neckline would have been more flattering.

  8. pantsonfire

    So, I must confess that there is something about Hana Mae Lee’s dress that’s drawing me. I’m not saying it’s good, necessarily. I’m just saying that I’m strangely intrigued.

    I love Rebel Wilson. I’ve taken to reading everything out loud in the voice she adopted when she was reading that letter from her neighbor on Conan. Just last night I was reading Yelp reviews out loud in that voice. Makes looking for a dentist a lot more enjoyable. Anyway, she looks pretty darn good here. Though I’m now super curious about what she looks like sans bangs . . . and after a brief googling interlude, I can tell you that she seems to always have them. I can say that I think she looks best with them side swept.

    • Katie Lynn

      That video was the BEST! I think she is absolutely fab, especially as Fat Amy in this movie. She has all the best lines.

  9. Shiitake

    Money all over thee one decent dress (Rebel) among them?

    • Shiitake

      Money all over the place, and only one decent dress (Rebel) among them?

  10. Katharine

    Well, I really like Hana Mae Lee’s dress. It reminds me of a Saturday morning cartoon version of that… was it Jil Sander? similarly wacky dress and skirt thing that SWINTON wore that one time. And it’s not like anybody else’s, without either being nakeder than anyone else’s, or making her look completely uncomfortable in her clothes.

    • pantsonfire

      Yay! I’m not alone! And I do see what you mean with the Swinton reference.

    • steen

      I like it too. It’s unconventional, yes, but the color combo and the cut of it are lively without being gratuitously kooky.

  11. Jules

    I think Anna Kendrick has a not-so-secret ambition to be an ice skater.

  12. lilywise

    Rebel for the win! That color is fantastic on her, and her dress didn’t distract from her attractiveness, unlike all the other looks.

  13. artiste

    Elizabeth Banks looks like she’s doing her best Kristen Stewart impression. Bored out of her mind and pissed as hell about being there with the toothy/bitchy open mouth look. I love her but she looks awful here.

    They all look like they raided the racks in an uptown consignment store and had to make do with what they found. Rebel looks the best but still not HER best.

  14. tigers4us

    For a minute there, I thought Elizabeth Banks was Meg Ryan! Rebel Wilson looked great, but I think she should have worn her hair down. And bracelet(s).

  15. Kristan

    Chalk me up as another fan of Hana Mae Lee’s dress!

  16. Lauren

    So, why is this a Fugs and Fabs? More like Fugs and Fugs, no Fab to be seen!

  17. TDub

    Fugs aside, has anyone else noticed that the poster for this movie is a blatant rip-off of the Bridesmaids poster? I can’t tell if that was intentionally tongue in cheek, or that they hoped no one would notice…

  18. nichole

    Anna Kendrick looks like she’s getting ready for the long program at the Olympics. It’s a pretty dress but with the spangles and the see through and the flouncy skirt, it’s a little too figure skating adjacent. I think eliminating one of those issues (like a narrower skirt for example) would help the whole look.

  19. Kit

    Rebel needed to let her hair down. Literally. Then she would have looked awesome.

  20. glee

    I totally did not recognize E. Banks and though she was the notorious douche, Avril L.

    Anna K is really pretty, but that is one fugly ice-skating costume made by somebody’s mom from rejects at Joanne’s.

  21. gail

    Well, if we’re criticizing movies, this one is a lot worse than Maggie G’s. It’s got every stereotype know to American culture represented in it (even evident to my 12 year old), and it’s no wonder the clothes are tacky too.

  22. Joy

    Wow. I saw this movie as a sneak-preview on Monday and really liked it. Which surprised me a bit; I thought it would be one that I would like at home with a bottle of wine and snarky comments. However, I am actually going to pay to see it again in the theater with some friends. I really liked it (along with my 44 year old straight male friend who won the tickets) and my abs got a great workout from laughing. That said…holy crap the looks are horrible at this premiere! I just have to concentrate on how great they were in the movie so as not to be in a bad mood the rest of the day.

  23. Esmom

    Is it me or does Elizabeth Banks look like Julie Bowen’s more pulled-together, stylish twin? She looks fierce.

  24. ceecee

    Men in uniform are the perfect accessory for any outfit!

  25. Chloe

    That chick in the black pants has POLTERWANG!

  26. Sandra

    D’ya think Rebel Wilson will take me shopping for accessories? They’re perfect!

  27. sarah

    I think Rebel looks great, but I would have liked a bit longer sleeve and more of a v-neck. However, I do think she is the best of this bunch!

  28. Sajorina

    I think Elizabeth’s dress would’ve been great in another fabric and color or print because I think the silhouette is lovely and it fits her well! And, I love Anna Kendrick’s whole outfit… ME WANTS! Rebel looks cute as well! The rest are either WTF? or PANTS WHAT! My boyfriend reviewed this movie for the paper he writes for and said it was funny enough to redeem itself… That doesn’t make me want to run to the theater to see it!

  29. Pamb

    The underliner of Brittany Snow’s top is HORRIBLE. Rebel Wilson’s sleeves need to be a tad longer; short sleeves vs. cap sleeves, perhaps? They look too tight for her, and the top is a tad too tight across the bust.

    All in all, a very budget looking premiere, dress wise. Even Elizabeth Banks looks sleepy/drunk/tired.

  30. Chrissy

    I would like Anna Kendrick’s dress if she lost the clunky shoes and if the dress were a few inches longer. I’m not sure why I don’t like the length. I’m not sure if it’s unflattering, or too ice-skater-ish or makes it look too young, but whatever it is, it would classier a bit lower.

  31. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m afraid I’m going to give some kudos to Hana Mae Lee for her dress. I’m assuming she’s of Korean extraction and the dress, including the shirt are inspired by Korean national dress which is pretty bright as a bottom line.

  32. isabelle

    is Hana Mae Lee wearing a hanbok? I’d like it better without those pink straps – the green is a lovely color,

    and Rebel looks amazing.

  33. Janiekettles

    A big bleurgh to everyone, but the hair on that Bella Thorne kid – SO pretty…..

  34. Emma

    Anna Kendrick looks like something your metallic candy almonds would be wrapped in at a wedding.

  35. anny

    Hmm, all of the comments are in italics. This has the effect of everyone whispering in my ear. I wish I could get this on demand whenever I have a headache.

  36. Matt

    Hana Mae Lee – you are not Bai Ling, so stop it with the vacant eyes and not-nearly-crazy-enough clothes!

  37. Alma

    I love Bella Thorne because she reminds me of my favorite Sims, therefore I cannot objectively judge her outfits.

  38. Miranda


  39. vandalfan

    Thank goodness it is not just me. There’s not a good outfit among them.

  40. Jenna

    “But she seems to be missing an accessory… what could it be…”

    I was practically jumping up and down and raising my hand Hermione-style thinking, “Oh! Oh! I know this one! It’s a BRACELET!!”

    Cute boys in uniform work, too, I guess. But she really does need some arm candy of a different sort, too.