Fugs and Fabs: The PGA Awards

Hello, this happened over the WEEKEND and I’m only now getting to the last of them (some looks you saw in conjunction with the celeb’s SAGs look). Why must all the awards shows be jammed into the same few weeks? Let us LUXURIATE in your goodness, awards season! Also: there is a severe, SEVERE lack of color here. Severe. I’m concerned.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Tiffany

    I think Garner and Kerry look great! I like the way the top of Garner’s dress looks on her, so I don’t mind the bottom so much.

    Julia Stiles looks like she has gained a touch of weight, and I think it looks great on her! Her face seems fuller, but more beautiful.

  2. Katty McNiley Ripley

    I don’t understand Julia Stiles Style …. She’s pulling the soccer mom look and she’s TOO young for that! Maybe it’s the hair & boring dresses, but she looks like she could be Kate Gosselin sister that married way to young!

    Your Style is better than that Stiles!

    • val.

      Yes, Julia Stiles is really kind of old-looking there, and she’s not old! It’s definitely the hair.

      And Jennifer Garner… her dress just seems a little young for her (and she’s not old either!) But it looks like something I might have worn to an 8th grade dance back in the late 80s.

      • Aphy

        I think in regards to Jennifer Gardner’s dress it is because of the casual design of the to. Something about the way it is cut seems slightly juvenile and casual.

    • I Pick Pretty

      Agreed – I totally got “soccer mom” from that Stiles photo. For such a talented, beautiful girl, she makes some strangely aging style choices.

      And as someone who shares Julia’s round face shape, I think a longer, maybe shoulder-length hair style might be more flattering.

    • scone

      I totally agree. This is the second time in recent Fug posts that Julia Stiles has looked like Joan Allen to me (I’m assuming I’m just getting confused by the Bourne movies). Now, Joan Allen still looks super good, but she’s 25 years older than Stiles!

  3. Stefanie

    Can we be sure this wasn’t actually a really formal funeral? A really formal funeral with a red carpet…

  4. mary lou bethune

    Jennifer looks as beautiful as she has ever looked but really, when is this self congrats confab going to end?

    • LoriK

      February 25th. (The Oscars are the 24th and that’s the last mile of Hollywood’s annual marathon of self-congratulation.)

    • Popcouver

      I love Jennifer’s hair like this!

  5. bambi_beth

    Kerry Washington lippy = Kerry Washington clutch = divine. I might be a Kerry Washington fangirl now. Who knew?

  6. Squirrel!

    Jennifer: So-so.
    Jacki: Thought she was an “after NutriSystem” version of Sally Struthers.
    Julianna: Looks fine, although her hair is a little too flat for my taste. Did not recognize her at first.
    Kerry: Go up a size, dear.
    Julia: Love the haircut!

    (So many J names!)

  7. Helen

    None of these dresses appealed to me, though I didn’t think any was a total disaster either. Well… yeah, maybe the weird thing on Stiles.

    But I can’t argue with any photo collection that includes such a great shot of Margulies’ fabulous face.

  8. tigers4us

    Jacki Weaver does look fantastic, but isn’t that her undergarment showing, not part of the dress? And is Julia Stiles’s dress really single-shouldered? Or is that a bra strap?? It’s Friday! I don’t want to strain my brain (or eyes) that much!

    • Katie

      My thought, too: Ack! Jacki Weaver’s body shaper is showing! I also think Kerry Washington’s dress gives off a hint of slip, but I love her hair.

  9. Bon

    Should I be ashamed that I still use a pastel colored puff and fruity smelling gel? If so, you can forget it. I will not be ashamed. I will not apologize. And I will not stop using them.

    • Jenny

      I am also a devotee of the pastel mesh pouf and shower gel combo. If loving them is wrong, I don’t want to be right, darn it!!

      PS- Kerry W’s dress makes it look like her boobs have some really flirty fake lashes attached.

  10. Stephanie

    Best Julia Stiles herself has looked in a while. (Face, hair, makeup, accessories)

  11. MollySC

    How did noone notice that Julia Stiles stole Martha Stewart’s hair?

  12. Karen G

    When I clicked on this story, I was anticipating lots of argyle. Then I saw Jennifer Garner and wondered why she would be attending the Pro Golfers Association Do. Oh, Producers Guild. Got it.

  13. Bonnie Klein

    I actually really like Jennifer Garner’s dress, and don’t think it looks loofish. But I am really posting to thank you for making a David Foster Wallace joke! It makes the time I spend here seem so much more intellectual!

  14. holly

    What about Julia’s atrocious SHOES?!

    • Jessica

      Seriously – could we get a check on Jessica to make sure she hasn’t been kidnapped or that this site hasn’t been hacked? Julia is wearing the shoes of bored-doom, has basically a bolero over a bra with a skirt of epic stumptown length, in snoozeville black and Jessica thinks she looks GOOD?

      • Jessica

        Julia? I said, “This looks like an Infinite Dress that got caught on a barbed wire fence.” That is not a compliment.

  15. AnnaB.

    I am firmly not on the Kerry Washington bandwagon. I feel like people fawn over her because she’s an IT girl right now, but if you take a step back and look at the un-flattering whackitude she wears in general, I don’t get the high praise. I love her hair style, but it looks really ratty and wierdly wetted down here and that dress is…I’m sorry I just don’t like it. It’s too tight, it’s a weird length, and the finishes are distracting. The latter is my biggest problem with most of her sartorial decision making. I just want to see her go full Viola Davis and rock some gorgeous color in a simple flattering shape and make everyone want to give up and order a Papa Johns because what’s the point?

  16. anny

    Tulle is a dangerous thing, best approached only by practiced professionals. And even then, needs review by a critical eye before actual deployment. (Anything by Marchesa needs two critical eyes.)

  17. Rayna

    I knew JGarner’s dress looked familiar…………..see Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies (from the waist down).

    • LibraryChick

      True, but at least Jamie Lee Curtis had the sense to remove the Brillo pads after seeing herself in the mirror.

  18. Rayna

    PS And I actually LIKE Stiles’ shoes – which she’s worn before (Stars! They’re just like us!)

    But KWashington’s is lingerie adjacent. Just sayin’.

  19. Suzie

    MollySC hit the nail on the head– Julia Styles does have Martha’s hair, which makes me wonder if she is going to play her in an upcoming movie?

  20. Sandra

    Was there weather going on? All of the headsuits are displeasing to me. The dresses remind me of Baskin-Robins: 31 flavors, but none that I like.

  21. Esme

    Julie Stiles–ack! I like Garner’s dress, but I wish Kerry Washington would go back to being a tad “chubbier” like she was before.

  22. Shoe-zie

    Garner has been looking great – and the most improved category has got to be her shoes. In the past, even if she had a great dress, she clearly used the shoes from prom or her first time as a bridesmaid. That has been fixed.

  23. Sajorina

    I love Jennifer & Kerri’s looks! The dresses are beautiful, elegant & sophisticated! Well done, ladies! FAB!!! And, why say a lack of color? Black IS a color, may be not the most exciting one, but color all the same! Plus, it is a classic & I love it!

  24. Bevin Maloney

    Seriously, SERIOUSLY, why are all the photographers shooting people from above. Has that angle ever looked good on anyone? See these photos for proof it does not.

  25. Vandalfan

    Hem issues, all of ‘em.