Fugs and Fabs: The Nashville Cast

In which almost everyone looks… kind of like they look on Nashville, frankly. But let’s spend a little extra time on Clare Bowen here, who plays Scarlett, because if she keeps up at this rate she might be a nice dark horse for Fug Madness 2014.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet, WENN]

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    OMG. Do you think we could get Disney to make a movie about The HonkyTonk Princess so Clare Bowen could promote it, and wear Sh!t just like that red thing? My life would be made.

  2. ErinE

    The weirdest thing to me is that Scarlett is from Australia and Gunnar is from England (?), so there is no reason why they are going honkey tonk in their real lives.

    • Carrie

      Gunnar’s hat has a definite Mumford tinge to it, though. But NOTHING is worse than the Lincolnesque hat Lucky Spencer is wearing in those “men of Nashville” promos.

      • Heather

        I feel like, they can go with whatever style they’re feeling… they’re just not going with it that WELL.

  3. hfree

    I’m just glad that 20-odd years later Amy Grant is still committed to wearing vests as shirts.

  4. sarah

    Dear Connie Britton,
    That is how you pull off a nude shoe. Will you give lessons to the rest of Hollywood?

    • Cassandra

      What did she do that makes it acceptable in your eyes? Not trying to be snarky, serious question. This site almost always hates a nude shoe and I don’t understand why this is different.

  5. Big Noise

    Serious question, no snark: When you say “Scarlett,” do you mean Scarlett O’Hara or Scarlett Johanson? Or is there a character named Scarlett on the show?

    • spygrl1

      Clare Bowen’s character on the show is named Scarlett.

      • Big Noise

        Thanks, spygrl1! I thought that might be the case — but I also thought that maybe Heather was making a funny about another Scarlett, LOL.

  6. Lucille Austero

    To answer your question, those shoes really really really do not rule.

  7. giggleswick

    That red number Clare is wearing looks like a drugstore halloween costume that cost $7.99.

    • maryse

      that red dress looks a lot like a bridesmaid’s dress i wore in 1988. my first stint as a bridesmaid. the dress was periwinkle. my hair was in a french braided up do. the actress who plays scarlett was probably not even born yet.

  8. mary lou bethune

    I could look at Connie’s hair all day…

    • CakesOnAPlane

      yes, such a good palette cleanser after Scarlett’s ode to 10+ Year Dld Barbie Doll Found in Attic. Honestly, her styling is making me upset. Why do this to yourself? You have great cheekbones and big angelic eyes, Scarlett, put down the curling iron/shellack hairspray, rip out the extensions and join the three dimensional people who live their lives outside of Disney fantasies!

      I told you it was making me upset!

  9. McLisa

    That blue on Britton is amazing!

    Also, Scarlett – WTF?

  10. Allie

    I watched this panel and I still can’t get over Hayden’s sweater. It’s just so unflattering on her tiny frame. And it’s weird and ugly. And the shoes! I don’t get the entire outfit. What you’d wear to brunch with the girls? Maybe, if you were hungover. But to an event in LA with a press line and the entire cast? I hate it so much. I mean, you’re sitting next to Tami Freakin’ Taylor and her Hair of Wonder. At least make an effort.

    • Vandalfan

      I think those jeans are the worse crime, personally. But she looks like she’s going back to her locker from gym class.

  11. Sue Ann

    Whoa – Sumbuddies Momma Wears Combat Boots – Clare – Seriously!?

    • Catwoman

      Thank God someone is finally talking about those Boots! Fug Madness here she comes! Please!

  12. Sandra

    I love Scarlett’s boots and would wear them a lot. Obviously not with that…..garment, but they have serious potential. Also, Uncle Deacon should bring them on over to my house so I can try him—-uh, THEM—on. ;)

  13. Samuel Joesph Donova

    Hayden looks great!

  14. Callie

    Connie Britton looks gorge, of course, but the dress did double duty on stage, where she really popped out from the sea of co-stars in various shades of neutral. Let’s add this to the list of things Mrs. Coach excels at, along with “have amazing hair,” “be sexy, but not slutty” and “everything in the world, ever.”

  15. H.C.

    I feel sorry for Gunnar’s legs…

  16. China

    With regards to Clare’s hair: Is it just me, or can you see the extension clips in slide 3? I think that is perhaps why it looks weird — very poorly done extensions that don’t match the color or texture of her natural hair.

    • Jessica

      I don’t think those are clip-ins, I think those are the bonds of her bonded extensions. I am not anti-extension at all — I have them myself! – but hers need a litle TLC. I am worried they are synthetic?

      • China

        Yep, I realized after I posted that those look more like bonds than clips. I too am pro-extension, but only with real hair — nothing that plasticky and flammable-looking. Maybe Kristin Chenoweth needs to do a guest spot, show off her vocal chops, and take Clare under her wing. If there’s anyone who know about the danger of flammable extensions, it’s Cheno.

        • Gretchen

          In the closeup of the image, you can see bits of feather in her hair. A couple are more or less the same shade as her hair, and then one weird looking thin white one – I’m not sure why she’d want to, but there you are.

          Also as far as nature or nurture, I’d put money on her real hair only being about shoulder length and masively teased up into a puffball, and then the rest of it is in no way related to nature, or nurture for that matter

  17. AM

    Jonathan Jackson/Lucky Spencer (always loved that name!) is so cute and talented! I don’t know why he isn’t a bigger star–Brad Pitt or Matt Damon famous. But maybe is shirt and facial hair could use a bit of tweaking.

  18. Rita

    I would love to get my hands (well, or an actual professional hair stylist’s hands) on Clare/Scarlett’s hair and cut it off at the chin. She could totally rock a curly bob. All that long poofiness just makes me think of Elly May Clampett.

    • Lola

      That is my exact thought every time I wear the show. Those extensions are truly, truly hideous.

  19. Minutiae

    I don’t watch Nashville, and thus don’t know who any of these people are except Connie Britton and Hayden Panetierre, but a gazillion points to Heather for a random Mandrell Sisters reference!

  20. Eli

    Scarlett’s hair looks like she had a losing battle with a possum. She needs to get some tips from Connie, stat. Even Connie did not always have glorious hair (e.g. her West Wing hair was good color-wise, but was a terrible cut).

  21. Kate

    Good grief – Clare Bowen looks like she drank way too much Country Strong and lost her real shoes in the shrubbery (which, of course, is how THAT happened to her hair) and had to borrow some out of the back of some guy’s pick up. Bull true.

  22. Tiffany

    Wow, those boots Clare is wearing make it look like she has tiny little legs! That boot height with that dress are such a bad combo.

  23. Sajorina

    So, Chip Esten is going by Charles now? He’s still handsome and looks pretty good here, but I liked him better as Chip! Except for Ridiculous Pantywaist, Jonathan “No Effort” Jackson & Claire “I want so badly to be cast as ‘Glinda, The Good Witch’, I had to show them what I can look like in character” Bowen, everyone looks GREAT!

  24. Kara

    Whatever is happening with Clare Bowen’s hair, it looks terrible. I just want to give her a pixie cut and a deep conditioning treatment and start from scratch.

  25. MegoPachego

    Am I the only one who’s interested in Clare’s necklace with the first outfit? I like it and kind of wish the elements of that particular outfit were deployed separately.

    I’m happy to see Chip Esten looking excellent, but am sad he is not being hilarious. I miss Whose Line and hope he guest stars on the new episodes!

  26. Maria

    Gunnar looks a bit Culture Club, no?

  27. Esme

    Aw, I guess the airline lost all their luggage and they had to make do with the pickings at the nearest Goodwill. Such a shame about Clare, though-she has so much potential. I would love for someone to give her a serious makeover.

  28. gryt

    Clare Bowen’s hair sure looks natural… [Bwah]

  29. Helen

    I like the clunky blue suede shoes.

  30. Charlotte

    Lord, that third picture of Scarlett. The phrase “rat’s nest” comes to mind.

    Girlfriend needs to cut out those scraggly extensions, lay off the Aquanet, and lay on the hot oil treatment. And maybe find a lighter eyebrow pencil while she’s at it.

  31. clarke

    Clare is so pretty, but WHAT IS WITH THAT BAD WEAVE?!! It looks terrible half the time on the show, but this…so unflattering. Please don’t tell me she is actually paying someone to do that to her.

  32. Val

    Aprons don’t equal dresses, that is all.

  33. Faye

    Connie Britton looks amazing. I would wear that dress in a second.

    The rest of them need to take a vow to stop method-acting when they get dressed, and then take a group field trip to a stylist (with a side stop at the hairdresser’s for Clare Bowen. Girlfriend. You are *paying* someone to make your hair look that hideous. Stop and reflect on that for a minute).

  34. Hm

    Why didn’t they have Scarlett do a revenge break-up hair chop? Demand it, Fug Nation!

  35. house mouse

    I kind of like Hayden’s blue hooves, but not with the rest of her outfit. It’s her lipstick that’s really bothering me, though.

  36. dawny

    Has Hayden had some work done? She just does not look like herself lately.
    And Lurleen Mandel- giggle!