Fugs and Fabs: The “Drinking Buddies” Premiere

Man, this crop-top thing is spreading like Ebola. I have typed the words “crop-top” more times in the last week than I’d care to count, and now I am confronted with actually having to CARE, for my JOB, whether it’s “crop top” or “crop-top” and that’s a bridge too far. Anna Wintour, please intercede.

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  1. Joyce

    Jake Johnson is freaking hot.

    • Steph J

      between him and Joshua Jackson….what is it with the J’s?! :)

      • hailey

        I was coming here to write that Nick Miller is the Pacey of my “adulthood.” Cosign.

    •  Hima

      I am amazed that someone who has the best turtle face ever could be so hot. But he does and he is.

  2. Donna

    I would totally watch this on a plane or on Netflix.

    • Laura

      For some reason, I totally read your comment like it was the start of a Dr. Seuss book. I would not watch this here or there. I would not watch it anywhere.

  3. Sarah

    Nick Miller! Nick Miller! he’s the illest of the ill

  4. BeanFug

    Kate Flannery must have hired a stylist. I didn’t know who she was apart from playing Meridith on The Office and suddenly she is showing up places looking perfectly dressed, and very un-Meridith like, every time. I used a little google fu (hint: I Googled the words “Kate Flannery stylist”) and the top result has a picture of Kate and further down the page there is a picture captioned “Amanda Jones Stylist for Kate Flannery. The photos were taken during events prior to the 2013 Golden Globes so she must be the stylist responsible for the Golden Globes look that made me first notice Kate as a separate entity from the character of Meridith.

    Here is the link if you want to see. Can anyone else confirm?

    • Gine

      She’s always looked great! Even when the Office was new, she looked awesome at events (but was always rather overlooked compared to her costars).

    • Lizzy

      She always looks great!. Hard to believe this is the same woman who so fearlessly portrayed Meredith on the Office. I will never be able to un-see Meredith in the “casual day” episode (pixelated privates and all).

  5. marie

    Jake Johnson has done some much to change my feelings about New Girl. Nick Miller is the best. I’m super stoked for September and Season 3 of NG.

  6. VanceMan

    I don’t understand why Alia Shawkat is dressed as Surely Fünke (the wheelchair-bound twin of Maeby.)

  7. Samantha

    Wait, really? You’ve got RON LIVINGSTON in this slideshow, and you’re like “Meh, Office Space,” and then that schlubby-looking dude that gets to make out with Zoey D. shows up in a plaid shirt and a jacket, pants, and shoes that are three different colors, and you’re all hyperventilating??

    I don’t get it. I must be old.

    • Samantha

      Also, whither Anna Kendrick??

      • Jessica

        Anna didn’t attend — or at least, there are no photos of her in our subscription.

    • Other Emily

      No, I agree. Ron Livingston is way hotter than whoever that guy is. I don’t watch that show, but he doesn’t look all that cute to me.

      • GFY Heather

        Watch a few episodes of the show and it will become clear. I feel the same about Ryan Gosling actually. I always forget why people are so obsessed with him and then I watch Notebook or Crazy Stupid Love and it’s like, “…Yeah, okay, this makes sense.”

  8. mary lou bethune

    I guess this is youngish Hollywood ? Ron hasn’t changed since Band of Brothers – so cute! I like OLivia with her smart, liberal attitude. And really, wearing a Valentino to a summer comedy would be just silly- wear a T shirt!~ I look at this lot and think: talent. Anna Kendrick is especially talented!

  9. GFY Heather

    I didn’t go “meh Office Space.” I quoted it in the same vein as the slide before. I don’t know any quotes from New Girl, so I went another way. Do not perceive a slight!

    • CakesOnAPlane

      I, for one, will never see Ron Livingston and NOT think about TPS reports!

      • Jules

        When I see Ron Livingston, I always think about him breaking up with Carrie via Post It Note. And then they use that as their excuse for getting high, and the cop is like, “Yeah, right,” and Carrie slaps the Post It against the car window. Damn I miss that show.

  10.  filmcricket

    God, are Sudeikis and Wilde really saying that? To people? Where there are microphones open? Ugh.

  11. scone

    What? Hannah Simone looks WIDE. SHE IS AN ACTUAL MODEL. Why does she look so bad?

    She’s so pretty on New Girl – like many other TV actresses, it appears she needs to talk to her costume people.

  12.  HelenBackAgain

    I just… I don’t…


    Well, Kate Flannery looks good.

  13. qwertygirl

    If crop tops make sheer go away…no, even if they oust sheer, I still can’t get on board with crop tops.

  14. Sajorina

    I love Olivia Wilde’s look, but she needs color on her lips! PUT LIPSTICK ON, Hollywood!

  15. Jenz

    Alia Shawkat looks like… pavement. Flat, depressing… and like it’s the middle of winter, not August. I do wish Olivia had tried a smidge harder instead of looking like it’s the middle of the night and ohgod, she left her phone in the car and she HAS to go get it but the neighbors are out there so she needs to put on SOMETHING to keep her lady parts private and oh crap, where are her jeans, oh they’re in the wash….

  16. Esme

    I think Katie Aselton might kill someone.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Probably her stylist. Imagine her thoughts as this photo is being snapped:

      “I told her I’m too old for crop tops, and somehow, the idiot talked me into it anyway… Oh, but Katie, you have such a fabulous body! Show it off!… and I can see it on everyone’s face, they almost wince and then tell me I look great… I am going to KILL that silly girl!”

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